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Joe Rogan apologized again. Here's why he should stop before it's too late

Updated: Feb 6, 2022

Last week, Joe Rogan apologized for upsetting anyone with his controversial interviews of Dr. Peter McCullough, and Dr. Robert Malone, among others. He did not, however, apologize for the content itself. In fact, Rogan defended the credentials of both doctors, while promising to conduct more interviews with opinions from both sides.

Rogan has since issued another apology, this time about a very different subject. Without going too far into the context behind the apology, let's just say that in the past he said a word that most people are not allowed to say. Someone (with the intention of "canceling" Rogan) released a video containing very out of context clips of him saying the "n-word."

Watch Rogan's apologies for yourself with the Instagram link below:

(This will help give context for my opinions on the matter)

Here's the problem: Rogan's recent apologies will be considered pointless by those they are meant to appease. Unless of course, it's only meant to appease some corporate entities at Spotify.

He essentially gave the infamous "I'm sorry you're offended, but you're still wrong" apology. Please let me know if you've ever had success with that one! (Hint: You haven't. The person you tried it on holds deep resentment against you still to this day.)

The second apology came off with more sincerity, but it won't have the desired effect. Rogan still expressed his opinion that he thinks it's weird you're not allowed to say that word in any context. He apologized for any offense he caused, and then said the most pointless group of words in the English language: "I'm not a racist." If you know anything about leftist ideology, it's the belief that only racists have to say they aren't racist. Also, if you don't deny being racist, you're still racist.

What's next? Rogan is about to learn a valuable lesson. Never apologize to the left. No matter what good it did for the very few people that have legitimately been offended, he just kowtowed to the censorship mob, twice. It's like letting a shark smell your blood in an effort to stop him from eating you.

The left won't stop here, and if Rogan makes a habit out of this he'll have to start a new podcast called "The Joe Rogan Learning Experience" where he apologizes for everything he said in the previous episode.

If Joe doesn't stick to his guns, he won't have to worry about being canceled. He'll cancel himself. He'll still have a show, but he'll lose his audience after abandoning the core factor that made the show successful in the first place.

It's not a mystery why J.R.E. is so popular. It's popular because it's real, and real does not mean perfect.

One last thing

Don’t be fooled into thinking this has anything to do with anyone being offended by Joe’s past use of the “n-word.”

Rogan has committed the unpardonable sin of going against the power structure. He’s asking questions no one is supposed to ask. Misinformation or not, the very act of questioning those in power is too much for those In power to bear. Our job as citizens is to shut up and listen to our orders. Rogan is dangerous, but not to you and me. He represents a danger to those in power, and they will continue to pull out all the stops to silence him.

With his latest apology, I would not be surprised if Spotify does actually break their deal. Rogan alienating his fans will do nothing but hurt his show and embolden the censorious left. At the moment it becomes more financially viable for Spotify to drop him rather than keep him, he’ll be gone.