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Iraqi Parliament votes to expel U.S. troops. This is clear victory in our mission: Democracy in Iraq

Yesterday, the Iraqi Parliament voted to end U.S. troop presence in Iraq. Of course, it is a non-binding and mostly symbolic vote, but it's one we as Americans should take seriously.

The story from Spencer Kimball at CNBC:

The Iraqi parliament passed a resolution Sunday calling for the government to expel foreign troops from the country in the wake of an U.S. airstrike that killed a top Iranian general, raising questions about the future of the allied mission that has successfully fought the “Islamic State,” or ISIS, in recent years.

The resolution asks Iraq’s government to cancel the request for assistance from the U.S.-led coalition operating in the country against the “Islamic State,” which once controlled large swathes of Iraq and Syria before allied intervention.
“The government commits to revoke its request for assistance from the international coalition fighting Islamic State due to the end of military operations in Iraq and the achievement of victory,” the resolution read.

Why we should take this seriously

The U.S. has been at work in Iraq since 2003. Regardless of your thought of the "War on Terror," we must ask ourselves what the initial goal was. First, to destroy Al Qaeda, and next, to bring Democracy to the people of Iraq. You could say that our goal against Al Qaeda was accomplished, although it seems that the removal of one evil group only lead to the growth of another.

What about our goal of building a new government in Iraq, with the hope of giving voting power to the Iraqi people?

This may be the most important of the list, since America is supposed to be the purveyor of Democracy around the world. Of course, I don't mean that we are a Democracy. We are a Republic, but the deeper meaning of Democracy is that individuals have the right to vote in their political system. This would be as opposed to a tyrannical dictatorship much like the ones we are so famous for toppling around the world.

Iraq has a Parliament. Those Parliament members are representatives of the people of Iraq. In understanding this, we must accept that it does not matter whether we agree with the political views of Iraq's Parliament. What matters, is that we recognize that Parliament as representatives of the people. Our refusal to recognize this, would be to admit that we do not recognize the Iraqi Government as legitiment. Our decision to not recognize their Parliament, is our refusal to recognize that the will of the people of Iraq is represented in their parliament. By this logic, we would have carte blanche to invade any foreign country, democratic or not, that does not fit the will of the American government.

Trump should take this opportunity and run with it

If I were working in the White House, I would write Donald Trump a speech that goes something like this:

"My fellow Americans, I come to you today to announce our withdrawal from the sovereign nation of Iraq. Our mission has always been to restore freedom to the people of that great country, and today is proof that our mission has been a major success. Although I may disagree, the people of Iraq voted for their representation in Parliament. That parliament, has asked us to withdraw our brave troops from their country. While this might be looked at as a failure, it is indeed a great success for our Military. For years we have asked, What does victory look like? What is the exit strategy from this long and necessary battle against the evil forces that once controlled this historic land? This is the exit strategy. It is the people of that once desperate nation rising up and saying "Thank you for your service and sacrifice America, and because of you, we can take it from here." My fellow Americans, this is the request, and the outcome, that we have long awaited. We've emboldened the Iraqi people to take care of themselves, and that is a great victory for Liberty around the world. I hereby order the U.S. military to withdraw from that country, with their heads held high, and their hearts full. We will continue to protect the world from evil forces like Iran, the Taliban, ISIS, and Al Qaeda - and those evil people will know that when the dust settles, America will always emerge victorious. I'm proud of our Armed Forces, and their families, and I know they are ready to answer the next call for their heroic service. Thank you, and may God continue to bless the United States of America."