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Black Lives Matter is losing the battle for hearts and minds

When the Black Lives Matter movement began I’ll admit, I was sympathetic to the cause. Honestly, I’m still sympathetic to the original cause. I support the movement towards criminal justice reform. Criminal Justice reform used to be the cause that the protests were fighting for, but could you honestly say that is still the goal?

The criminal justice movement has shifted to an “Anti-Capitalist” movement. We explained recently on the show how this shift makes partial sense because after all, most of the disparate impact of criminal justice has to do with economic status. Unfortunately, they’ve identified the problem, but have failed to properly identify the culprit. It’s as if someone is being stabbed to death, and while this is happening they blame the knife manufacturer, and beg their attacker to render first aid. 

Today’s “justice” movement has moved less towards criminal justice, and more towards economic justice. Economic justice can only be addressed if you properly identify the reason for the unequal outcomes in society. The problem is not Capitalism, especially not Free Market Capitalism. I can tell you this fact for sure because we do not have a free market. This may sound like your typical “that wasn’t real socialism” motif shouted by those on the left when defending socialism against its many failures, but it is not. A free market requires no top-down economic planning. There is only one way to implement that strategy- leave people alone. Protect life, liberty, and property. That’s it. 

BLM & Tribalism

Tribalism has a predictable outcome. If you don’t know that predictable outcome, just look at all the worst videos from Portland, Seattle, Minneapolis, Kenosha, New York, Chicago, Dallas, and more. When we all fail to live by a unifying principle (ie., individual liberty/sovereignty), tribes will form. When we decide to identify each other not as humans, but as groups, tribalism will form. It’s the natural state of humans. You join a tribe to protect yourself. To become part of a group.

Unfortunately, the BLM tribe claims to want justice, but they want to be the ones instituting that justice. Not only that, but they want to be the ones to define what “justice” is. More than likely it will take on a subjective definition depending on the victimhood status of the parties involved. 

There’s a reason a majority of these protests have had violent altercations, rioting, and looting. When one tribe thinks that the other side will literally lead to their death, they have no choice but to protect themselves. This is why truth in the media matters, and why individual responsibility to seek out the truth matters. 

Why I can’t support “Black Lives Matter”

I do not support the Black Lives Matter movement because I’ve seen what it’s end result looks like. I’ve seen plenty. It’s mob violence. It’s guilt by association. It’s about spreading lies, building false narratives, and always playing the victim. It’s all based on the sole idea that we live in an unfair system, and to fix that system, we must give them the power to be jury and executioner. It’s origins are born out of a true need for criminal justice reform, but that narrative has been switched out for a lie.

As I’ve said on the podcast before, removing the police and replacing them with The BLM Communist Guard is not better for Liberty than our current situation. It’s safe to say it will be worse for everyone, including minorities.

Why are they losing hearts and minds?

The bigger issue at hand is that the original message has been lost. Yes, we need to end no-knock raids, we need to reform qualified immunity, we need to mandate body cams, we need to end the war or drugs- but that’s no longer the message. I could have worked together on those reforms, but I will not help dismantle capitalism, replace it with socialism, all under the guise that we are fixing any of the root issues. 

The messaging problem of BLM might have dire consequences for the criminal justice(CJ) reform movement itself. Large parts of the country support many CJ reforms, but those who might support reforms are going to have one predictable answer to the threat of their entire city burning to the ground; More cops, more laws, more punishment. 

Rural and Suburban America will support reforms only as long as they feel safe, and right now no one feels safe. If Black Lives Matter wants to institute changes that would actually help the community they pretend to want to help, here’s what they would do:

  • Condemn and separate themselves from the violence (including riots and looting)

  • Call for an end to violence

  • Support policy makers that want a smaller government

  • Support policy makers that want a freer market

  • Don’t assault the lawmakers that are actually trying to help (ie., Rand Paul)

  • Focus on ending the War on Drugs