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Bernie lies 9 times in 32 minutes on the "Joe Rogan Experience" podcast

Updated: Aug 11, 2019

Yesterday, Bernie Sanders gave an interview on the very popular Joe Rogan Experience podcast. After suffering through 32 minutes of the interview, we pinpointed 9 grossly manipulative statistics commonly spewed by B.S.

1. "Healthcare is a yuman right"

People need proper healthcare, don't get us wrong. With that in mind, can you say that healthcare is a "right?"

What does it mean to have a right to something? You have a right to life, right? But that only means that you have a right to not have that life taken from you by an outside actor. The right to life does not mean that you have the right to force a doctor to perform a service for you. You would think that the right to life would mean that you also have a right to food(considering 100% of the population would die without food). Do you have a right to food? No. Don't believe me? Try going into your local grocery store, filling up your cart, and then leaving. Better yet, go to your local farmers land, and pick any amount of food you need. Then leave.

You have the right to not be killed, but you do not have the right to force a service provider to perform a service for you. It is a basic principle that you cannot have a "right" to someone else time. That's called slavery.

2. "Canada's healthcare costs are half as much as the United States"

It is true that their total "costs" reported per capita is half. But what is behind the costs that are reported? In the US it is common place to receive a bill for $25,000 from just the surgeon on a medical procedure. Who pays that $25k? No one. In reality, the hospital or the surgeon are going to write a large portion of that expense off. If it isn't written off, they must have received a payment from the insurance company, but the insurance has a "contractual adjustment" on that bill- meaning they don't pay the full amount.

The problem? That $25k is the price used in Bernie's statistic. In reality, total out of pocket costs for healthcare in 2017 was $318 billion. Far less than the $3.5 trillion statistic used by do-gooder politicians.

Healthcare is too expensive, but experience has shown us that US government is not the entity to resort to if you want to decrease the cost of something.

3. His fight is stifled because lobbyists for drug companies are spreading misinformation.

No. The bulk of people disagree with Bernie's plan because we all have access to a calculator on our phones.

4. Costs are up because of profit- last year the top 10 drug companies made $69 billion.

Blaming "profit" for higher costs is a long-time go to for socialists/marxists.

"Bloodsuckers, vampires, plunderers of the people and profiteers who fatten on famine." Vladamir Lenin prior to killing upwards of one million "Kulaks" in 1920's Russia.

The $69 billion in profit made by the drug companies sounds like a lot of money, and it is, but it is absolutely nothing in relation to the cost of healthcare. If you were going to use the $3.5 trillion number used by Bernie sanders, then the profit of the drug companies represents .00001 of the cost in healthcare. 1/10,000th of the cost. Literally Elizabeth Warren is more Native American than drug companies' profit is a portion of healthcare costs. That's $197 for each person in the US last year. People are not struggling because the drug companies made $197 in profit from their drugs. In relation, you probably pay $130 per year just for Netflix.

5. Medicare has been a success, and people love it.

If you look at a graph of healthcare expenditures year over year, you'll see the price line skyrocket in the mid 60's. Why? That's when the government almost completely took over the healthcare industry. Most people don’t know the details of all the ways Medicare has raised the base-cost for medical care, but I can tell you, it's perhaps the main culprit. Check out a previous article for stats on this.

Medicare started in 1966

6. The tops 3 people "own" more wealth than the bottom 50%

First off, it's the bottom 50%. Statistically, they will not own more wealth than those at the top. They can't, or they wouldn't be the bottom 50%.

Second. Who "owns" this wealth? Bernie would have you believe that Jeff Bezos is sitting on $150 billion. In reality, he owns stock in the company he started (Amazon). In short, he doesn't have that money. It's a representation of 18% of the value of Amazon. How would that money be divided out to the population, when it's merely a representation of the share price for the company? He can't sell all the shares, because that would cause the value of the company to plummet.

When looking at the value of a company, it's important to distinguish "profit" from "value." There are 10,000 companies listed in the market. Half of them have never made a profit, yet they are valued at millions, or even billions of dollars. Take Amazon for example. Amazon is valued by the market at around one trillion dollars, even though they've only profited 20-30 billion. Why do shareholders pay that much for the shares? Simply because they think the price is going to go up, that's about it. Regardless, thousands of people agreeing to pay $2,000 for one share of a company does not mean the company has sucked a trillion dollars of profit out of it's customers- but it does mean Jeff Bezos is going to be worth 18% of whatever that amount is.

7. If the minimum wage is raised, it won't damage any companies because they will all have the same "burden (his word, not mine)."

If it won't hurt anyone because they will all share the same burden, why stop at $15 an hour? Simply because companies cannot afford to pay that much money. Since you just admitted that there is an amount that companies cannot afford to pay, you must then admit that different companies can probably afford very different amounts.

Maybe your local grocery is receiving $12 an hour in value from it's employees, and it is paying those employees $10 an hour. Then consider that Kroger might be receiving $16 an hour from it's employees due to higher volume, and lower costs of goods, and it is paying it's employees $10 an hour.

Now raise the minimum wage up to $15 an hour. Are both companies sharing the same burden? No. One is profitable, and the other just fired a bunch of employees or closed it's doors all together.

8. "These aren't kids making the minimum wage, it's people in their 30's"

After pulling several pages of statistics, I found that today 2.7% of all hourly employees make the minimum wage or less. Of those people, 50% of them are under the age of 25. People in their 30's represent only 2% of federal minimum wage earners.

9. Amazon doesn't pay any taxes

To be fair, this was actually said first by Joe Rogan, much to our disappointment.

In 2018, Amazon did not pay any Federal Corporate Taxes. But, they did pay $1.4 billion in other taxes including state & local, and payroll taxes.

Why $0 in federal?

Because they keep reinvesting their profits to grow the company.

This mentality always amazes me. What is the alternative? Is your principle that when a business makes a profit, it should divide that profit out to it's employees evenly? If so, Amazon would have never made it out of Jeff Bezos' garage. Why do you get to draw the line on when it's time to stop expanding?

This is the base problem for the reason that socialism inevitably fails. In Venezuela, the government decided they would take all profits from their oil companies and spread them out amongst the people. The result? They failed to innovate, leaving them far behind when the market for oil took a downhill turn.

The main fault of socialism is that it says, "Okay, this is good enough, now let's spread it all out...We don't need to make any more money than this."

What if in 20 years Amazon has 5 million employees, and they are all making top dollar? What will they say about the 2019 you that suggested they stop reinvesting their profits?

To be clear, I only listened to 32 minutes of the Joe Rogan episode with Bernie. My assumption is that I could have found 10 more flawed arguments, but that is time that I'm never going to get back, and I'm not going to waste it listening to socialist propaganda spewing talking head that's never earned a dollar in his life.

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