We've dedicated this website to dispelling the many lies commonly used by Bernie Sanders. We care about the poor, that's why we need to stop this manipulative politician.

Bernie Sanders is wrong on all the issues

  • Medicare For All

    First things first. Healthcare is too expensive, and that problem needs to be addressed. However, that does not immediately mean that entrusting the government with simply paying all medical bills is the best way to solve the situation. Can you point to a market where the government entered, and things became less expensive? Have you ever seen a government program come in on-time and within budget?

    There are problems that need solved, and the free market can solve them. 

    • Reduce regulation on drug companies

    • Reduce regulation on hospitals

    • Change EMTALA, ceasing the use of ER's as walk-in clinics

    • Allow American's to buy drugs from other countries

    • Phase out Medicare- the largest cause for healthcare price increases

    • Deregulate Healthcare Insurance. Ending "Community Rating" and allowing "Catastrophic" plans

  • Minimum Wage

    People need to make a higher level of income. However, this should not be done through the use of a Minimum Wage. Currently only 1% of the workforce makes the Federal Minimum Wage. A minimum wage is simply a barrier to entry for those in society that may not be producing that level of value. 

    We want wages to increase, and the free market can solve this problem

    • Reduce business taxes, leading to more businesses in the market, thus more competition for labor

    • Allow people to negotiate their own wages. If they can start low and gain experience, that's okay

    • Do everything possible to increase business investment- leading to more competition for labor

  • Employee Ownership of Corporations

    Bernie's plan to give employees 20% ownership of publicly traded companies would be detrimental to the stock market, and the economy as a whole. In addition, his plan to give employees "right of first refusal" when the company is up for sale will lead to government ownership of US corporations. 

    Bernie's plan, while it might sound good, would in fact hurt the people it aims to help

    • Would immediately reduce the current stock value for shareholders by 17%

    • Would remove the incentive to start a business

    • Would push workers only towards companies that are largely profitable, hampering competition

    • Would provide essentially a "bailout" for any bankrupt corporation that is needing to sell-out

  • Climate Change

    As Elon Musk said, there is probably something bad about removing carbon from the Earth, and putting it into our air. It may be the case that fossil fuels are not the ultimate answer for energy. However, the government has proven time and time again that it is not the best at fostering innovation and creativity.


    If we want solutions to the "Climate Crisis," the free market is the answer

    • Move towards Nuclear Energy

    • Foster an environment for the free market to create more Musks, Bezos', and Gates'.

    • Get the government out of the business of picking winners and creating losers in the energy sector

  • Free College

    College is too expensive, that is most definitely true. But, a direct correlation can be drawn between college pricing, and government money available for student loans. The easier we've made it for students to get money for college, the more expensive college becomes. It's time to end the charade that you "must" have a college degree to exist in America. 

    College is too expensive, and the free market is the answer

    • Remove the government from the student loan market- Reducing the amount available will thus lower the price charged. Making it more affordable for everyone. 

    • Encourage people to go to trade schools

    • Encourage people to take paid or unpaid internships. 

    • Incentivize downward pressure on the college price market

  • Government Corruption

    It is true that corporations are in a constant battle to buy-off government employees and politicians. They put up money for elections, and a whole host of other things that we don't even know about. What creates this problem? Well, people are greedy. That goes for people who own businesses, and people who work in government. It must be realized that a human being that works in government is not automatically or inherently more virtuous. 

    Businesses want to buy-off politicians, and until we return to a free market, that will always be the case.


    • Take away regulations on corporations

    • Remove laws that hamper competition

    • Remove laws that directly take money away from corporations


    When all of this is done, what power is there left to buy?

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