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Debate | Warren doesn't want you to 'beg' strangers for help. She'd rather you take money by force

Last night we heard an argument between Senator Elizabeth Warren, Senator Bernie Sanders, and Rep John Delaney on the feasibility of Medicare for All.

Delaney correctly pointed out that there's no reason to make the current insurance policies carried by half of America illegal. I pointed to the only reason Sanders and Warren would want to make private insurance illegal in a previous article. Hint* It’s because the private version would pinpoint inadequacies in the public option.

There’s one more moment from that exchange I wanted to address. Throughout the conversation, Elizabeth Warren continued interrupting with her story about a dear friend of hers that has ALS, and is unable to pay his medical bills (Apparently not a close enough friend for her to help with her $18 million net worth).

Warren passionately described the financial situation facing the family, and then mentioned the $9,000 per month the insurance was refusing to pay. She then went on to mention that her friend’s wife was having to go online and beg friends, family, and strangers for money to pay the medical bills (most likely through a gofundme).

Stop me if I’m missing something, but I’m not sure we’re heading down the right path if it’s considered wrong to ask for help from complete strangers, but it’s right to force those complete strangers to help you under the threat of violence. Thats what we’re talking about here. That’s the point that Warren seems to miss. Listen to the clip of Warren, and pay attention to the attitude and inflection in her voice while speaking of how terrible it is for people have to go to others for help.

People like Warren seem to forget the fact that “there’s no such thing as a free lunch.” Sure, Medicare for All will cover your medical bills, but that does not mean it’s free. Medicare for All will be paid for through taxation. Where do taxes come from? The people. Warren and Sanders would like to tell you that “millionaires and billionaires“ will be paying for the government-ran healthcare system, but where do millionaires and billionaires get their money? You.

The only thing this system can potentially do is help the 30,000 people that allegedly die each year from a lack a healthcare coverage.

The problem with that assumption is that economics is merely a series of trade offs. This system does not account for the 30,000+ people that will likely be hurt in some other industry- leading to increased poverty, malnutrition, or all the deadly consequences stemming from failed socialist States throughout history. It does not account for the insanely high national debt, and the depression that is statistically likely to occur in the next few years.

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