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The Left's hypocrisy shows that this is all for power, not for safety

These are my show notes & final thoughts from episode #545 of Good Morning Liberty

What do your betters want you to be afraid of today? By betters, I mean those that have power over you (or at least that's what they want you to think).

The politicians, the entertainers, they love feeling like they have control, and they also love feeling good about themselves. Don't be fooled. Your "betters" are not the altruistic angels they pretend to be. They're simply playing a role.

What's the point of this role? To keep people divided. It sounds cliché, but the goal is to make you hate everyone but them. It's to point out everything you should be scared of, and of course it's to present those in "power" as the only ones that can solve all the problems they just told you you have.

It would be important to note: They never actually solve any problems. They only talk about solving problems. The only result of this division is that their power grows. Their standard of living grows. They are never at risk of losing their jobs as long as there's a new problem to solve.

Let's take the mask hysteria as an example.

How many politicians, mainly on the left, have spoken about the need for everyone to wear masks? How many have spoken about the need for everyone, regardless of vaccination status to wear masks? Yet time and time again we see pictures and videos of those same politicians failing to live out their "virtues," although they had no problem signaling those virtues on twitter or on the house floor. They make rules based on the fact that you if you don't follow them, they are literally a murderer. They get you to believe that your family and friends that go out in public without masks are literally murderers. Yet once again, when it comes to their time to go out in public, masks are optional. The rules are always optional for the people that make them. No doubt if the same rules were applied to them the rules would never be made. It's okay though. They are above us. They don't have to follow those rules because they are smart enough to know when it's okay to break them. Unlike their underlings, who do not posses the same magical and superior brain powers.

How about the looming debt ceiling apocalypse?

Democrats would have you believe that because of the GOP, we will soon default on our debt, and there's nothing we can do about it. To be fair, when it comes to spending we have little-to-no data suggesting that Conservatives are more fiscally responsible than the Democrats. But what about the current predicament? The left controls the House, the Senate, and the White House. They've had numerous chances to add a debt ceiling increase in the bills that did not require unanimous consent. Even then, the debt ceiling can be raised as long as a republican does not filibuster, which is not likely to happen if done in a reasonable way.

CNN- The real reason Democrats don't want to raise the debt ceiling alone

Here's what will happen. We'll freak out about the debt default for a couple weeks. People will get upset, and then we will raise the ceiling and continue on with the spending. All that will be left over is the hatred people feel for other people.

It's all fake. Fear opens up the door for more power. When the irrational fear subsides, all we will be left with is that power in the hands of the wrong people.

White House rules out concessions over debt ceiling while GOP refuses to help avert crisis

Now that vaccinated people need the monoclonal treatments, Biden admin and media attack the treatment

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