VIDEO: Vince Vaughn shakes hands with Trump, Leftists lose their minds

As of this writing, Vince Vaughn is the #1 trending topic on Twitter. Not because he has a new movie, and not even because he's out stumping for Ron Paul again. No, simply because he was civil with President Donald Trump.

Vince Vaughn is most known for his roles in Wedding Crashers, Dodgeball, Bad Santa, Old School, and about 100 other films. He's somewhat of a hero here at Good Morning Liberty, and not just because his classic lines in the movie "Wedding Crashers." He's somewhat of a hero at GML because he is an open Libertarian, and even opened for the great Ron Paul during his presidential election campaign.

Everyone knows that Hollywood is Liberal. After all, why wouldn't they be? It's filled with thousands of people who get paid millions of dollars for movie roles all while allowing the lighting guys on their movie sets to make the Union standard minimum wage. So of course, Hollywood has the perfect makings for multi-millionaires that need to virtue signal as often as possible.

The Guardian Reported:

On Monday night, one Twitter user said Vaughn “had the chance to stand up to a rapist, traitor and child murderer, and instead he enthusiastically shook Donald Trump’s hand”.
Another, who described herself as a Democratic political activist, said: “I’m not angry about Vince Vaughn, just profoundly disappointed. And I want nothing more to do with him. Once upon a time I found him quite entertaining. Not anymore.”

That's right, Vaughn might be the newest member of "Cancel Culture." The popular leftist movement that closely follows the lead of all repressive Socialist regimes throughout history; where people who think or feel different are to be cast away into the Gulags or camps fit for those that don't adhere to the collective belief system. In Vaughn's case, he might just be silenced, or held from future movie roles- but the same ideology nonetheless.

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