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Saudi Arabia has a robust military capable of fighting Iran. Why are we so eager for War?

Let's talk about the bombing that took place on the oil fields in Saudi Arabia. The U.S. is of course blaming Iran, and is "locked and loaded" ready to do the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia's bidding at the moment of their choosing. 

Why is it our job to conduct the first strike on Iran? Saudi Arabia has a military- a pretty big one. They actually spend 5x more money than Iran on their military. They are in fact the 3rd largest military in relation to GDP in the world, and #2 in relation to their Government budget. 

Saudi is a nation of 30 million people. That makes them matched with Canada and Australia in population size. Not exactly a tiny country that cannot be expected to defend itself. Saudi Arabia is one of the top 20 economies in the world.

Treatment of Women

When we look at the desire for war held by those on the right, and even the left, we need to ask who we are defending, and why. 

Saudi Arabia has a terrible history when it comes to human rights. Their treatment of women is despicable. 

Women are still not allowed to travel or conduct business without permission from their male guardians. They only last year received the right to drive a car. They are not allowed to swear an oath in court- their male guardian must swear the oath. 

They have a deep and ongoing history of persecution against homosexuals, and women who step out of line. 

Why are we ready to send our son, daughters, fathers, mothers, brothers, and sisters, to die for them?

Why are we so eager to die for them, when they have their own military? Why is it not on S.A. to retaliate against Iran? 

Do we need their oil?

When you ask most people, they would assume that our alliance with Saudi is one built around the necessity for their oil supply. While it is true, they are rate #2 oil reserves in the world, the story with the exportation to the United States is much different.

When looking at the numbers, you would see that we get 3.3 million barrels per day from... Canada. A distant second is Saudi, coming in at .9 million per day. It's barely more than we receive from Venezuela, or even Iraq. We could easily make up the supply by using our own oil, or by purchasing more from Canada.

Whatever the reason may be, I stand by the argument that Saudi Arabia is well enough equipped to protect themselves without a first strike coming from the United States. The U.S. proclivity to jump into any and every conflict raises questions about the ultimate motive- as it should.