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Rep Willis (D-IL) Says She Would Support Mandatory Fingerprinting for all Citizens of the State

Updated: Aug 20, 2019

Springfield, IL - On Tuesday, a bill to requiring all Illinois Firearm Owner Identification (FOID) card holders to submit fingerprints to the Illinois State Police advanced through committee.

The bill itself is somewhat representative of Illinois fiscal policy, in that it raises the price to obtain a "right to defend yourself" by a non-surprising figure of 1,000%.

Here's where our story starts..

The bills sponsor, State Rep. Kathleen Willis, D-Addison, was questioned by State Rep. Patrick Windhorst on the constitutionality, and the nearly bankrupt state's ability to manage a database of millions of people.

State Rep. Patrick Windhorst questions show us that some in Illinois are still fighting for the rights protected, not granted, by the US Constitution.

Kudos to Windhorst for asking the following:

  • "Are you aware of any other constitutional rights that require fingerprinting?"

  • "We would be expected to maintain the fingerprints of law-abiding citizens by the state, potentially in perpetuity. Does that not give Rep Willis pause or concern for their civil liberties?"

Final question

State Rep. Patrick Windhorst -

"Would you support mandatory fingerprinting for all citizens of the State of Illinois?"

State Rep. Kathleen Willis -

"If it makes the state safer, yes."

When did it become okay to support a mandatory requirement for all citizens to submit fingerprint records to the government?

I bet Thomas Jefferson is tired of spinning in his grave.