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Vice-Presidential Nominee Spike Cohen: How to be a messenger of Liberty || EP 274

Updated: Jun 29, 2020

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Today we were honored to interview the Libertarian Party's Vice-Presidential Nominee, Spike Cohen. Spike is an amazing messenger of the Libertarian ideology, one of the best we've heard in a while. His comments on "meeting people where they are" resonates loudly with us, since that's been one of our main daily talking points on the Good Morning Liberty Podcast. 

Mr. Cohen sheds light on the police state in which we all live, and the massive federal bureaucracy that controls our economy and has been the root cause of the problems facing many Americans. After an interview with Dr. Jo Jorgensen, and now our interview with Spike Cohen, we fully endorse the Jorgensen/Cohen ticket. 

If you're looking for real solutions to our problems, I recommend looking into Spike Cohen, and Dr. Jo Jorgensen. This all boils down to the power we've allowed the Government to have. Upset with corporate power...Where do they get that power? Upset with police brutality...Who makes the laws they enforce? When a power structure is created, that power structure will always be vulnerable to corruption. We can not depend on finding "virtuous angels to organize society for us," as Milton Friedman once said. Spike Cohen gets this as much as anyone I've ever spoken to, and he's a great messenger for the Libertarian movement.

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