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When the Left Resorts to Using Children to Make Their Case, You Know There's a Problem

Kids are cute. We used to watch them say the darnedest things. We used to love watching them do cute stuff on Facebook videos. Now we just love watching them be activists. It's their newest trick.

Yesterday, "Teen Activists" Jamie Margolin, and Greta Thunberg went in front of congress to berate them about doing nothing on the issue of Climate Change. They called Republican lawmakers "Shameful" and "Cowardly."

Here's the problem: Kids don’t know anything, other than what they've been told. That's why the left and the right so commonly spare over education. They are parrots. If you ask a kid to say something, and then turn the camera on, they'll say it. Children are now being used by the left to make cute videos about complex issues, and since it's a child talking- the content and the messenger are protected from criticism. 

This girl has not considered the economic repercussions of taking all of the money in our entire economy and putting it behind technology that isn't even fully developed.

If this 17 year old girl were telling you that she loved her boyfriend and knew that they were going to spend the rest of their life together, your immediate response would be "sure kid, I get it, but you don't even understand how much you don't understand about relationships."

It’s actually a great representation of the ideological views on the left. Ignorantly spewing feelings, seldom backed by long term data, and wishing that no one could challenge your beliefs. Well, they have that outcome in using children. 

Parents, and Society

There's no simpler way to state it: We’ve switched to a world where the kids run the show. Teachers in public schools are becoming nothing more than daycare operators, and the parents couldn't care less. That's no major fault on part of the teachers. It speaks more to the administration, and even more about the parents. Kids get what they want at home, and they now transfer that reality to the school. The administration is complicit, and of course, so are the parents.

We are now forced to listen to the “opinion” of children on some of our society’s most important issues. Gun control. Taxation. Gender Differences. Climate change. 

These kids are nothing more than developing minds. They don’t have sound reasoning skills. They don’t apply logic and rationality to situations. They don’t look at multi-variate equations and consider alternative repercussions of their decisions. 

If this teenage girl were standing in front of you stating why it’s okay to do drugs, have sex, steal, imprison people against their will, stay out late, drop out of school, stop doing homework or tests, etc., then you would dismiss it as the unimportant ramblings of an immature child that obviously doesn’t understand the world. 

By the way, I’m 32, and I’m still learning that things I thought 2 years ago were simply out of ignorance. The fact is that we grow and learn as more time goes on, and the more life experiences we have. A child in high school does not have any life experience, or even an understanding of what it means to have that experience or not have it, to warrant a seat in front of Congress.

The only reason these kids are given time is because they've been mentally corrupted with terrible, one-sided information. 

The only reason they are put on this platform is because they are speaking in support of a certain agenda.


Would the left have the same “we should listen to them” reaction if a child was testifying about how corporate taxes should be reduced?

  • About how we’ve left the constraints of the US constitution in almost every way possible?

  • About how climate change data is clear one sided given the fact that you’d only get a grant to study climate change if you were in support of the climate change theory?

  • About how we should arm more people in schools to increase safety?

  • About how a wealth tax would drive wealth out of the United States?

  • About how our increasing deficit is going to topple our economy at some point in her life? 

No. They would simply dismiss it as some cute kid who’s obviously being coached and brainwashed. Some cute kid who obviously doesn’t understand the complex inner workings of our economy. 

I made a video of my friend's daughter saying "Taxation Is Theft." I'm assuming liberals would like her to go in front of congress and explain how taking money from someone without their consent is clearly theft?

This is the perversion of our political system that we live in today. A political system so corrupt that it’s using children to do its bidding.. 

A society so devoid of logic, rationality, and personal responsibility that we are taking seriously - the advice of child. 

And by the way, it says a lot that children are far more likely to support Socialism over Capitalism. That tells you everything you need to know about the ideology itself.