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OPINION | If Democrats Cared About the Kurds, They'd Declare War for the First Time since 1941

You probably already know about the situation facing our allies the Kurds in Northern Syria. Opponents of Trump's decision to withdraw troops from the region are now tweeting about the mass genocide that's about to take place at the hands of the Turkish government.

Don't get me wrong, I feel for the people in the region. But, as is the case with most people, I don't feel deeply enough to fly to that part of the globe and fight. Since I am not looking for a way to get to that part of the world and put my own life on the line, I am not going to propose that the US government send other people to die for their cause.

The situation in that part of the world is a mess, to put it lightly. Let's not forget that while the Kurds are most definitely our allies, Turkey is likewise our ally. They are also allies with the UK, Spain, Germany, France, Albania, Canada, Denmark, among other nations that make up NATO.

Don't take this as a suggestion for what I actually want to happen. I am not in favor of throwing our military into every possible conflict overseas. While the situation facing the Kurds is indeed terrible, Democrats have sat idly by while thousand of Christians have been exterminated in numerous Middle Eastern countries.

Democrats in Congress have been very critical of Trump's decision to leave the region. From Alexandria Ocasio Cortez, to Nancy Pelosi, those in the House have suggested that the US Military should remain in the region to stave of attacks from the Turkish government.

What we're seeing is another power in a long list of powers that Congress has officially delegated to the President of the United States. What those in power have obviously forgotten is that it is not solely on the President to declare war. In fact, only Congress has the power to declare war.

Declaration of War

It's been a while since we've seen a formal war declaration from Congress. By a while, I mean it's been since 1941, immediately following the attack on Pearl Harbor. That's right, even though only Congress has the power to send the US to war, we have had at least 41 years of war in the 78 years since Pearl Harbor. That 41 years includes "conflicts" like the Korean War, the Vietnam War, the Gulf War, and the War on Terror. All of those took place without permission from Congress, in direct violation to the US Constitution.

To put it short, the Democrats are doing their best to blame Trump for what may turn out to be a very deadly conflict in Syria. Their complaints come with an underlying message- It's our job to keep people around the World safe. While I don't agree with that sentiment, I would ask for one simple action item from Congress. Declare War.

If the Democrats ACTUALLY want to do something about the situation in Syria, if they actually think that Trump is wrong in this decision, if they actually think the US Military should be sent into that part of the region to fight off Turkey- Declare War. Then we can have Congress members on record with their beliefs on our intervention overseas. Then we can actually allocate a budget towards the war. Then they can actually show that their words are not just words, but that they truly want to send our military into harms way to protect the Kurds.

If congress does not declare war, they are doing nothing other than political maneuvering in preparation for the 2020 Election. My assumption is that Congress will instead spend the bulk of their time pursuing Impeachment, rather than actually putting their words into action.