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The Biden Admin is coming for your fridge (VIDEO)

The Department of Energy recently finalized new efficiency standards for residential refrigerators and freezers, marking a significant step in the Biden administration's environmental regulatory push. This move, aimed at reducing carbon emissions, impacts millions of American households and businesses, promising substantial utility bill savings and a significant reduction in "dangerous" carbon dioxide emissions over the next thirty years.

Absent government coercion, the trade-off between the upfront costs of more efficient appliances and the long-term utility savings is considered by every day consumers. While the idea of saving money in the long run is appealing, the reality of consumer behavior and appliance lifespans paints a different picture. For instance, the average lifespan of a refrigerator, estimated at 20 years by manufacturers, rarely aligns with consumer trends of upgrading or replacing appliances more frequently.

Further complicating the matter is the impact of these standards on product pricing and market competition. By elevating efficiency standards, less efficient but more affordable models will be phased out, potentially leading to higher prices as efficient models become the only option available. This raises concerns about the affordability of basic appliances for average consumers and the potential stifling of market competition, as smaller manufacturers might struggle to meet these new standards.

The DOE's projections of long-term savings and carbon emission reductions should be countered by the well-documented historical inaccuracies in government projections and the tendency to overestimate the benefits of new regulations. What's clearly ignored by the Biden admin is that consumers are capable of making informed decisions without government intervention and market forces should dictate the adoption of energy-efficient technologies.


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