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Bernie Sanders cuts campaign staff's hours in response to their demand for $15 minimum wage

Updated: Aug 20, 2019

Bernie Sanders has a problem.

The Vermont Senator and Presidential hopeful has always been a strong proponent of a mandated $15 an hour minimum wage. He's disparaged the likes of Walmart and Amazon for paying their employees what he calls "starvation wages." It's important to remember that Walmart's minimum is $11 and hour, and Amazon's is $15 (while many employees made more than that when stock options were taken into account- before they gave in to Bernie's push for them to set wages at at least $15).

As you've likely heard, Bernie's campaign staffers are unionized, and recently, they've been quitting. Why? They aren't making $15 an hour. In the traditional socialist exercise of "do as I say, not as I do," Bernie is in fact employing low skill labor that he has not valued over $15 an hour at a certain amount of hours.

To be fair, I'll have to mention that most make a salary of $36,000. The problem is that Bernie's campaign is typically requiring more than 40 hours per week from those staff members. It's somewhat ironic that Bernie has praised unions for giving us the "40 hour work week."

So what was the campaign's solution to their workers not making at least $15 when they work the hours needed by the campaign? Cut the hours.

You can't make this stuff up.

Let's line this out as simply as possible. Bernie has decided that he is receiving enough in value from his laborers to pay them for the 40 hours they are working, but he has clearly decided that they are not worth the same amount above that limit. Let's be clear, if they were financially worth $15 an hour past that amount of hours, he would be upping their pay, not cutting their hours. This is also coming from a Senator that has spoken ill of salaried employees not receiving pay, or even time and a half pay, past their 40 hour work week. Stated one more time, Bernie has chosen to cut hours in lieu of electing to pay those employees the time and a half pay he's stated time and time again they "deserve."

You cannot beat Basic Economics

"Making it illegal to pay a worker less than a given amount, does not make a worker's productivity worth that given amount- and if it is not, that worker is unlikely to be employed." - Thomas Sowell

The free market problem Bernie's running into is very common. He needs more than 40 hours per week from his campaign staff, but at the amount of hours he actually needs from them, they are not worth $15 an hour. As we've seen in other states that have raised their minimum wage, hours have been cut, and workers have been fired.

If your labor is not worth more than you are getting paid, you aren't going to be getting paid much longer.

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