I'm a Libertarian, and I Did Not Support Trump's Impeachment

So, the day is finally here. Man was it a surprise, right? Not exactly.. From the very beginning, our podcast just like many others, plainly stated what was obvious- Trump was going to get impeached in the House, and acquitted in the Senate.

The headline of the article states that I'm a Libertarian. I'm not just a Libertarian in ideology, I'm a dues paying member of the Libertarian Party- and I thought this impeachment was in fact, a sham.

Let's look at the two counts that made it through the house.

  1. Abuse of Power

  2. Obstruction of Congress

Let me be clear- Every president in our lifetimes, our parent's lifetimes, and our grandparent's lifetimes are "guilty" of "Abuse of Power." Executive orders, unconstitutional agencies created by the Executive branch, undeclared wars, all have been in abuse of power.

Looking at the situation involving Ukraine, I cannot wrap my mind around the arbitrary stipulation that Trump was guilty of any unique abuse of his powers. Yes, even if it is completely proven that he clearly withheld foreign aid in attempt to get information on Joe Biden.

When a president is in office, they are focused on re-election. Every ordered policy, signed law, every speech, is an attempt to appease those in the nation to re-elect him to that position. That's the nature of politics. When it comes to foreign aid, you'd have to ask the question: Do we really just give money out to any country that needs it without any stipulations on their governments whatsoever? Do you honestly believe that when an agreement for foreign aid is made, that their are not specific stipulations on that money, and it's continuance? Since we earlier agreed that every move a president makes is to gain re-election- then any foreign aid ever allocated and approved was a movement towards re-election.

Foreign Aid

I'll say a quick word on Foreign Aid. It's wrong. I can find no words written by the founding fathers that explained how the US Government could forcefully remove money from my personal bank account so it could be given to the Government of another nation. Plain and simple. Foreign Aid itself, is an abuse of power.

Obstruction of Congress

Let's assume that people are innocent until their guilt has been proven in a court of law. Remember, Congress was trying to see if a crime was committed- working on a tip from an anonymous whistleblower.

I'm just trying to imagine my reaction if I thought my ex-girlfriend told the police that I had an unregistered gun in my house, and it was possibly untrue.

If the police barged in my house, and started searching it without my permission, I would probably be upset. I might even be an ass, although that would be totally out of character for me... If I stepped in front of them while they were searching, or I asked my wife and friends not to answer their questions just out of spite, would I be found guilty of obstructing an investigation?

In other words, as a Libertarian, I'm extremely annoyed that "Obstruction of Congress" is considered in their eyes, a crime.

Why I Truly Did Not Support this Impeachment

Through all the words, all the grandstanding, all the fake attempts to invoke the constitution, I simply did not believe the reasoning behind this impeachment. It's hard to believe that a group of individuals that have done everything they can to circumvent the constitution, and increase executive authority (when their guy was in office), was actually concerned with Abuse of Power or the US Constitution.

This Impeachment was not out of any principles for "Limited Government." It was purely out of a political need to stop Trump from winning the next election.

Since I do not think that the people voting to impeach him have any concern with Government powers, or abuses of the Constitution, I could not support this impeachment effort. Since it was not done out of any set of true principles for adhering to the founders, I could not support this impeachment.

Supporting this impeachment would simply be supporting the right of the opposing party to use the impeachment powers to remove someone that they do not like.

How would I have supported it?

Simple. If the reverse were true. If AOC had tweeted constantly about Barack Obama's abuse of powers, and been calling for his impeachment from her college dorm in 2011- I would have listened to what she had to say this time. If Bernie Sanders had been calling for Obama's impeachment after starting an illegal war in Libya, or selling guns to drug cartels, or using the IRS to target political opponents, I would have taken him seriously this time. Since this was not done under the constant and undying principle of Limited Government, I didn't take one thing they said seriously.

I will not support an effort to remove a president from office simply because he is not a member of your political party. My message to Libertarians, and the Libertarian Party, is to remember that they would do the same thing to you. If you axed previously passed programs, axed approved federal agencies, etc., the same people could do the same to you.

Impeachment should not be allowed as a political weapon against opposing ideologies, and that's exactly what this was.

Listen to today's episode of the Good Morning Liberty Podcast to hear these thoughts in greater detail.