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The Tragic Story of the Hernandez Family (VIDEO)

Updated: Dec 9, 2023

Child Protective Services (CPS) is meant to protect vulnerable children and ensure their well-being. However, in the case of the Hernandez family from Georgia, CPS has become an instrument of tragedy and injustice. This blog post aims to shed light on their heartbreaking story and raise awareness about the urgent need for reform in the child welfare system.


Earlier today, I came across a highly disturbing Twitter post by Spike Cohen. The story he shared highlights the ordeal faced by the Hernandez family and the relentless efforts of CPS to tear them apart. This blog post aims to amplify their voice and rally support for justice.

The Hernandez Family's Nightmare

Meet the Hernandez family - Matt, Tucky, and their beautiful young daughters. Their lives took a tragic turn when they noticed swelling in their infant daughter Emma's legs. Concerned, they sought medical attention, only to have their worst fears realized.

Despite medical test results indicating a genetic disorder as the cause of Emma's injuries, the hospital's child abuse physician reported possible child abuse. This unfounded accusation became the catalyst for Georgia's Division of Family and Children Services (DFCS) to seize Emma and place her with her aunt and uncle.

Heartbreak and Injustices

The Hernandez family's nightmare continued to unfold. During subsequent visits, the caseworker determined that their older daughter, Arya, was happy and well-cared for. However, instead of reuniting the family, Tuckey was arrested for battery and cruelty to children, leaving Matt without the ability to communicate with his wife and daughters.

In the care of her aunt and uncle, Emma developed a rash on her feet. Without the family's knowledge or consent, she was subjected to invasive medical treatments, including the insertion of a feeding tube. Despite Matt's concerns about neglect during visitations, his pleas fell on deaf ears. DFCS and the foster parent disregarded his observations.

Fight for the Truth

After months of battling bureaucratic obstacles, Matt finally obtained Emma's medical records. To his dismay, the records confirmed that Emma had either neonatal rickets or osteogenesis imperfecta - both medical disorders that explained her injuries. Astonishingly, the judge presiding over their case refused to admit the expert medical testimony and instead relied on the biased opinion of the child abuse physician.

Meanwhile, as the family's fight for justice unfolded in court, their visitation schedule became a cruel joke. Arya, starved for parental love, missed the presence of her father, while Emma's health continued to deteriorate.

The Disturbing Reality

The Hernandez case reveals the ugly truth about certain CPS officials and their willingness to prioritize their own image over the well-being of innocent families. Once a decision is made to remove children from their homes, it becomes a matter of protecting the agency's reputation at all costs. The repercussions of their actions on the lives of families are secondary.

This blatant disregard for justice and the emotional well-being of children is a stain on the child welfare system. The judge, child abuse physician, and caseworkers involved in the Hernandez case should be deeply ashamed of their role in tearing apart this loving family.

Join the Fight for Justice

It is our collective responsibility to stand up against such injustices and demand change. Spike Cohen, through his organization You Are the Power, is working diligently to reunite the Hernandez family and bring justice to their doorstep. He provides a link in his original tweet where you can find the contact information for key officials involved in this case. It is crucial that we respectfully voice our concerns and demand a fair resolution.

Additionally, I strongly encourage everyone to support You Are the Power and their tireless efforts to reform the child welfare system. Even a small monthly contribution can go a long way in helping families like the Hernandezs find justice and reunite with their children.

The tragic story of the Hernandez family serves as a stark reminder of the flaws and failures within the child protective services system. We must advocate for change and demand accountability from those tasked with protecting our most vulnerable. By standing together and amplifying their voice, we can bring about the justice and reform that families like the Hernandezs deserve.

Let us not turn a blind eye to the injustices faced by innocent families. Join the fight for justice and be a catalyst for change. Together, we can make a difference.

(Note: The content of this blog post is based on the script provided by Nate Thurston on his show. The story and opinions expressed herein are intended solely for informational purposes and do not necessarily reflect the views of the author.)


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