Liberty may not be lost forever

Why isn’t the Libertarian Party trying everything in its power to gain momentum, as a liberty movement, in a time when every American's life has been on an inescapable lockdown for nearly a year?

With small businesses being forced to close, mandatory mask wearing and the constant hypocrisy that surrounds the “medical facts” of the virus, one would assume an organized group dedicated to the pursuit of liberty would take action in a time when action is needed most. In a time when even the simplest of essential rights are being forcibly taken away by a government at large, the party bound to liberty, rings silent.

Chair of L.A. County’s Libertarian Party, Angela McArdle, has been more than outspoken on "the National Parties absolute failure to rebuke the lockdowns." During an interview with The Liberty Experts host, Tim Moen, McArdle stated that she’s “Embarrassed by the lack of principled messaging” and that “[The National LP]...has been reflecting the culture instead of creating the culture or being counter-culture.” The very first words in the LP’s Platform, on which they stand proudly, states “As Libertarians, we seek a world of liberty: a world in which all individuals are sovereign over their own lives and are not forced to sacrifice their values for the benefit of others.” Unfortunately, these strong words of independence, and the action needed to back them up, are failing in the public arena.

Moen, the Leader of the Libertarian Party of Canada, said during that same interview “...there has never been a more opportune time for a receptive audience...and the use of courageous messaging.” While national party leaders, county chairs and many other members make a joint outcry at the national coalition’s “lead balloon campaign” against COVID protocols, the Mises Caucus is putting out information and resources through its website The caucuses focus on a “Decentralized Revolution” look to be the beginning stages of a possible crusade through local, grassroots politics.

A 2011 article written in The Atlantic covering why libertarianism isn’t considered a “serious political movement” discussed the importance of starting political action at the local level first. School Board, State Legislators and the like are where real internal and initial change can happen, not necessarily winning the Presidency. “Having a presence in local politics would eventually lead to candidates on a national level.” stated James Byrne, an Atlantic correspondent.

The article went on to state “There are lots of libertarians who just don't want government or politics to play any bigger role in their lives than is absolutely necessary. These folks aren't inclined to run for city council or seek jobs in the civil service. They just want to be left alone. And if they have to spend a substantial part of their leisure time organizing for a political cause, they've already lost.”

Angela McArdle has already announced that she will be running for the National Chair in 2022, and if elected, would radicalize the party’s message. McArdle seems to be highly motivated, organized, prepared and ready to fight for momentous change starting at the top. But, will radicalizing the message from the front office aid in the justice of liberty? Or is grassroots politics the only way to truly change the trajectory of the current state? In either case, if you truly believe in “each person’s right to engage in any activity that is peaceful and honest, and welcome the diversity that freedom brings​.” then the time for action is now!