Greta Thunberg is a victim of Mental Abuse- Perpetrated by her parents, and the hysteria of the Left

You've no doubt heard about Climate Activist Greta Thunberg, and her recent emotional outburst in front of the U.N. on the lack of action by those in power in regards to solving what she calls a "climate crisis."

First off, I will say that children being interested in national, or world-wide issues is a good thing. Note that I said "interested" and not "involved." In an earlier article, I discussed the brilliant plan currently being implemented by those on the environmental left. Using children to tout your opinions, and to push for policy, is a great tactic.

We've seen how brilliant this tactic is when looking at the response from those on the left to those on the right criticizing young Greta. A child is a great messenger if you're pushing a controversial message. A child cannot be reasoned with. You cannot be mad at a child for his or her views on the world. You cannot critique their speaking ability, or the logic and rationality behind their beliefs. After all, they're children.

Some would argue that this is how those on the left are seen in politics, child or not.

What I'd like to focus on is this. Greta Thunberg is a victim of mental abuse. Not by those who criticized her speech, but by those who put her in this position in the first place. She's been abused by those that told her she is going to die at an early age due to an impending climate catastrophe.

To illustrate this point, I'd like you to consider a situation: My friend Charlie, and his son, Parker.

What if- Charlie raised Parker in constant fear that our National Debt was going to destroy life as we know it- unless politicians find a way to balance our budget. Remember, not that he told him this was only a problem, but that it represented a violent threat against Parker's life, and the life of his friends.

What if- Every day Charlie chose to show Parker photos of the death and destruction caused in the past by Socialism, Communism, and Fascism, and told him that this is what his future was going to look like- if he did not get congress to act. What if his room was full of photos featuring starving people in China, or Russia?

What if- Every day Charlie dropped Parker at school, he hugged him goodbye. Not the kind of hug that you should give a child, but a hug because of Parker's impending fate. That is, that he would soon be another victim in a mass shooting at a school. What if every day Parker was picked up from school, Charlie reminded him that the mass shooting was now one day closer to reality?

What if- It was a nightly ritual to remind Parker that he had a chance of dying from Cancer, and accident, Malaria, or any number of possibilities. Not that it was a chance- but that it was going to happen before he finished college. Of course, unless he gets Congress to act.

What if by the time Parker reached High School, he was consumed by anxiety, depression, panic attacks, nihilism, and hatred?

What if this took from him his ability to have a good life. To enjoy being a child- something we all wish we could do again. What if he never felt positivity or joy, because he knew in his heart everyone he knew and loved were going to die in just a few short years?

What if Parker gave a speech describing how consumed by hatred, fear, and anxiety he was on a daily basis? A speech about how his life had been stolen from him, and how he should be at school focused on being a kid, but you were forcing him to speak on behalf of those that would soon die in our impending economic collapse?

You'd accuse Charlie of mentally abusing Parker, and you know it.

In the early 70's, scientists in TIME magazine warned the public of their impending doom. In their consensus, we were quickly heading for a world-wide famine. Mass starvation- due to the fact that trends indicated we were heading towards a "New Ice-Age." The scientists recommended we do anything in our power to stop this from happening- Even going as far as to propose a plan to melt the Polar Ice Caps, in hopes of raising the Earth's temperatures.

My mom was 10 years old at the time of the TIME article. If social media, and 24 hour news cycles had been a thing, my mom, along with her entire generation, would have been raised under the fear and anxiety of a soon realized collapse in our planet that took away any hope she had of a positive future. Why be positive when scientists are projecting mass starvation and famine beginning in just 10 years? Her feelings would have been justified and supported by the "scientific facts" of that year.

Luckily, she grew up looking towards a better future. A future that climate scientists had proven she would not have.