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Just a quick reminder that Adolf Hitler, and Joseph Stalin were both TIME's "Person of the year."

Updated: Dec 17, 2019

TIME Magazine's "Person Of the Year(POTY)" has just been announced, and boy has it ever been disputed.

This year's POTY was none other than 16 year old Greta Thunberg. The famous climate activist from across the pond.

Greta reportedly learned of this prestigious award by way of carrier pigeon delivered to her log cabin somewhere in a Scandinavian National Forest (Kidding, she probably received a phone call, which was of course brought by way of thousands of different technologies hazardous to the environment).

All joking aside, this decision has been hailed as a winning moment for the Climate Justice movement taking place around the world, and a slap in the face to people who are risking their lives to protest a brutal Communist government in Hong Kong. It's true that those on the political "left" have rejoiced in this decision. The rejoice as if putting her on the cover somehow validates her ideology. But, is that why TIME puts people on the cover?

Regardless of where you come down on thoughts and beliefs about Thunberg, or the Climate Change movement, it's important to remember a simple fact about TIME's POTY. It doesn't exactly mean what you think it means.

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After taking a look through TIME's previous acknowledgments, it's easy to see that this award is given to those that were found to be the most "influential" to the world for that year. Think about people who have been impactful on the world. They could have been for a terrible reason, or for a good reason. In my estimation, it simply doesn’t matter to TIME Magazine.

This simple conclusion can be reached by recognizing the fact that Joseph Stalin, Adolf Hitler, Donald Trump, Bill Clinton, George Bush, Mark Zuckerberg, Ronald Reagan, Martin Luther King Jr., and Ayatullah Khomeini have all been previous recognized as "Person of the Year."

So to conservatives: You can choose to take this how you'd like, but I doubt TIME's decision to make Trump "Person of the Year" meant that they thought he was the "best, greatest, and most virtuous" person of 2016.
To Liberals: You can choose to take this as you'd like. If you choose to believe it means she's the "best, greatest, and most virtuous" person of 2019, then you'll have to answer to the fact that the same magazine recognized Donald Trump, Hitler, and Stalin, Bill Clinton, George Bush, and MLK Jr. with the same title.

To everyone else, I'd say that we should all take this for what it is: A continued move in PR brilliance by the flame stoking marketing department at TIME Magazine

The fact that I've seen people talking about this all day, everyday. shows that this pick was complete genius on the part of TIME's marketing department. In a world where people are struggling to get to the top of consumer news feeds, TIME magazine did exactly what they needed to do.