The REAL Trickle Down Economics is Still a Fake Idea

Government bailouts are a pretty hot item and growing hotter. Hell, I even spoke to my mom yesterday, who generally hates when the government politicizes things, and she was pretty disappointed that President Biden's newly proposed $1.9 Trillion Stimulus wasn't going to pass, as it met friction and needed to compromise with Republican Senators. I tried to explain to her that if it were, it's her great grandson's future children who are paying for it, hoping to help her realize the unfairness and detriment that can occur, explaining how our national debt is closely approaching an unfathomable $28 Trillion.

“I don't care, I want the money,” she responded, as I shook my head in disappointment. “You're part of the problem, mom.” I've similarly had my cousin tout “Who cares? People need help now.” I don't have children myself and have no plans to, either, and I'm apparently more concerned about future generations than those whom actually have offspring. Something is incredibly wrong here.

Instant gratification is the big player, looking at the trees instead of the forest, when the forest in the distance is burning as quickly as California. How does this affect the future? What sort of consequences will ensue if we continue the trend of printing money and passing it out like it has no value (which at this point, it already doesn't)?

While these ideas sound good and more importantly feel good to the general public, many Americans fail to realize that whenever government gets involved, it fights fire with fire instead of utilizing proper forest management policies.

Taxation is the funnel that feeds everything government spends.

“Tax the rich to feed the poor!”

“Tax the rich to give people unemployment so they can close their business to stop the virus!”

“Tax the rich to stimulate the economy!”




This never works out the way these feel good slogans say they will. “Tax Amazon!” What does Amazon do in return? Not only do they have the access to the best accountants and have the capital to afford to find every write off possible, additionally they'll raise the cost of a Prime membership and increase the cost of goods to maintain profit margins. I mean, wouldn't you? Doesn't everyone take at least their standard deduction during tax season?

Who pays for the tax increase then? Every single person whom shops on Amazon, both for convenience and competitive pricing, which keeps Amazon in business and actually increases their value. So not only is the working class consumer paying for the tax increases, but they're giving Amazon whatever disposable income they can. Even if that Amazon customer receives EBT, WIC or Unemployment, they're virtually just funneling it back into the system, strictly feeling good that “The government is here to help me,” when in reality, the federal government siphons funds off the top and sends it to gender programs in Pakistan, for example, continually spending and growing our national debt while enslaving future generations into the same corrupt broken system left-leaning folks think they're fixing.

Whenever we employ the government to fix a problem, it must first get a bill through Congress, then be signed in by the President, which always runs into walls, faces red tape, and spawns unnecessary negotiations into the mix that are totally unwarranted (like those gender programs in Pakistan... what is up with that anyway?) and even if it eventually passes, takes months and sometimes years. So what happens? No one gets the help they need while these bureaucrats rake in six figure salaries simply by arguing with one another all day long, at everyone else's expense.

So how can we truly help?

Open the markets. Eliminate taxation, let people thrive and build their own value! In the age of the internet we're seeing the poor fight back, just look at the Redditors liquidating hedge funds. The free market will always find a way and level the playing field for anyone and everyone who decides to take matters into their own hands and pursue their life of meaning, just as long as they're free to do so.

But what if people need help? What about the coronavirus? What about when people lose their jobs?

The private sector always rises to the occasion, and can do it much more efficiently and faster than any government entity can. Mutual aides and crowdfunding platforms work quickly and effectively, and open up to a staggering audience of donors. Even look at Dave Portnoy and Guy Fieri, just to name a couple celebrities who are taking big strides in helping the little guy during the pandemic. Barstool Fund to this day has already raised over $33.5 Million in less than 2 months to help keep small businesses operating whom have been nearly destroyed by government induced lockdowns and Coronavirus restrictions.

Free people help people, it's that simple.

If “Trickle Down Economics is fake”, well so is “Government Aid.”

“Unable to determine what they can or cannot change, some men attempt to 'rewrite reality,' i.e., to alter the nature of the metaphysically given.
Some dream of a universe in which man experiences nothing but happiness – no pain, no frustration, no illness – and wonder why they lose the desire to improve their life on earth.
Some feel that they would be brave, honest, ambitious in a world where everyone automatically shared these virtues – but not in the world as it is.
Some dread the thought of eventual death – and never undertake the task of living.
Some grant omniscience to the passage of time and regard tradition as the equivalent of nature: if people have believed an idea for centuries, they feel, it must be true.
Some grant omnipotence and the status of the metaphysically given, not even to people's ideas, but to people's feelings, and pander to the irrationality of others, to their blind emotions (such as prejudices, superstitions, envy), regardless of truth or falsehood of the issues involved – on the premise that 'It doesn't matter whether this is true if people feel that it's true.'”
- Ayn Rand, The Metaphysical Versus The Man-Made