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Millennials are unhappy, despite living in the best time to ever exist for Humanity | Episode 133

Podcast Notes for today's episode:

Today we set out to talk about Venezuela. This weekend, I was approached yet again by self described socialists, and reluctantly informed that Venezuela was "Real Socialism." Of course, it was, but that did not end up being the topic of today's podcast.

Listen to today's episode by clicking here.

We talked about a recent article describing how millennials are "unhappy" and "overwhelmed." The main culprits? Trying to balance work, fitness, and their social media accounts. Welcome to the most amazing time to ever be alive as a human being.

Although I'm speaking comically about the plight of the overwhelmed millennials, I am not saying that these things are not "problems." First-World problems are trivial, but they are still problems for the people living them.

We (millennials) could focus on everything that is stressful in our lives, and decide that life is sad, unfortunate, and disappointing. Or, we could attack those problems while also understanding that we live in the most prosperous time to be alive in recorded history. Gone for most are the days of wondering where your new drink will come from. Where your next meal will come from. If you may or may not die from simply getting the flu. Those days (for most) are over. Our new problems represent just how amazing these lives are. Really? Social Media accounts? There are people still dying from thirst in Africa- yet we look to society to feel bad for us because we have to work to pay our bills, or spend too much time every day on our amazing space-phones.

In my opinion, one of the greatest problems with the new socialist mindset is a complete lack of gratitude. The mentality of "entitlement" itself means that you will not have gratitude for lives every day blessings. Why would you be grateful for receiving something you believe is "owed" to you?

This mentality has led to a new generation that wants everything and more, without stopping to question whether or not they have earned it.