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New Report Says 100,000 Cancer Cases Can be Linked to Tap Water | GML PODCAST

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Today on the podcast, we once again discussed Greta Thunberg, and our opinion that she is the victim of mental abuse. Not from those on the right that are critiquing her, but by her parents, the leftists, and the media for raising her under the notion that her world will soon be destroyed. You can read our article laying out this point here.

The other issue we discussed is a new study from the Environmental Working Group stating that as many as 100,000 cases of cancer could arise over a lifetime that are linked to contaminants legally found in your drinking water. The study's lead author said, "We want people to realize that water that meets legal specifications may still cause health risks based on the latest science." Ah, "the latest science...." I'm sure that prior to this study the science was "settled."

If this is the case, do those suffering from related cancers have any legal redress against the government for providing water that causes cancer? Probably not. My thoughts immediately go to the famous Erin Brockovich story, where residents of Hinkley, CA sued PG & E for providing them with contaminated water. They received $400M in a class action suit, which applied here would mean someone is liable for around $40 billion in damages. If it is found that it is "the government" that is liable, then no one wins. Heck, even if the government did pay up, it would be with your money. Imagine if PG&E could have seized Hinkley's bank accounts to pay the settlement owed to the residents.

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