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Should Businesses Be Allowed to Require Vaccination? || EP 522

Show notes from EP 522: We're back, and we're taking on a very hot topic, even among libertarians. Should businesses be allowed to require vaccination.

In this episode we did about 10-15 minutes of catching up when we started. I know that that's annoying, but it's our first show in over 2 weeks thanks to both Nate & Chuck having Covid.

We focused mainly on the question of businesses requiring that their customers show proof of vaccination. This was based mainly on the scenario playing out in Florida, where Governor Ron DeSantis had originally banned cruise lines from requiring vaccination. Norwegian Cruise Lines recently won a battle against the state in court, where a judge has ruled that they can require vaccination.

This is not as hard to figure out as it sounds. As a principled individual, you can disagree with someone's actions, but defend their right to do it. In this case, we don't agree with the cruise lines, but we do support their right to require proof of vaccination from their customers.

Why do we support this? Because we don't own the boat. It's as simple as that. Businesses have the right to discriminate. They have the right to do, or not do business with anyone they choose. I can disagree with their choice, but once again, I do not own the boat. More importantly, the government does not own the boat. Since the government does not own the boat, how can the government decide the requirements set by the owner as to who can purchase a ticket?

I simply do not understand how this is a contested idea inside of the libertarian world. You own yourself. You own the fruits of your labor, and you own your property.

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