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Dan Fishman - People for Liberty || Episode #530

Dan Fishman is the Executive Director of "People for Liberty." He was formerly the Executive Direction of the Libertarian Party. We caught up with him at FreedomFest and had a great conversation about liberty activism.

People for Liberty connects people seeking the freedom to live their lives the way they choose. They don’t care how they have voted in the past or identify politically – P4L cares that they care about the current state of our nation and are actively seeking new solutions…

They believe in #PeopleB4Politics and through education, advocacy, and opportunities for action, are working to create and sustain a community dedicated to that end – the end of politics as we know it today.

As an independent organization, not beholden to any party but rather to a set of values that unites us all, they need your help. Join one of their online groups dedicated to exploring the principles of liberty. Participate in one of their (currently all virtual!) events.

Recent blog post from Dan Fishman:

Most of us don’t get the math

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