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Corporate Welfare: Where's the Outrage? w/ Rob Chatfield (Free to Choose Network) - EP 513

Updated: Aug 4, 2021

Personal Note: Sorry we haven't recorded a new episode this week. Nate & Charlie both have CoVid! Nate is now at 6 consecutive days with a fever >100. We will survive, but forcing an episode right now is not the best thing to do. Luckily we just recorded 17 interviews at FreedomFest last week.

Our friend Rob Chatfield was at FreedomFest last week premiering FTCN's new documentary "Corporate Welfare: Wheres the Outrage?"

As you may know, we here at GML are not fans of the "Corporate Welfare" narrative. Is it unfair? Of course... But where does that unfairness begin?

GML Position: If we believe that "Taxation is Theft," then we believe that the government has no claim to the money it takes through force. How can we hold that belief, and then call it "welfare" when the amount of theft is reduced?

Taxation is a prison in which all Americans are unjustly held captive. If someone buys their way out, we should be happy they made it out. We should try to make our way to that position in life. We should not ask that they be brought back into the prison. We should instead focus on us all being let out.

Rob's Position: Taxation is indeed unfair. If they are going to let someone out of the tax prison, they should let everyone out. Stop picking winners & losers. Furthermore, the more we unfairly let out of taxation, the most cost burden we shift to those that continue to pay taxes.

Anyway, we had a long talk with Rob about it. Charlie threw out is best (in the moment) analogies, and Rob easily knocked them down. It made for a fun conversation regardless! It's unlikely that either of us swayed from our original stance, but we talked through our differences and still came out friends in the end. Turns out it is possible in 2021 to have a major policy difference and still remain civil...who woulda known?

Robert Chatfield serves as President and Chief Executive Officer of Free To Choose Network (FTCN), a global media organization.

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