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What would you say if President Obama tweeted "I hereby order American businesses to..."

Let's start first by saying that the media has in fact been very unfair to President Trump. I don't think there is anyone on the "right" side of the isle that would refute that statement. They ask for him to do something, and then if he does it, they chastise him for doing that thing. Situations have undoubtedly been blown out of proportion in an attempt to destroy Trump's presidency.

Even admitting all of that above, we must also take a step back an consider when Trump is doing something that goes against the American ideology. That is, that we are all free individuals. That we are free despite our government, not because of it. That entrepreneurship is one of the cornerstones of our great civilization. Your ability to produce value for others is at the very bedrock of Capitalism.

So what happens when we hear President Trump say things like this:

That's right. The president of the United States is issuing an order to anyone that owns and operates a private business.

Say what you will about China. Are they manipulating their currency, yes. Are they stealing intellectual property, yes. Are they the cheapest place we can go to buy some of our goods? Yes. That last one is the most important.

The trade war with China has done little to help the average American consumer. Free trade is important. Sometimes, other countries can provide resources or products at a cheaper price than can be charged for the same product or service in America. Making the prices of millions of products that we use on a daily basis higher does nothing to help our economy. It helps a few thousand workers at the expense of hundreds of millions of consumers. Killing the grain market and thus destroying American farms does nothing good for our economy, either.

Instead of a war with China, we could consider all the things that make it more expensive to do business in the United States. Our corporate tax system, our wage laws, etc., have lead to the same product being more economically viable if purchased from China, rather than the United States.

Back to the statement

Here's the main point behind this article. Where are we as a country that it has become okay for our Chief Executive to issue orders to all American companies? Where is the Republican party when it supports this kind of statement, or this kind of ideology?

The fact of the matter is, if former President Obama would have said this very same thing, Republican's would have lost their minds. If Hilary had won, and she said the exact same thing to America private business owners, Republican's would have lost their minds. They would have been crying Socialism! - or the far more accurate, Fascism!

Yes, the media, and democrats, have done this very same thing to President Trump. There are things that he has said that were in fact carbon copies of things Obama said, and they've lost their minds as if the apocalypse was upon us.

Economics of Fascism

The literal definition of Fascist economics is when the government controls privately held companies. I know what you're thinking.. "But isn't that what we've been doing since the early 1900's?" Yes, it is.

No, I'm not saying that Trump is himself a Fascist. This is honestly not meant to disparage him in any way. After all, this is the system of economics that has been the norm in the US for a century. I personally believe that Trump is looking for options to strengthen America, I just don't agree with him on this one.

We are at a political crossroads. On one hand, we have remnant of the Tea Party. Constitutional patriots who seek a return back to a more limited for of government. They call for decreased regulation, decreased spending, and decreased taxes. On the other, we have a push towards "Socialism." Higher taxes, bigger government, more programs, you get the idea.

Any time we have a political election, much like the one we are heading towards right now, the divided sides of the political isles debate their philosophy on the freedom of individuals vs. the over arching power of the Federal Government.

Fear for the political future

My fear is this: If Republican's lose their way. If they allow things like this to go unchecked. If they allow more spending, higher deficits, more regulations, then they will have absolutely no footing to stand on when the next election comes around. As a Republican, what are you going to say when the Democrat candidate is calling for control over private corporations? What are you going to say when the next Liberal president is running trillion dollar deficits? What are you going to say when the next Democratic president creates policies that hurt consumers, farmers, and the rest?

Don't lose your principles. At the end of the day, Trump is only going to be here for 1-5 more years. When it's time for the next election, are you going to have a principled leg to stand on?