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Ukrainian military officer helped coordinate Nord Stream pipeline attack || EP 1111

On today's show we discussed the difference between "conspiracy theories" and the truth. In the beginning we were all told by the mainstream media and the government to suspect that Russia had bombed its own money-making pipeline to Europe.

There were those of us that speculated on the possibility of Ukraine's involvement, given the fact that they were the obvious beneficiary of the sabotage.

Now that the New York Times and the Washington Post have given in and blamed Ukraine, we take a look back at previous headlines surrounding the event.

Ukrainian military officer coordinated Nord Stream pipeline attack

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Charlie Thompson: [00:00:00] All of our Liberty loving friends, welcome back to another fantastic episode of Good Morning Liberty. I'm one of the hosts here, Charles Chuck Thompson. The man who does everything, runs the board, puts everything together. Joining as a guest, as always, Mr. Nathaniel Paul Thurston. Thanks for guest starring.


Nate Thurston: you. Thank you for having

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Anyway, go to join Gmail or don't to do that. Hit subscribe or follow, unless you're already following, because if you hit it, then you'd be unfollowing us. Or you could do that if you want to unfollow that's fine, too. Yeah, actually unfollow it's monday Morning in some places in the united states not in nashville right now where we are, but it's currently monday Hope everyone had a great weekend.

I wanted to do a little I

Charlie Thompson: had a great weekend, but I'm not, I refuse to tell personal stories on this show. You're

Nate Thurston: not gonna tell a single personal story. You shouldn't do that. [00:02:00] No more. People hate personal stories. But I had a great weekend. Good. What'd you do? No, that's it. Oh, okay. It was great. Alright. I had a good weekend too!

Watch the Cowboys game. They beat up on yet another terrible team. Our quest to beat all of the terrible teams in the NFL is almost complete. Blow them away. So yeah, just completely destroy them. I started to feel bad kind of, you know, so, uh, that was fun. So I wore my Cowboys gear until Cooper

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Interception. That was

Nate Thurston: terrible. Why did we ever like Cooper Rush? He just

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Nate Thurston: Dak did the same thing. Yeah, like you don't want to throw it to the other team. That's bad.

Charlie Thompson: And even though we did win well, it should have been more. Yes, it should have.

We should have had like a Miami Dolphins score.

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It's probably not. Yeah, you don't want to do that

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Nate Thurston: So I

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Nate Thurston: I wanted to talk about conspiracy theories Charlie Do you like conspiracy theories? You are a conspiracy theorist. I am. Yeah. Flat earther. Now we've already Is this about the flat earth?

No, it's not not that we're gonna cover that some other

Charlie Thompson: time. Does Antarctica have a dome

Nate Thurston: over us? I don't understand what the theory is on on the flat earth thing. Chinese balloons. It's like a disc. Top of the dome. We live on a disc Is there space or is there not space in the Flat Earth Theory? You're the conspiracy theorist.

I don't know. I don't know. I don't pay attention to those things. So those are too crazy for me. But I did pay attention the [00:04:00] Nord Stream Pipeline was sabotaged. It was bombed. And I wanted to go through a little, a short little timeline of events because after this happened, of course, we got the Russia Ukraine war going on.

And immediately afterwards, Ukraine is blaming Russia, the media starts blaming Russia immediately. And, uh, we, we took the more conspiracy theory line, that it didn't make much sense that it was Russia that did it. And everyone's kind of backed off of that now, it's been months now that we've got a, uh, write up from the New York Times.

It's saying that the CIA had advanced knowledge and they say that it was actually Ukraine. And then we got another Washington Post exclusive over the weekend. That's when you should always release very important information is over the weekend, uh, saying that they can, they named names on who the Ukrainian official was that actually took place in doing this.

And I just remember when it was so obvious that it wasn't Ukraine because they would never do [00:05:00] anything bad. You know, they don't do bad things. No, they care about democracy. Obviously Israel. That's definitely who it was.

Charlie Thompson: Yeah. It says IDF written all over it. Here's just a... In fact I bet they submerged Palestinian children and strapped them to the pipeline before

Nate Thurston: they blew it up.

Only Palestinian children. Yeah. That's it. Um, here's one like from September 2022 when this took place. Nord Stream, Ukraine accuses Russia of the pipeline terror attack. Now these are the people that we're supporting. With billions and billions of our dollars of taxpayers dollars that we've already given to them the whole world Rallying behind this country to try and save them from being taken over by Russia to save democracy or whatever The line is, and uh, Ukraine is accusing their foe, Russia, of this pipeline terror attack.

And uh, you see, Ukraine has accused Russia of causing leaks in two major [00:06:00] gas pipelines to Europe in what is described as a terrorist attack. Ukrainian presidential advisor Mikhailo Podolyuk said the damage to Nord Stream 1 and 2 was an act of aggression towards Europe. I wonder why he would say that.

He added that Russia wanted to cause pre winter panic and urged the EU to increase military support of Ukraine. Seismologist reported underwater blasts before the leaks emerged. So right after this happened, Ukraine's answer is that people should give Ukraine more money. Afterwards. Read this one here.

And send military. Something I gotta fix if you wanna read that.

Charlie Thompson: Gas leak from the Nord Stream 1 is nothing more than a terrorist attack planned by Russia in an act of aggression towards the EU. Russia wants to destabilize the economic situation in Europe and cause pre winter panic. That's what he tweeted in English.

He also called for European partners, particularly Germany, to increase [00:07:00] military support for Ukraine. The best response is, according to him, Yes. The best response and security investment are tanks for Ukraine. There you go. Not

Nate Thurston: only! Well, that's how you protect gas pipelines, first off. Should you

Charlie Thompson: support us?

We know exactly what you need to do. Especially German ones, he said. Send the Nazi ones for our Nazis. By the way,

Nate Thurston: after this pipeline that's supplying, that's, this is a, this pipeline's going to Germany, right? Like, this is how they, this is how millions of people are getting their natural gas, and this pipeline's going to Germany, and Ukraine's answer is that Germany should send Ukraine a bunch of tanks.

Thanks. You know, that's the answer. Okay. So we'll, uh, we'll go through a little bit more Nazi tanks. Nord Stream report puts Russia, Russian Navy ships near the pipeline blast site. So now [00:08:00] we're getting some evidence here, you know, that the, uh, this is from the BBC, by the way, Russian ships able to perform underwater operations were present near to where explosions later took place on the Nord Stream pipelines.

According to an investigative documentary. The vessels were reportedly located using intercepted Russian Navy communications. Underwater explosions last September knocked the two Nord Stream pipelines built to carry gas from Russia to Europe out of action. Look at that. The vessels were located using intercepted Russian Navy communications.

And they finally found some Russian, they probably found some Russian guy's passport near the explosion. You know, so they knew that that's who it was that did it. Um, let's see what else we got. The U. S. is suggesting that Russia could be behind the Nord Stream gas leaks. Right, so there is yet another headline right there.

U. S. said it seems Russia is to blame for this week's leaks in the Nord Stream gas pipelines. U. S. Energy Secretary Jennifer Granholm told the [00:09:00] BBC an investigation was being carried out into the cause of what she called an act of sabotage. Adding, it is highly unlikely that these incidents, incidents are a coincidence.

Coincidence are coincidence. No evidence about how the leaks happened has been made public. Russia has dismissed suggestions that it was a blame. It said claims that it damaged the pipelines were stupid and absurd, which they are correct about. The, the assertions that Russia blew up their own pipeline where they make their own money off of the gas that they're selling to Europe.

Of their own gas. With their, from their own gas. It was always really stupid. Yeah. That, that it was them that blew up their own pipeline. They could just turn it off. Like if they wanted to do, they could, there's probably a guy with a lever, you know, they could do one of those like valves, like way easier than this covert military operation to blow up the pipeline, you know,

Charlie Thompson: hard to turn those

Nate Thurston: valves, you know, could be, maybe the, they were on strike at the moment, you know, who knows.

Okay. Now [00:10:00] this is when conspiracy theories start to pop up, you know, people are starting to say that maybe it wasn't Russia. Maybe it was, it was the U S. Maybe it was, uh, maybe it was Ukraine that did this. So yours truly, us truly, even said stuff like that. Here's one of the reasons that people were saying this, this weird quote from Biden, like a month before it happened, not a month before it happened.

This was earlier in the year talking about the pipeline. For Germany, maybe to not support the swift measures. Let me answer this first question for us. If Germany, if, uh, if Russia invades, uh, that means. tanks or troops crossing the, the border of Ukraine again, then, uh, there will be, uh, we, there will be no longer a North Stream 2.

We, we will bring an end to it. But how will you, how will you do that exactly, [00:11:00] since the project and control of the project is within Germany's control? We will, uh, I promise you, we'll be able to do it. All right. It's not only will we do it for you, but yes, we'll do it for you. Well, we'll take care of that

Charlie Thompson: with the Biden

Nate Thurston: guarantee.

Okay. So finally Biden holding up on one of his promises. Maybe that's what I'm thinking. You know, he finally did something he said he was going to do. So I don't know. That makes you crazy. Didn't we get that Seymour Hirsch? Piece, you know, that everyone ignored even though this dude has broken some some massive stories throughout

Charlie Thompson: his career Well now he's a you know, complete conspiracy theorist.

Oh, yeah, write him off Like all these awards that he's

Nate Thurston: won like this time Seymour Hirsch becomes A wild conspiracy theorist, even far right, even on Wikipedia,

Charlie Thompson: far right propaganda,

Nate Thurston: he's listed as peddling out the conspiracies. I think they called him a conspiracy theorist when it came to the [00:12:00] pipeline on his Wikipedia page.

He's a domestic terrorist. But of course he says that America took out the Nord Stream pipeline. All right, and that's not what the, the newest information we have says yet. Although this slow drip of information, I think eventually leads to the C, the CIA did it like that's, that's where it eventually gets to like stuff like this from the New York times where we got a headline from a few months ago.

Intelligence suggests pro Ukrainian group sabotage pipelines. Oh, we have another one about the CIA also, but New York Times finally comes out and talks about this. Not naming Seymour Hersh or talking about him because he's blacklisted because he said something bad about Ukraine. You can't talk bad about Ukraine.

That's one of the rules. Ukraine is denying involvement. In the Nord Stream Pipeline blast, uh, go ahead,

Charlie Thompson: chuckle. Ukraine has denied any involvement in September's attack on the Nord Stream Pipelines which were built to carry Russian natural gas to Germany. The denial follows a report from the New York Times which cites anonymous [00:13:00] U.

S. intelligence officials who suggest a pro Ukrainian group was to blame. That's now, that's not Ukraine, it's pro Ukrainian group. Mhmm. Which is everyone in the world, of course. So, Podolik, an advisor to the Ukrainian president, said Ukraine was absolutely not involved, and you should send tanks. Yeah,

Nate Thurston: we need tanks.

For sure. I added that part. Did I mention the tanks yet, sir?

Charlie Thompson: We weren't involved, but you can send us tanks. We need tanks. Moscow questioned how the U. S. could make assumptions without an investigation. Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov And called the report a co ordinated, co oriented, sorry, coordinated, why did they hyphenate it?

I don't know why it's hyphenated. It's hyphenated. It's hyphenated. Yeah. Um, they called the report a coordinated fake news media campaign and told the state news agency ARIA. [00:14:00] Uh, Novosti, Novosti, those who attacked the pipeline clearly want to divert attention and request tanks. Yeah,

Nate Thurston: they need more money.

We mentioned they need more money. Nice theory here in the group though, one, uh, something we haven't considered in the past that T dub said, has anyone suggested that maybe the pipelines blew themselves up? Um, they have been talking about feeling down beforehand and I, I looked and they had never used our betterhelp.

com slash GML URL before that, you know, so there is a chance, I guess.

Charlie Thompson: Well, and we didn't pass a law to keep. You know, assault rifles out of the pipeline's hands. That's true. That's true. Mm hmm. So they could have, you know.

Nate Thurston: You know, you hear about pipelines blowing up, but in the figures they don't show you is that 50 percent of the pipeline explosions are self inflicted.

Yeah. So, it's good to consider that, too. All right, let's see what else, okay, and then we got this Washington Post exclusive over the [00:15:00] weekend, uh, no, no, sorry, this is a previous one, the U. S. head of intelligence have detailed Ukrainian plan to attack Nord Stream Pipeline. Hmm. This one was out back in June.

Mm Yes, the CIA learned last June that Ukraine might be saying yes to the CIA's plan to blow up the pipeline. I'm sorry, that's not what the article

Charlie Thompson: says. That's four months

Nate Thurston: before. No, this was just four months ago that they said that. Um, Ukrainian military officer coordinated Nord Stream Pipeline attack.

That's the newest thing that we got over, over the weekend. Ukrainian military officer coordinated the Nord Stream Pipeline attack. Now, of course. They're going to say that Ukraine proper the government had nothing to do with this. This was some kind of rogue operative working outside the bounds of the government and He was acting Alone and Zelensky had no knowledge of the plan.

What's that he's been arrested. Probably he's well, he's arrested for something else. This guy might just [00:16:00] be what you call a, a Patsy fall guy, uh, because he's currently, uh, in jail for. Something else right now that actually did involve a, a covert operation that they say he did not have authorization to do and is currently, uh, go in the trial for that.

That's this

Charlie Thompson: guy's just so it totally fits his alleged MMO

Nate Thurston: that he has. Yep. This is the guy. Now this guy says modus operandus, this guy says he's not the guy. That did it, but he did do the other thing. He's in jail for it. He didn't do this thing. Okay, so we'll see. He could just be a fall guy right now.

Yeah, um, some stuff from the article. A senior Ukrainian military officer with deep ties to the country's intelligence services played a central role in the bombing of the Nord Stream gas pipelines last year, according to officials in Ukraine. And elsewhere in Europe, as well as other people knowledgeable about the details of the covert [00:17:00] operation.

Now that the guy's going to trial for this covert thing. Now, officials in Ukraine are saying that this is the guy that blew up the pipeline.

Charlie Thompson: See, they waterboarded them. And then yeah, yeah, that was me.

Nate Thurston: The officer's role provides the most direct evidence to date time Ukraine's military and security leadership to a controversial act of sabotage that has spawned, it was terrorism beforehand, but.

Now he's a sabotage guy. There's a spawn multiple criminal investigations in the U. S. and Western officials have called a dangerous act. on Europe's energy infrastructure. Yeah, like seriously, dangerously. Millions of people are getting gas from this pipeline. They should still send tanks though. They need tanks in the fine print down here.

Roman Chervinsky. They decorated 48 year old colonel who served... Colonel's spelled so different. So stupid. Who did that? You know, whoever came up with the way... To spell the word colonel. Is it the [00:18:00] Britts? I don't, yeah. Third. That's dumb. That's really dumb. There is no freaking R in the word, you know? Or we're just saying it wrong.

Who's wrong here? Us or the Britts? It's probably the Britts who served in Ukraine. Special Operations forces was the Co-Ordinator of the Nord Stream operation. People familiar with his role set, managing logistics and support for a six person team. that rented a sailboat under false identities and used deep sea diving equipment to place explosive charges on the gas pipelines.

Now this six person team renting a boat under false identities starts to line up kind of with Seymour Hersh's version of events here. No. Okay. On September 26, 2022, three explosions caused massive leaks. On the Nord Stream 1 and 2 pipelines, which run from Russia to Germany into the Baltic Sea, the attack left only one of the four gas links in the network intact.

As winter approached, Chervinsky did not act alone, and he did not plan the [00:19:00] operation. According to the people familiar with his role, which has not been previously reported, the officer took orders from more senior Ukrainian officials, who ultimately reported to General Valery Zalizny. Zeluzny, Ukraine's highest ranking military officer, said people familiar with how the operation was carried out.

Who were these people? I don't know. Probably the CIA. They spoke on the condition of anonymity to discuss sensitive details about the bombing, which has strained diplomatic relations with Ukraine and drawn objections from U. S. officials. Ukraine has launched many daring and secretive operations against Russian forces, but the Nord Stream attack targeted civilian infrastructure built to provide energy to millions of people in Europe, while Gazprom, the Russia state...

Owned gas conglomerate owns 51 percent of Nord Stream Western Energy companies, including from Germany, France, and the Netherlands, are partners and invested billions in the project. [00:20:00] Ukraine had long complained that Nord Stream would allow Russia to bypass Ukrainian pipes, depriving Kyiv of huge transit revenue because they need tanks.

Through his attorney, Trevinsky denied any role in the sabotage. And he said that the speculations about his involvement are Russian propaganda. Okay, so any speculation about his involvement is, uh, Russian propaganda. Since Russia's invasion of Ukraine in February 22, Trevinsky had been serving in a unit of Ukraine's special operations forces and was focused on resistance activity in the areas of the country occupied by Russia.

Now, we get into whether or not Zelensky had anything to do with this. Why is this important? I don't know, because we're giving these people billions of dollars, and they attacked Germany and Europe's pipeline, and maybe we should be considering whether or not that's an act of war? We shouldn't be considering it.

But I wonder if people in Europe [00:21:00] should be considering whether or not, if any other time before this whole Russia Ukraine thing happened, and everyone had to pick a side and put the flag on their profile, You know, and talk about democracy and how Ukraine's, but before they had to pick this side, if Ukraine just up and bombed Germany's pipe pipeline, Europe's pipeline, I feel like that's an act of war, you know,

Charlie Thompson: but now threatening millions of citizens, but now we're

Nate Thurston: like.

Should we give him the tanks? I don't know. Maybe we'll still give him the tanks. Yeah, we'll see Stravinsky's participation in the Nord Stream bombing contradicts Zelensky's public denials about his country that his country was involved quote I am president and I give orders accordingly. Zelensky says in the press interview He said it wasn't them But the Nord Stream operation was designed to keep Zelensky out of the loop people familiar with the operation Of course[00:22:00]

Why don't our presidents just always do this? Anytime... Um, our military does something people don't like, you know, like Obama bombs a wedding and imagine,

Charlie Thompson: you know, just see Biden in the boardroom being like, la, la, la, la, la, la. I can't

Nate Thurston: hear you. La, la, la, la, la. You could probably say, you know, certainty that Biden doesn't know what's going on.

No, I know. He didn't even have to be doing that. We're like, yeah, we're pretty sure he wasn't there that day and he could have been sitting in a chair the whole time.

Charlie Thompson: Hey, here's some news from Dan, by the way, from the live group, Lieutenant and Colonel. Both are French. Oh, that makes sense. It

Nate Thurston: makes total sense.

Okay. Oh, that makes sense. Idiots. That's what it is. The R comes from them sounding like a dog with peanut butter in the roof of their mouth. Exactly. That's what it is. All of those involved in planning and execution reported directly to Chief of Defense Zaluzny. Not Zelensky. So Zelensky wouldn't have known about it, according to intelligence reporting obtained by the CIA that was allegedly shared by Jack [00:23:00] Teixeira.

A member of the Massachusetts Air National Guard on the Discord chat platform. Yes, that guy. Officials in multiple countries have said it, said privately that they're, they were confident that Zelensky didn't personally approve the Nord Stream attack. He

Charlie Thompson: probably was like, no, no, don't do it. He was in there being like, I

Nate Thurston: don't want you to do that.

No, no, I don't want you to bomb that pipeline. The general's like, I

Charlie Thompson: got you. I got you. Say it louder. Yeah. Go home and call your sister. Yeah. But you make a

Nate Thurston: phone call around 2 PM on the 26th. Okay. Talking about how much you don't want to bomb the Nord Stream Pipeline. Okay. You

Charlie Thompson: would never approve of something like that.

I gotcha. Yeah, I gotcha. No,

Nate Thurston: I know. Now, uh,

Charlie Thompson: while. No, I'm not going to do it, but yeah, I got you.

Nate Thurston: Uh, let me see that later in the article, they [00:24:00] talk about how the CIA had learned of the attack pre previous, you know, three months, I think. That's what I was saying in June

Charlie Thompson: prior to

Nate Thurston: prior to the attack, they had learned about it and they thought that they'd stopped it because the CIA learned about it and they're like, Oh, you shouldn't do that.

You know, shouldn't do that and they thought it had been stopped and then it happens now. What's, what's weird is that the CIA knew that Ukraine wanted to blow up the Nord Stream and then when the Nord Stream was blown up, they weren't like, Oh yeah, that was, that was Ukraine. Like we knew that they were going to do this and we, we thought we'd stop them.

They were like, Oh, we think maybe Russia had something to do with this. You know, they still try to spin it while they're burning their faxes and stuff like that. But, uh, this, imagine that, Jack Teixeira released some stuff on discord and all of a sudden we get to find out about some of these things, I guess.

I don't know, man. It's just, uh, it's kind of weird that this [00:25:00] isn't being talked about like it was an act of military aggression. But I guess all you have to say is that the comedy actor at the very top in Ukraine, the guy who's the president right now, since he didn't know about it, Then this was not an act of aggression by Ukraine.

This was not an act of war where you attack a pipeline supplying natural gas to millions of people in the dead of winter, you know, and everything's just fine. We're still talking about whether or not we're going to give more money. And tanks. We're not talking about war crimes for anyone because all they gotta say is, well, our, our dumb ass president didn't know anything about it.

So therefore just give us all your money. That's totally

Charlie Thompson: fine. He was on the phone with Biden at the time. Yeah. He had no idea.

Nate Thurston: So the other thing is I get kind of, I don't get upset. First off, it's kind of a white pill to be so right before so many other people are proven to be so wrong. You know, so that's [00:26:00] nice, but two, I'm so sick of people calling people conspiracy theorists.

And the only thing that can, the thing that gets you labeled a conspiracy theorist is if you go against whatever the regime is saying at that time, whatever the mainstream media is saying, whatever the military industrial complex is saying, or whatever the U S official word is, the official word is, if you go against that, you're a conspiracy theorist.

And then you find out

Charlie Thompson: only, not just going against it. If you question it, that's the biggest problem with this

Nate Thurston: is it wasn't that hard. Like who benefits the most from this pipeline getting blown up? It's it's Ukraine. That's it's not Russia. It's not Germany. It's Ukraine or maybe the U S if the, if the U S uh, was involved with it as well, but definitely Ukraine.

Is the one who benefits and then you, you know, later

Charlie Thompson: on, I like how the CIA found out about this one. You mean the CIA was found out giving Ukraine this [00:27:00] plan found out that that's probably

Nate Thurston: what it is. That's probably them getting ahead of the story.

Charlie Thompson: But of course that's me just being a conspiracy theorist.

You know, who am I to question whether or not our American government was involved? I like how they say here, um, they thought the attack had been called off, but it turned out only to have been postponed. To three months later using a different point of departure than originally planned. That's how they didn't know about it.

Yeah, they really, yeah. But key elements of the plan, including the number of people on the bombing team, as well as the use of a rented boat, diving equipment and fake identities, all

Nate Thurston: the same. But they left from a different place. So there's no way this is the same plan that we have drawn out with them.

It's probably Russia

Charlie Thompson: that did it. Yeah. Russia got the plan from Ukraine and was like, we're going to do this instead, which would be a great idea, by the way, then you can blame Ukraine. Yeah. If you found the plans.

Nate Thurston: Well, that, see, the only way it would have worked out for if, if Russia were to have been the people that did it as if they would have been framing Ukraine for doing it.

But [00:28:00] the problem is that doesn't make any sense because they're probably smart enough to know that no one cares if it was Ukraine. Basically, the investigation was to find out whether or not it was. Ukraine and then we're like, yeah, it was Ukraine. And they're like, okay, well now we know it wasn't Russia.

Well, it wasn't Russia. So let's give Ukraine some tanks and some F 16s. Everything will be fine.

Charlie Thompson: And the earth is

Nate Thurston: round. I'm just sick of people, just sick of people taking all the mainstream and the official narrative so seriously. And then, and then calling you names when you question it, how many times do they have to be so wrong about things?

for normal people. I know like people in our circle. It's fine to question stuff, you know, I made a joke earlier about them finding a Russian guy's passport next to the explosion. That was a 9 11 reference. Okay, you can question things. I'm not questioning the whole thing about 9 11. I'm just saying, did they really find the hijacker's passport [00:29:00] in the rubble?

Okay, the fire was so hot it melted steel. Mm hmm. All right. I'm just saying finding the guy's passport. That's some luck. That's some luck on a day where there was no luck. And we don't know

Charlie Thompson: whether they found it or not. I mean, sure, they could have

Nate Thurston: found it. It's possible. But I want that guy investigating this thing right here.

Whoever was found that passport, I want him on a plane today to Ukraine to figure this whole thing out. All

Charlie Thompson: right. And then on a sailboat. Diving equipment is where I want him. Under a different identity.

Nate Thurston: Now we ruined 9 11 narratives. You know? Yeah. You can't do that. You just can't do it.

Charlie Thompson: You want to talk about gay frogs next?


Nate Thurston: Sure. We'll have uh, RFK on here and tell us about the gay frogs.

Charlie Thompson: The water, the fluoride in the water, it's making the frogs gay. It wasn't

Nate Thurston: the fluoride, it was um... Oh. Out atrazine

Charlie Thompson: see how

Nate Thurston: close I pay attention. Yeah, that's what I think that's what it

Charlie Thompson: was, you know The fluoride's making you sick [00:30:00] though.

I mean, oh, i'm sure in fact fluoride feeds the parasites And that's why they don't want you to take an ivermectin. what it does for your teeth. Clear out the, they don't want you to take an ivermectin because they don't want you to clear out the parasites that are keeping you controlled. Oh,

Nate Thurston: okay. There you go.

That's what it is. That's why. I like that one. You almost hooked me

Charlie Thompson: just then. That's why ivermectin is a horse tranquilizer.

Nate Thurston: Yeah, but you can control horses. Yeah. So. Yeah, well. Okay, and the other news. Before we get out of here real fast.

Charlie Thompson: Oh, I just said a, I just said a naughty word. Oh, you said Schmeichel Schmectin. I did. A couple of times. And now you can't

Nate Thurston: even put this on YouTube. I think you can mention that Ivermectin exists these days on YouTube.

Oh, you can? And that it's for horses. You can say the words and that it is recommended for horses. Yeah.

Charlie Thompson: I'm not recommending it to anyone unless you have horses. Here's a

Nate Thurston: random thing. We'll have to cover the rest of the things from the weekend. I'm [00:31:00] interested in why this is actually happening and this dude is running as a libertarian.

His name is Jacob Chansley. Otherwise known as QAnon Shaman or Shaman, Shaman. I know I just like saying QAnon Shaman. Like it's all one word. The QAnon Shaman, you know, the guy with the horns. Oh, yeah, that guy. Um, the one that he's peacefully and patriotically made his way. Into the chambers.

Charlie Thompson: Is he the one who defecated on Debra's desk?

No, no, that was

Nate Thurston: a different guy. What does he have coming out of his

Charlie Thompson: arm? That looks, that looks like a, I'm not sure what's going on with that. It's definitely photoshopped.

Nate Thurston: Anyway, he is running for Congress as a libertarian in the 2024 election. Now we could have a nuanced annoying conversation about whether or not he's a real libertarian.

I don't know. I mean he made it all the way in there carrying the American flag. Wearing horns that seems pretty libertarian That's about as close as you can get to Mel [00:32:00] Gibson in the Patriot as I've seen it's you know But once he was there, you know protesting a stolen election For Donald Trump, that's a little bit less libertarian if you ask me, but

Charlie Thompson: whatever honestly, it looks like he's It looks like he's protesting, you know, America stealing land from his ancestors.

He does.

Nate Thurston: I'm watching a new, uh, show on AMC right now called Dark Winds and it's, uh, like everyone's Native American in it, basically. It's like all the main characters in the show. And just always complaining about this stolen land thing. Always. And I'm like, still? Are we still doing this? Gee, we freaking Palestinians or something like that?

Come on, man. I'm so sick of hearing it. They have a point. So many generations down the line. You just need to go get a

Charlie Thompson: job working somewhere. You don't hate property. So you hate property rights then? [00:33:00] What I'm

Nate Thurston: saying is we won. Get over it. Like what, like what Dan just said, you lost the war. Okay. Get over.

You brought a bow and arrow to a gunfight and you lost. Okay. It's not surprising, but you lost. Assimilate into the pocket. Oh, you're so poor on the reservation. We got, get a job somewhere, man. Go somewhere. You're a human being.

Charlie Thompson: Your DNA wasn't good enough to fight smallpox.

Really? We should blame the virus on the

Nate Thurston: smallpox virus. There's two people, you know, one or two people should have control of these lands, okay? Either those who can fight smallpox off, and those who can't, okay? And it's the one who could. That's the one who won.

Charlie Thompson: But also, here's the thing. How much of it was their land?

Because... I mean, it wasn't like they drew states. Did we get the plans?

Nate Thurston: Did they do a survey

Charlie Thompson: beforehand? Well, here's the thing though. [00:34:00] There were a bunch of different tribes that were at war with each other all the time.

Nate Thurston: I want the aerial photos of the land before this all was taken. I think you're right about that.

It wasn't like all, can you really call all the land? Come on. Come on, man. Not without a contract.

What are we talking about? Oh, Jacob Chansley Who rose to notoriety as the QAnon Shaman Following the J6 US Capitol riot plans to run for Congress as a libertarian He became the face of the attack because of his really cool outfit that he wore Filed paperwork on Thursday declaring his interest in running as a candidate in Arizona's 8th Congressional District.

Can't talk today, alright? He was sentenced to 41 months in federal prison after pleading guilty. He was let out after Tucker Carlson did that special after they got all the January 6th footage. Really? Yeah. Huh. The footage showed that [00:35:00] he literally just had a Capitol Police escort. Oh, that's right. That's right.

He just walked with him. And they're like, Hey man, what's going on? And then the guy's like, cool outfit, bro. You want to come in here and walk around? I'm like, yeah. So he just carries his thing in there, you know, the talking about the weather and, and football. Well, it's

Charlie Thompson: probably because the police were scared out of their minds.

Yeah. Yeah. That a terror, they were walking with a

Nate Thurston: terrorist. He goes up there. They take some pictures and stuff. And basically you got the footage of that. They, they, oh, was he scheduled to be released due to time served? Oh, okay. Oh, just timing with the Tucker tape. See, I thought that it was an early release and it had something to do with that.

But, my bad. My bad on that. I didn't realize he got time served. Almost had some fake news, but luckily we're, we're live with the Fed Haters Club. And they can give us this information

Charlie Thompson: real time. It's interesting that he can't vote. So, Arizona The U. S. Constitution does not bar convicted felons from holding federal [00:36:00] office.

Nate Thurston: Now that's interesting. Here's the other reason I'm super interested in this. This is the real reason I wanted to talk about it. There are court cases going around in the United States right now. Now, I believe it was Minnesota dismissed one of them, but people are trying to use the 14th Amendment, uh, which section 3, I believe, says that you can't hold public office if you engage in an insurrection against the United States.

And people are trying to use the 14th Amendment to take Trump off the ballot in specific states. I think Nevada is still trying to decide on this. What's interesting to me is this is a guy who actually went to prison kind of for engaging in an insurrection against the United States. It was a riot, you know, and he went where he wasn't illegally allowed to go.

So it just depends on what you want to call it. And so what I'm interested in is if this ends up going to court. And if they say, [00:37:00] well, it wasn't an insurrection, you know, it was a riot, no, but it wasn't insurrection. And then that just kind of, I mean, this guy

Charlie Thompson: walked around with

Nate Thurston: Capitol police. What I want to know is, is this guy just trying to help Trump get out of some trouble right now?

Because if they're going to say he wasn't engaged in an insurrection against the United States and let him run for office, well, then they're not going to say Trump. Was engaged in insurrection against the United States, but he

Charlie Thompson: was engaged in election fraud or what? Yeah, whatever they want That's that's what they're gonna get

Nate Thurston: him on Yeah, he was trying to steal an election But the the insurrection clause is the one that's in the 14th amendment that they're trying to get him knocked off the ballot for So I'm wondering if this is gonna kind of help Trump legally with some of those

Charlie Thompson: So even if he does go to prison, then he'll still win the presidency.

Could. I don't know. I mean, the polling shows it going down, but I

Nate Thurston: don't... You mean Trump winning the presidency? Nah, nah, he's not gonna win from prison. From jail. The polling flips. Which is dumb to me on the, [00:38:00] like what we talked about last week or the week before Trump winning and all those polls. And then when they asked them, yeah, but what if he gets convicted of one of these crimes?

And then all of a sudden the polls flip and Biden's winning all of those states. I'm like, really? The people who said they were going to vote for Trump haven't made up their mind on what they think about these crimes that he's accused of right now that they're going to completely flip. If he gets convicted of one of these things

Charlie Thompson: also, they don't think it's cool that you're gonna president in prison.

Nate Thurston: I mean, that's where most of them belong. Anyways, it's fitting. You don't think it's cool. That'd be cool. Bailey says Tiger King is going to win. Also, if he

Charlie Thompson: becomes president, does he still get secret service in prison? I mean, how does that work?

Nate Thurston: I'm not sure. Does that mean that they have to go to prison?

Technically they are. Yeah. You

Charlie Thompson: know. Do you think a president would actually go to prison or would he be like under house arrest? Probably house arrest. Like can't leave Mar

Nate Thurston: a Lago. Can't leave the White House. He's

Charlie Thompson: stuck [00:39:00] there. You're a flight risk. Yeah. Stay at the White House. Oh

Nate Thurston: God. All right, you got a call in three minutes, so we got to go.

I got like eight more stories to cover tomorrow. So that's set up for tomorrow. That's like ready to go. Cause we did this tomorrow. We're on the radio. Spend some time on that. Yeah. Tomorrow's radio day.

Charlie Thompson: Tomorrow we're on the radio that, and no one cares

Nate Thurston: except for the people on the radio. I don't care.

Cause you care about nothing. I care about nothing. And if you also

Charlie Thompson: care about, you want a list of things that I care about,

Nate Thurston: here they are.

Are those in alphabetical order or just from newest to oldest?

Charlie Thompson: All the above. Okay. Yeah, E. Okay. All the above.

Nate Thurston: All of the above. You don't care about anything.

Charlie Thompson: Alright, y'all. Don't share the show or share it. I don't care. Sign up on JoinGML. com to be part of the Fed Haters Club or don't. I don't care. Buy a t shirt from Nate at GodHatesFeds.

com [00:40:00] or don't. I don't care. And, uh, the website, by the way, coming out is going to have... It's going to be a one stop shop is what Nate is putting together. Yeah. You're going to put everything on

Nate Thurston: there. I already got the merch store done. I've got, uh, the news. That's

Charlie Thompson: goodmorningliberty. us. Goodmorningliberty.

Nate Thurston: us. Not yet. Soon. Right now you go to that site, it's going to look like that. A bunch of people working on construction or something like that, tinkering away at things. Yeah,

Charlie Thompson: that's what Nate's doing in the background. That's me. It's a picture of me. Like a little gnome. He's inside the computer right now.

You can't tell. Do all those things or don't. And if you do or don't, I don't care either way. Until then, well, maybe we'll see you tomorrow for radio day. Love you and hate you at the same time. Good morning, Liberty.


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