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Why I’ll continue to choose Individual Liberty over Fairytales of a Socialist Utopia

Updated: Dec 11, 2019

Good Morning Liberty is project started by two Nashville, TN-based business owners with one stated goal: Disprove Socialism, and promote Free-Market Capitalism. The Good Morning Liberty Podcast released a new episode every day of the week, and you can find those at this link.

Why Free-Market Capitalism? Doesn’t it promote greed, fraud, abuse, and any other terrible thing you can think of?

Humans are greedy. Humans are dishonest. Humans want the most they can get from the least amount of effort. Yes, Capitalism has shown us how these qualities can become exaggerated, and might even lead to “exploitation,” but there’s just one problem.. The same human beings exist under Socialism, as well. This does not mean that we should give up on becoming better people, but it does mean that we should not ignore the reality of humanity in front of us.

When contemplating an economic and social system, you have to ask the following question: Which system, when it’s corrupted by evil men, has the best chance of creating a better life for the most amount of people possible? That answer, has been proven time and time again throughout history.

Yes, Free-Market Capitalism rewards greed, but under true Free-Market Capitalism, those who seek to take advantage of others are forced to provide the people with things they want. They are forced to provide the best service while knowing that others have the opportunity to rise, and compete against them. Don't agree? Try starting a business that specializes in providing things that people don't want..

Socialism, on the other hand, ALSO rewards greed. The same human beings exist under each system. The differing factor is that under a complete government controlled economy, those who obtain power are not easily removed by the will of the people. Those who are greedy, power-hungry, exploitative, etc., are enabled under this system.

Russia tried Socialism. Germany tried Socialism. China tried Socialism. Venezuela tried socialism. The list goes on and on. America, however, tried Capitalism. The results are obvious. Even present-day “versions” of socialism are not truly Socialist, nor do they live within the laws proposed by today’s popular Socialist candidates. Many European countries do enjoy seudo-socialism, but where would those countries be without the inventions and innovations made by people in the US? What if those countries only had to live with products and technologies that were invented or innovated by their citizens?

People like Bernie Sanders, and Elizabeth Warren have criticized the recent tax-cuts as “tax cuts for the rich.” What happened? We reduced the corporate tax rate to 21.5%. So why don’t we ask what the corporate tax rate is in Denmark? Well, it’s 22%. So while Bernie invokes Denmark as his socialist model, he wants the corporate tax rate to be upwards of 52%. That rate brings him closer to the economic model of Venezuela, rather than the economic system of Denmark.

At the end of the day, the question must be asked: Can you truly trust the US Government with providing every necessity in your life? Do you trust Bernie with that task? Maybe you do, but can you then tell me who the president will be in 10 years? No. Therefore, it is a ridiculous assertion that you should trust “Future President X” with your livlihood.

Instead of waiting on the government to fix your life, we support a better approach. Rely on yourself. Own yourself. Own your mistakes, and their consequences. Only then can you truly fix what’s wrong in your life. Only then can we truly move forward as a society. Einstein didn’t conduct his theory under order from the Government. Henry ford did not innovate the automobile through government decree.

Mark Zuckerberg was not working on a government program aimed at bringing us closer to our friends and family. Bill Gates did not wait for an act of Congress with detailed instructions for building a home computer. Rosa Parks did not obtain a permit from the county courthouse to sit in the front of the bus. Martin Luther King Jr. did not work for the Us Government’s equality police. Steve Jobs did not respond to a petition on that was requesting a computer, gps, and phone all built into the same device.

People have the responsibility to live their lives as they see fit. People are the agent of change in our society, not the Government.

We were all born with the same rights. Not given to us by our Government, but by our humanity, itself. I own myself, and you own yourself. No group, no matter how large or small, can magically bestow upon themselves the right to control the lives of others.

We live by one action principle alone: Don’t hurt people, and don’t take their stuff.