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Does the Georgia Election Actually Matter?

We're just hours away from knowing the winners in Georgia. While you wait to know your future (since we've allowed the Government to have that much power), I thought it would be good to discuss the outcomes with one question in mind: If you're a limited government proponent, does it even matter who wins?

On the surface, it would seem like it does. After all, this election will decide the balance of the Senate. If we have full Democrat control in D.C., we'll surely get more spending, more regulation, and less Liberty.

My argument is that we will simply get those things faster. Let's not pretend that if the Republicans keep control it means we'll stop the Socialists from continuing their transformation. The Republicans have been near worthless when it comes to decreasing the size of the Government. They have been worthless when it comes to decreasing the budget, or addressing the growing national debt.

From what I can tell, the real question is: Do you want Socialism now, or later? The underlying trend is obvious. At this rate, I'd love to see us regain the freedoms we enjoyed back in 2019, and we were in a bad place then. Sad, right?

If the Republicans do not embrace the politics and ideas of people like Rand Paul, Thomas Massie, Justin Amash, Mike Lee, and maybe even Ted Cruz - we will not stop this trend. We will only slow it down (slightly).

Pros & Cons to Democrats winning the Senate

  • Pro - Policies will be their fault, although we know they will never accept blame

  • Con - Terrible policies that will destroy millions of jobs and lives

  • Pro - Republicans might be forced to move more Libertarian

  • Con - Libertarians still won't support them

  • Pro - We would likely shift back to Republican Senate in 2022, in time for the Harris Administration

  • Con - Republicans would block everything (good) but would give Democrats fuel for the upcoming presidential election

I want the Republicans to win. If anything, just because I'd like a little more time to get my affairs in order before we are fully thrown off the Socialist cliff.

The other reason I'd like to see the Republicans win?

Democrats will blame voter fraud for their loss! It will be simply amazing.