Your interview is booked! 


This should feel more like a conversation than an interview. It can be as fun and light-hearted or serious and philosophical as you like. 


Remember, the idea is to get to the bottom of what led to your choice of political ideology. This could lead to questions about family, friends, etc. To be clear, if there is anywhere you don’t want to go, feel free to say. Also, if I ask a question you feel uncomfortable answering don’t worry- this conversation will be edited before release. Nothing that you don’t want hitting the podcast feed will hit the feed. 


Beforehand, try to think about any stories from the past, either involving your parents, siblings, etc., that gave you a direction. 


Life lessons you learned…


Specific stores that tilted you in a political direction…


What you want from the Government. What you want as an end goal. What your ideal society looked like, and how you think we would get there.


What you hope a podcast like this can do. 


What do you think of other political ideologies? Do they have a chance of working? What do you think of the people that hold those beliefs?


Are you active in politics? What are your thoughts on 2020, and the election?


The bottom line is that we are divided along political lines in a way I’ve never seen in my lifetime. It seems like the hatred is increasing, and the potential for violence is increasing. Our hope is to humanize the situation, showing that the people who hold certain beliefs are not evil, they are just people with different experiences that are truly acting out what they believe is best for humanity.