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The "Stimulus" is not your money- It's an advance on your grandchildren's money

How did we get to a point where a Republican president is saying $600 checks should not be accepted..That what we need are $2,000 checks? Furthermore, are there any "conservatives" left in the Republican party?

I'm going to keep this short and to the point. The article is really a description of the point made in the attached video.

The argument that "I paid taxes, so if I take $2k back that's okay" is completely worthless.

We all know how this works. The US Government is a Ponzi-Scheme. It pays money today from promised made to future generations. It takes out loans as advances on the future generations to pay the current generations promises. This is commonly associated with Social Security, but in our insanely debt-ridden nation, it applies to nearly everything.

The money you pay in taxes doesn't sit in a nice bank account waiting for it's proper and most efficient use. It's already earmarked for certain expenses. Much of it is to pay for the promises made to past suckers who gave over their hard-earned money to the almighty Gov.

So when you say "I'm just getting my money back" just keep in mind.. Your tax money was gone before you even earned it. Your parents and grandparents spent it on your behalf. The money you are receiving now is nothing but an advance on your children's future income. You are saddling them with more debt than they can handle, and they don't even know it yet.

You can take the money, but all I ask is this: Don't do it on under the false premise that it's the same money you paid in over your lifetime. That money is gone. To pretend it isn't would be giving the Federal Government far too much unearned credit.

If you want the cycle to end, it's going to take a sacrifice. Just to be clear, "sacrifice" is not when you force your kids into higher taxes and devalued currency without their knowledge or consent.