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How Trump Won the First Debate

Was that really a debate? That's debatable..

Last night could be more accurately described as a bickering match between the two old men at your local McDonald's that meet for coffee every morning at 4.30am. One of them an avid Trump supporter, and the other a "Never Trumper."

Who had the most to lose last night? That's the real question. Over the last few years we've seen arguably the harshest criticism a president has ever endured. So it's easy to assume that there is little that can be said about Trump or to Trump that could make those who hate him hate him any worse.

Biden had the most to lose. Does that mean he lost it all? No, but he did lose the debate.

Trump has a style. It's clear what his style is, and it's clear Biden did not have a way to fight it. He interrupts, antagonizes, and makes jokes all to destroy the person he's talking to. Was it truly a debate? No. Did we get meaningful policy proposals? No. Did Trump achieve his goals? Yes. Did Biden achieve his goals? No.

It's clear that Trump's plan was to rattle Biden in an attempt to send him into yet another "senior moment." He didn't clearly achieve that goal, but he did shut Biden down, make him look weak, and that may have been just as good.

Notable wins for Trump on Biden:

  • Socialist medicine

  • Wouldn't answer the question about packing the court

  • Did you use the word smart?

  • Getting him to say he doesn't support the GND

  • I've done more in 47 months than you've done in 47 years

  • Say the words Law Enforcement

Notable Wins for Biden on Trump

  • It is what it is because he is who he is

  • Trump accidently besmirching Bo

  • Trump saying Insulin is as cheap as water

  • You're the worst president this country has ever had

  • 1 in 1000 African Americans have died from COVID

When all is said and done, more than likely this debate did not sway anyone towards either candidate, but I declared Biden the loser because he might have pushed away some of his far left support. Neither candidate can afford to push away enthusiasm, and Biden did just that.