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National Debt will increase $9.2M in the time it takes to read this article. That should scare you

Updated: Aug 3, 2019

Fact - The National Debt will increase by roughly $9,200,000 in the time it takes you to read this article.

If you want to make yourself “fiscally” sick, look no further than

It should cause anxiety just trying to fathom the absurdity, of how large the numbers our debt has reached, actually is. It seems as though, the majority of Americans do not care, nor do they even know what the debt is, or what it’s implications can have on their quality of life. 

So, why is no one concerned about our debt?

The most recent news about the 9/11 fund, and the controversy that surrounded Dr. Rand Paul, US Senator from KY, opposing that bill, has really made me take a deep dive into what our government actually spends money on, and why more people don’t care about the wastefulness of it, and how much it is adding to our debt, that one day we will owe. You see, Senator Paul doesn’t oppose the first responders from 9/11, that ran into burning, tumbling buildings to save lives. In fact, he wanted to support them and have the federal government pay for their medical bills, their families medical bills, and even compensate their children from fathers and mothers that lost their lives that horrific day that America was attacked. He simply just opposed the government passing a bill, introducing new spending without first making cuts to wasteful spending, thus increasing the deficit, which in turns adds to our debt. Not only that, but the government has this new fund they can gerrymander for the next 73 years.

This controversy further drove a divide between those that actually care about balancing the budget, versus those that can’t wait to spend all of your money. It turns out that republicans, or conservatives, are no longer even attempting to be fiscally responsible anymore than the democrats or leftist are. How they get you, is spending money on bloated programs that interest conservative leaning people so that you’ll look past it. Like military, first responders, and a wall.

Through marketing tactics and fear mongering, the government has done an amazing job at convincing you that it’s necessary to spend all this money. What doesn’t get publicized, is the erroneous spending hidden in these monstrous bills. 

The public is hidden from the implications of what this debt really means for a couple of reasons. 

Lack of education - It’s no shock that government run education doesn’t educate the public on financial responsibility. Government would do itself a disservice teaching its constituents how wasteful it actually is, because then they wouldn’t get to line their own pockets. Most Americans don’t have an economics degree, let alone understand the complications and economic impact our debt has on each of us. And why should they? Ignorance is bliss, right? Naivety carries a lot less anxiety than knowing what consequences await if you just live your life day to day.

If you look at the chart, regular people carry an average debt of about $60,000 with only a savings of $12,000. Remember what happened the last time the economy had a correction in 2008? Millions of Americans lost their jobs, then subsequently lost their homes and their lives because they were living well above their means. Could this happen on a large scale to America as a whole?

The media doesn’t cover it - One guy in the entire federal government has shed light on some of government’s most egregious spending of your money. Rand Paul, again. $300,000 to study the sex habits of Japanese quail on cocaine. $42 million on a natural gas station in Afghanistan when no one has any natural gas vehicles, and don’t get me started on the trillions of dollars the department of defense has just somehow lost. Like they can’t account for it. The waste and corruption runs rampant throughout the federal government and it seems the media can’t do its job of covering stories of your government wasting your money. 

Ultimately, government doesn’t care about you. If they did, this debt would be the real greatest catastrophe facing America, and not climate change. Just imagine for a second the absolute hell we would dissolve into if the economy collapsed. What if China and Russia succeed in replacing the American dollar and the standard around the world? Look at present day Venezuela with the average Venezuelan losing 30 lbs, and can’t even buy toilet paper because inflation is so high. It’s ultimately the only way for government to get out from crippling debt and unfounded liabilities. Don’t think for a second it can’t happen here. 

Remember, our current “republican” president and Congress is running the largest deficits and adding more to the debt than any federal government has ever done. So don’t think for a second that either party stands on the side of saving you any money. They all want to line their own pockets, and could care less how you wipe your ass when inflation hits the fan- because they got theirs.