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Brian Flores cites "racial bias" in lawsuit. Claims NFL is similar to "plantation"

Updated: Feb 5, 2022

Former Dolphins head coach Brian Flores is suing the NFL, alleging "racist" hiring and firing practices. Flores, who was one of the NFL's two remaining black head coaches, was fired in January.

In today's episode we combed through the details of the lawsuit and asked the question, "can you actually prove that he was fired by the Dolphins, and subsequently not hired by the Giants, on the basis of his race?" The lawsuit certainly doesn't prove this assertion.

To get the details, watch the video. Below you will find a short part of the transcript from our episode where we discuss the suit's claim that the NFL is "managed much like a plantation."


Nate: This is text from the lawsuit: "In certain critical ways, the NFL is racially segregated and is managed much like a plantation. It's 32 owners, none of whom are black, profit substantially from the labor of NFL players, 70% of whom are black. The owners watch the games from atop NFL stadiums in their luxury boxes while their majority black workforce put their bodies on the line every Sunday, taking vicious hits and suffering, debilitating injuries to their bodies and their brains while the NFL and its ownership reap billions of dollars."

Are people like this ever actually going to take slavery seriously, right? Or are we just going to use it as like this political weapon forever and just make a mockery out of it?

It's not managed like a plantation. The people that were on plantations were slaves, they were beat, beat to death, forced and tortured.

If they didn't do the work, they literally bought and sold the ownership of human beings. This is a job. And those players that are out there on the plantation are making millions of dollars at free will.

It gets annoying because you can tell they don't actually take it seriously, but they get to portray themselves as the people who are taking, who are actually serious about it.

And the people who aren't racist.

Charlie: And this is the claim they're making. "This is not by chance. Rather the system, the statistics above and those described throughout this complaint are the result of race discrimination." There could be no other reason for this.

Nate: You're going to have to show me a smoking gun email where someone said, "hire the white guy." That's what it's going to have to say.

This is actually going to disincentivize hiring black coaches, because what if you hire a black coach and then they do a bad job, and then you want to fire them, what are you going to do?

You're scared to fire them.

Charlie: We're going to have coaches tenure.

Nate: And since you can't hire a black coach, and then if they do a bad job, you go to fire them, then what is the next step you're going to take? "I'm not going to hire any black coach. Because I want to be able to hire and fire as much as I want and get the right people in there."

And so now since you can't fire the black coach, because you're going to get screamed at for being a racist, what's going to happen is you're not going to hire them. And so you're actually going to have a worse outcome here anyway.