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Elon Musk rightly fires employees who criticized him

Corporations are not democracies

Elon Musk may be a free speech advocate, but he runs his numerous companies like a censorious dictator — as he should. Corporations are not democracies, and Musk is right to fire anyone that might slow him down.

Mr. Musk stands accused of unfair firing practices by former SpaceX employees. He’s also be routinely accused of firing those that disagree with him at Twitter. Catch up on those stories here, and here.

With the unfair practices alleged by SpaceX employees, and the stories of nonconformists fired from Twitter, the image of an authoritarian dictatorship has been painted by left-leaning media. After all, one of the cornerstones of our nation’s belief system is the right to challenge your leaders.

Can Musk support freedom and fire dissidents at the same time? Yes.

How is it wrong for a government to silence rebels, but okay, even necessary, for corporations to do the same? Corporations are not democracies. The CEO does not represent the wishes of the employees. We must separate our idea of the power structure in business requiring the same principles as the power structure in government.

The philosophical argument: Musk is not the president

A corporation’s goal is to make money by providing a product or service that people want. They must compete with other corporations for their customers, and they must compete for their workers.

A government’s goal is up for debate. Some would say their goal is to protect the rights of the citizens. Some would say a government’s only goal is more power. Regardless of its goal, the government has no competition. They also have a tool for control reserved only to the government- force.

Oddly enough, many seem to twist words from the Declaration of Independence- “Governments are instituted among Men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed”, and apply them not to “governments” but to “corporations.” A conservative or libertarian might see that sentence and agree completely. A progressive illiberal might rather it read “corporations are instituted among the people, deriving their just powers from the consent of the workers.”

The practical argument: Corporations must move with efficiency; Removing any and all barriers to success

Corporations must swiftly adapt to the changing needs of their customers, or risk being replaced by the competition. They must innovate, or be left behind. They must execute a plan efficiently, or risk losing everything because unlike a government, a corporation cannot force you to give your money for their service.

Under this immense pressure, the pressure that Elon Musk is feeling right now, an employee likely to undermine you at every turn is a risk you cannot take. Corporations need quick decision making, and effective follow through to make it work. A top down approach is is not only useful, it’s required in this scenario.

Employee Sabotage

Twitter, SpaceX, and Tesla are dealing with massive amounts of information and technology. Tesla has dealt with multiple sabotage attempts in recent years. Employees have leaked stolen data to the press and intentionally sabotaged automation systems. Considering the implications of such attempts at Twitter, is it worth the risk to keep workers that are considerably outspoken in their discontent with Musk’s ownership?

We either have a media that is wildly incompetent, or acting intentionally obtuse in an attempt to stir the pot. They are well aware of how corporations are run. Do you honestly think the New York Times keeps employees that openly disparage the New York Times? Do you think a CNN host stays on the air after they rant about how terrible the new ownership is? Employees work for the corporation, not the other way around.

Media Members: If you want to disagree, you are welcome to hire me at your leftist media outlet. I’ll let your customers know how you have destroyed this country. I’d like to do everything I can to prevent you from moving forward with your goals. I await your emails!