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The Left's Hollow Call for "Unity"

Updated: Dec 17, 2020

According to Joe Biden, we now magically live in a united republic, immediately following the most contentious election in recent memory. Don't get me wrong, I want the country to unite. I want the political fighting to cease. I also want those in the Government to stop cooking up new ways to control my life.

First off, do you think anyone on the left would be singing this tune if Donald Trump had won a narrow victory last week? No, not even close. In fact, they'd all be busy calling for recounts, ballot audits, blaming Russia, and starting as many lawsuits as possible. They'd be calling our entire election system a "Fraud" and Donald Trump would continue to be an illegitimate president in their eyes.

Luckily for them, it looks like Biden will take the Oval office (we'll see), and since "their guy" is likely to be in power, they are ready to Unify the Nation.

There's just one problem with that. What does "unity" look like to those on the left?

Unity does not mean the same to both sides. To me, unity means that we all accept each other as we are. We all accept that we have major political differences on everything from Economics, to compelled speech. My idea of unity is that I don't care about the views of other people, so long as they do not attempt to force those views on others. We all have the same ultimate goals in life, which are to create the best lives for ourselves and our families.

My views are an option for others, meaning I don't have to force my free market views on you. If you'd like to start a company and distribute all the earnings equally among the workers- I say 'go ahead.' You are free to live your life and conduct your business in the way you want, so long as the workers are not forced to be there. If you'd like to take your earnings and divide them equally between yourself and those in your community, go ahead, I'm not going to stop you.

This unfortunately does not go both ways. The left cannot exist without forcing their views on others. If there is a free market that exists it must be destroyed. If there is a human being that does not use the proper 'Woke Dictionary, November 2020 Edition,' they must be cast out of our 'polite' and 'unified' society.

Unity to the radical left means "As long as you do exactly as I want without complaining or asking questions, we are 'unified.'"

I say again, the radical left does not want unity with you. They want unity with the new woke version of you that they have created after you bow down to their wishes.

Nothing about their rhetoric says that they will be accepting of someone who thinks differently. They will not be unified with a capitalist. They will not be unified with a black person that refuses to vote Democrat. They will not be unified with a woman who isn't excited about Kamala Harris being the VP. They will not be united with a Trump supporter. They will not be united with those who defend the police when they need defended, those who reject the idea of rampant racism destroying our country, or those who think Climate Change is not the biggest problem facing the world.

Do not fall for their hollow cries for Unity. It only gives them the upper hand in their constant pursuit of the moral high ground. Retake the moral high ground. Say "Yes, I will unify with you, as long as you accept that we have differing opinions on major issues, and that's okay as long as neither of us try to force our views on one another." If you get a positive response from that, then you probably weren't talking to a radical leftist in the first place.

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