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  • Nate Thurston

Elizabeth Warren Says Taxes are Burdensome Because of $140 Charge to File

In this video, we talk about Senator Elizabeth Warren's comment on the average American paying $140 just to file their taxes, the new pilot program by IRS that offers free tax filing, and the complexities of the US tax code. We also critique the upcoming IRS system, comparing it with existing free federal tax filing services by H&R Block, TurboTax, and FreeTaxUSA. With practical insights into business tax filings and critiques of government's tax collection methods, the hosts advocate for a simpler tax code to reduce reliance on tax Preparation Companies.

00:00 Introduction to Tax Filing Issues

00:47 The Irony of Tax Filing Fees

01:17 Comparing Government and Private Sector Earnings

01:45 Free Tax Filing Options

03:02 The Complexity of the Tax Code

03:47 The Real Villain in Tax Filing

04:02 Simplifying the Tax Code

04:12 The Idea of Donating to the Government

04:34 The Business Perspective on Tax Filing

05:31 The Ideal Tax Code


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