Transgenerational Debt is Modern Day Slavery

The National Debt of America has an overwhelming history.

I will try to keep this brief, as all references will be sited below and will do my best to highlight the history to the best of my ability. This hardly even scratches the surface and there's reasons why countless books have been written on why taxation and government intervention is wrong, by scholars who know way more than I do, so I won't even try to pretend that this is all encompassing. I hope that in the very least, it shines some light to how detrimental this learned behavior has become.

Debt was first initiated during the Revolutionary War, which was primarily funded through “loan certificate” bonds borrowed from France and the Netherlands ( By January 1783, the public debt totaled $43 million, averaging $16.54 per person (a measly $406.19 today adjusted for inflation). So how then, did we end up where we are with an estimated (as it's ever growing) staggering $27.9 Trillion National Debt equating $84,208 of debt per citizen (which includes innocent newborn babies), a 20,700% increase? (yes, you read that right...)

America's debt actually returned to zero under Andrew Jackson in 1835, but very soon thereafter soared back into the millions, and later billions, before reaching today's trillions.

What happened? The most obvious contributors are wars. The Civil War being the primary catalyst, resulted over $2.7 billion in national debt by 1865, which continued to grow to $22 billion with involvement in WWI, to $51 billion by 1940, to $260 billion by the end of WWII. I'll spare you the rest of the history and leave some of the magic for you to research on your own time, if you're so inclined.

Now, let's talk government benefits, primarily Social Security Insurance, in which the government forcibly steals money from your paycheck in order to “gift” it back to you when you retire at a lower value. President Roosevelt introduced SSI in 1935, but little did he know it would run dry in 100 years' time, allowing no more than 2-3 generations to benefit, while taxing everyone regardless of their retirement age to recoup the advances. The current benefit amount for SSI in 2021 is a maximum of $794 per month. Say theoretically you turned 65 this year and are ready to retire and qualified for the maximum benefit, and lived until you were 85, hell let's not even figure in the fact that SSI is going to reduce to 75% the benefit amount by 2035 due to exhaustion of funding, let's see where this gets you.

20 years at $794 per month gives you $190,560. Now that sound wonderful and all, but that's assuming you can afford to live under the federal poverty line for the rest of your life.

Now say theoretically, in your working life you worked from the age of 18 to 65 and made a humble $40,000 annually, with 12.4% of your wages investing into Social Security against your will, you should have $233,120 stashed away (if you were personally responsible) for your retirement, more than an entire year's salary extra! Let alone if you invested it, or accrued interest in even a small yielding interest account.

How then, can we honestly justify the Federal Government, abusing $42,560 of your hard earned wages? Couldn't you use it to better plan your own retirement? What did they do with it? To name just a few, they spent it on permanent pensions for past Presidents, bloated Congress salaries, more wars, and dropping bombs on innocent children overseas in the name of “freedom” whilst stealing freedom from those whom keep the entire bastardized system afloat.

The more we tax the people in order to “bail out those in need” with bombs, fight “wars on drugs,” “wars on terror,” and “wars on poverty” with the disguised intention of charity, the more we feed the national debt, enslaving unborn children to the same corrupt broken system over and over again, with each generation waking up on groundhog day, “Well I'm in debt... again.”

When I was younger, I had extreme angst and disgust being born into the world the way it exists, a slave to money then you die, people working 40 hour dead end jobs to make someone else's dream come true, government dictating the lives and playing chess with the working class. I never asked to be born, none of us did. While I've learned that life isn't about what happens to you but how you respond to it, I try my damned hardest to live with meaning and fortunately I'd consider myself successful with that, even as a constant work in progress. Regardless, I'm still upset, 2 decades later, and it's never going to change for me. Changing the quality of life for all people by the virtue of liberty is a hill I'm willing to die on, and the government being the vehicle to deliver such quality is the antithesis of success on that venture.

Every single problem we face in society was created by imperfect people spending other people's money without consequence, and I'm absolutely distraught that so many Americans are calling on the Government to be the solution.

We cannot allow this to continue. The involuntary slavery of transgenerational debt is a crime to humanity, and is the exact issue I've had with our existence my entire life.

It makes me sick to my stomach that many Americans cry for government to further put unborn humans into debt at the price of instant gratification, satisfying their greed and want for stimulus after stimulus. We're teaching our youth that debt and responsibilities don't matter, normalizing our slavery to the State, and gaslighting ourselves out of a better, more innovative and prosperous future.

Are you ready to stand with the liberty movement and end this madness once and for all?

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