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Hillary Clinton, Donald Trump, MTG, Non-Binary DUI, and Other Dumb Things This Week

Get ready for this week's installment of Dumb Bleep of the Week!

The following timestamps are from the YouTube video:

00:00 #HillaryClinton uses another #trump is Hitler analogy

Are we really still doing this thing where we try to scare the public by comparing Trump to hitler? The guy was already president for 4 years and apparently that wasn't enough for the concentration camps and World War III.

03:44 #fbi Manhunt for January 6th rioter

The FBI is spending their super-important resources on arresting a super-dangerous individual from JAN6 (The worst day in American history).

10:24 #zelenskyy needs a loan

Looking for a way to lose money? I recommend loaning money to a guy whose government might not exist in a few years.

12:37 #mtgIsrael Funding

MTG marvels at Israel's military power. She's amazed they're able to do so much with no funding from America!

14:41 NBC News #rondesantis Fact Check

NBC needlessly rates something DeSantis said as half-true, but luckily community notes is on the job to rate their rating and whole-false.

18:43 It's not prices, it's prices

Vox says the problem facing our nation isn't the inflation, it's the prices. Said another way, "The problem isn't prices, it's prices."

23:23 Trump's #americanAcademy

Donal Trump has a grand master plan for American education: Let the federal government do it!

30:02 Snowflake DUI

A non-binary indigenous person freaks out when arrested for drunk-driving.

35:30 #mrbeast

Mr. Beast recently built 100 wells in Africa, but critics worry his philanthropy made Africa look bad.

40:17 Blackface?

A young child is suspended from school and banned from games because he wore face paint to look like Justin Trudeau.



Nate Thurston: Number one by the way is Hillary Rodham Clinton is her name. That's what she it's what she goes by. Yeah, Rodman Rodman She should be the president right now You know, we could have her instead of Joe Biden because she definitely would have won reelection, And we would have had eight years Of Clinton once again, and hey, you look back at Bill, people were pretty happy during Bill,

Charlie Thompson: we got the numbers.

I mean, we had peak employment, got the internet

Nate Thurston: during participation. Who knows what new technology could have been formed if we just would have had Hillary. The budget was balanced, for a little bit. Yeah. Like three months, the

Charlie Thompson: country's debt was minuscule. I mean, that blowjob really sent America off a cliff, gosh,

Nate Thurston: ever since then, dang it, you see.

You see, that's why you should wait until marriage, folks. And that's why women shouldn't

Charlie Thompson: be in the office? But

Nate Thurston: you shouldn't be married to this crazy person right here. Hillary Clinton is warning against Trump in [00:01:00] 2024. You know why? Because he's Hitler. Just in

Charlie Thompson: case you're wondering. They're still comparing Trump to

Nate Thurston: Hitler. in for... All in for Israel, for sure. Let's just play the clip from the view. Hey, we had a view clip last week and now we're going to play another one because the things on that show were a dumb bleep goldmine. Here we go. Hillary, let's hear you. People would get legitimately elected and then they would try to do away with elections and do away with opposition and do away with a free press.

And you could see it in countries where, well, Hitler was duly elected. That's right. Right. And so. So, all of a sudden, somebody with those tendencies, those dictatorial, authoritarian tendencies would be like, Oh, okay, we're going to shut this down. We're going to throw these people in jail. And, and they didn't usually telegraph that.

Trump is telling us what he intends

Charlie Thompson: to do while [00:02:00] they're trying to put him in jail. They're trying to put him in jail. But he's the one,

Nate Thurston: yeah, wow, this is funny. We're still doing this Trump is Hitler thing. Like we, is it just that he was going to be Hitler in his second term? And that was the problem. The first term Trump was not Hitler. All the while

Charlie Thompson: Zelensky is also canceling the election in Ukraine.

Nate Thurston: It's for democracy though. I know it's dangerous.

So, yeah, I would just get Russia

Charlie Thompson: targets showing up to the polls. Just bomb

Nate Thurston: the poles. Is this whole Trump is Hitler thing going to work again? Probably have no idea. For some people, it's going to work. They're going to be even though we had four years. And he didn't put any more people in camps than the last guy.

Okay. So same amount of people in camps that we had probably freed some people from actually, there might be more kids in cages these days under Biden than there were with, uh, with Trump. I was talking about like, [00:03:00]

Charlie Thompson: uh, war prison camps, Guantanamo and stuff. I was talking

Nate Thurston: about ending the war migrants, you

Charlie Thompson: know, ending the wars, probably.

Kept some people out of cages. That's possible.

Nate Thurston: Indefinitely. I wouldn't say ending the wars, but not starting new wars. He definitely stepped up the bombing and it was crazy. The whole Syria thing where he wanted to get out of Syria and they're like, no, no, we're not going to, we're not going to leave Syria.

Yeah. And then, um, and then he's like, no, no, I want to get out of Syria. And they're like, We gotcha. We gotcha. Oh, we gotcha.


Charlie Thompson: Don't worry about it. We're going to, we're going to leave. Say it louder. Yeah. We're going to

Nate Thurston: leave. Yeah. Oh man. Anyway, don't believe number one. Bombing Syria

Charlie Thompson: a lot lately. Yeah,

Nate Thurston: man.

It sucks to not live in the US, you know? So here we go. That's number one. Let's get on to number two.

This crazy thing happening. I don't know if they caught this guy yet. But Charlie, I don't know if you saw online, massive FBI manhunt, helicopters, breaking down doors, all kinds of stuff. For this guy who was, who participated in [00:04:00] the January 6th insurrection, they found the guy that I guess people hadn't found yet.

And someone tipped him off and I

Charlie Thompson: think, I mean, he looks like a Nazi,

Nate Thurston: what I learned. Well, I mean, he's got some of the qualifications of a Nazi. He's white. He's got blonde hair, blue eyes, kind of blue eyes. So yeah, he must be a Nazi. That's, that's what

Charlie Thompson: I can see. Probably the reason he was connected to the Jan six.

Worst attack in American

Nate Thurston: history. From what I heard, this guy potentially, allegedly That is the face of hating democracy right there. He pepper sprayed a cop. On Jan six, which almost destroyed our democracy and that pepper spraying is very strong spray.

Charlie Thompson: You know, it was anti democracy paper

Nate Thurston: pepper spray.

So a man hunt is underway in New Jersey for a man. One that in connection with the J six assault nearly three years ago with helicopters overhead and police on the ground, including the FBI, the search continues for [00:05:00] Greg gory. Yetman, that's a Nazi name, if I ever heard of it right there, Gregory, Nancy, law enforcement zeroed in on a home on main street in the Middlesex County of Helmetta, keeping the road closed for hours.

I bet lives

Charlie Thompson: right next door to Costco.

Nate Thurston: It was scary. A neighbor said, I'm still on the edge. As you can see that man who asked not to be identified, said the commotion. Began around 6 30 a. m. I look outside. There's two guys with assault rifles two over there two over two over there They were all over the place.

I walk outside a little bit. I asked the officer. He said go inside We didn't really know what's going on. It was scary. I was

Charlie Thompson: scared. So I walked outside.

Nate Thurston: Yep. And fled when the FBI was attempting to execute a warrant, hopping a fence into a heavily wooded area that authorities combed through all day. Now this is something where it gets heavily.

I should have picked

Charlie Thompson: it instead of

Nate Thurston: combed. It gets heavily, heavily executed or heavily escalated because [00:06:00] originally you're wanted for. Pepper spraying a cop and participating in an insurrection, you know, against your country, which gets you thrown in prison for life these days. And, um, now he's running from the FBI, which has caused all kinds of more commotion that's made him seem even more dangerous than he was beforehand.

There's actually a, uh, a news clip I wanted to play of them talking about this dangerous. Dangerous manhunt that's, uh, that's going on and you just hear the fear in, in people's voices when they're talking about this. Is he armed and spicy? You know, the mayor of the town, because of the pepper spray, I gotcha, I gotcha.

The mayor of the town telling everyone to lock their doors, saying that this is a dangerous man. on the loose right now. Uh, let's see what they got. Swat teams and police have been on the ground in Middlesex County searching for a man wanted in connection with the assault on the U. S. Capitol nearly three [00:07:00] years ago.

This is happening in Helmetta, New Jersey. CBS 2's Jenna DeAngelis is there live with the latest on the search. Jenna.

Police are still searching for that man. Investigators spent much of the day at and around the home behind me here. We're told the FBI was trying to serve a warrant and he fled. With helicopters overhead and police on the ground, including the FBI, the search is ongoing for Gregory Yetman, who's wanted in connection with the January 6th attack on the U.

S. Capitol. Law enforcement zeroing in on this home on Main Street, keeping the road closed for hours. It was scary, and I'm still, you can see I'm on edge. This neighbor, who asked to keep his face off camera, says the commotion began around 6. 30 this morning. I look outside, yes, the officer, I said, I want to get to the mayor.

Police say Yetman fled when the FBI was attempting to execute a warrant. Spotswood's public school sheltered in place, although students [00:08:00] were off today. It was scary at first to know that the town was on lockdown and we didn't know why. Ginny Werner got an alert on her phone. No immediate threat to Spotswood residents.

It's just very un Okay, so, as you hear this, this school sheltered in place, even though there weren't any kids there. They got a text, scary text, that No immediate threat to residents, the mayor's out there telling people to stay indoors and the FBI is like, yeah, we don't think the guy's dangerous. This just, the thing gets blown so much out of proportion because the guy fled now, which makes him into like a serial killer that's on the loose.

And it's just, here's this guy who J6 himself by looking at him, but I don't know.

Charlie Thompson: Unusual for this town, this has been a very... Safe town not much ever goes

Nate Thurston: on and so

Charlie Thompson: this

Nate Thurston: is a little um, it's still a safe town The most dangerous thing there is the freaking fbi. Okay That's why it's dangerous a guy

Charlie Thompson: running around with pepper spray

Nate Thurston: It's a salt pepper [00:09:00] spray, you gotta be

Charlie Thompson: careful every female in this town probably has on her keychain, you know

Nate Thurston: Dangerous weapon.

Pepper spray. Overwhelming. A command post has been set up at the Helmetta Community Center. The town's mayor says the FBI is determined to find Yetman. His message to residents? If you know something, or if you see something, say something, and certainly err on the side of caution. Um, most importantly, the safety of our community is paramount, and law enforcement agencies have reassured me that we are in a safe place right now.

The guy participated. In a, in a protest that turned into a riot three years ago, and now they don't know where he is. He's been there the whole time, and they're all acting like there's like a mass murder on the loose right now. It's great. Good Lord. Doesn't the FBI have better things to do? You know? Look at all the resources, FBI, ATF, all these people, alcohol, tobacco, and mace cans.[00:10:00]

Charlie Thompson: A better thing to do than defined? One of the perpetrators who tried to take down our

Nate Thurston: democracy. That's true. It's a very dangerous individual. Is

Charlie Thompson: there anything greater that the FBI could be doing right now? Their number

Nate Thurston: one job is to keep us safe. I mean,

Charlie Thompson: it's, you're talking about destroying democracy here.


Nate Thurston: hmm. You're right. You're right.

Speaking of destroying democracy, we've got dumb bleep number three. And we just talked about different ways to fund wars like a week ago, you know, using war bonds and letting people borrow the money. Well, I'd like to thank president Zelensky for being a listener and a subscriber to the show because now he's out here asking for a loan and that's how you know it's gotten really bad.

And that's how you

Charlie Thompson: know he listens to the show.

Nate Thurston: Yeah. Cause we just brought this up, you know. And that's how, you know, it's gotten really bad because he's not just expecting all the free handouts anymore. Now, he's literally going on the news to ask that he can borrow money [00:11:00] from the American people. Let's just hear him talking about that.

I think it's, I think it's in English. Pretty sure. If you can't give us, can't give us some financial support. Okay. Okay. Please give us a credit. And we will give you back money after the war. Mm hmm. Mm hmm. Yep. I bet you will.

Charlie Thompson: That's what I tell my friends I borrow money from, too.

Nate Thurston: Is it fake? I thought it was real. Uh oh. Let me, let me check and see. Uh oh. If it's fake, But I, I saw this from what I considered up until now to be trusted news sources. So let me, we'll figure that out. Um, oh, it's pretty dumb, that's for sure. Uh, but I feel like I saw a couple of news headlines talking about this.

Uh, the problem with giving them a loan is that they're probably not going to exist in a couple of years. And so you want to get that paid back pretty quick or get like a. [00:12:00] You'd need like 300 percent interest on that, probably like a good payoff. You want like maybe a 10 to one payoff instead. I think, you

Charlie Thompson: know, buy Ukrainian bonds.


Nate Thurston: they have bonds. Yeah. So just people aren't buying them

Charlie Thompson: for some reason. That's weird because

Nate Thurston: you want to get paid back when you buy the bond and it's tough to get paid back by a country that doesn't exist. Yeah. You know? So, um, anyway, it's gotta be pretty big interest. I take it, actually, this is kind of a white pill, if it is real, because it means he knows.

So he's not just going to be getting these hundred billion dollar payments anymore. So maybe that's a good thing.

You know, speaking of war and war funding, mergery, Taylor green is out there. Go ahead. Chuck. Number four. She

Charlie Thompson: tweets. Israel is literally dominating in their war with Hamas after being brutally attacked.

Killing thousands of innocent people and yet and not one single American dollar has been spent on that war [00:13:00] yet Just think about that. Well Luckily for us X now has this readers added context

Nate Thurston: Do we even need the community note for this? Like everyone knows that we what does she think? They did with all of the other billions of dollars that they've been given, you know, we have to send like a special war Appropriation for them or they are not using any of our money.

Like oh, yeah, we sent them bombs last year But we

Charlie Thompson: subsidize Israel all the time. It's all kinds of stuff So the readers out of context here not one single American dollar is false since World War World War two The u. s. Has given Israel 260 billion dollars in aid Much of it went to military plus another 10 billion for their iron dome defense system, which they are currently using at this war.

The grants acquire the buying of American tech

Nate Thurston: require not acquire. I would say it says acquire, but I think [00:14:00] it would be require.

Charlie Thompson: Yeah,

Nate Thurston: require. So, I mean, then they provide all their sources, which I appreciate them for doing that, but this is so clearly Um, not true that they're not using

Charlie Thompson: American money.

This is a representative. Yes. And United States Congress. She

Nate Thurston: votes on what people to war with, you know, she votes on what to do with your money. And, um, I, I think she, I think she might be an idiot. That's, I think that's pretty true also. I could post that in community notes. Isn't going to touch it. I'll tell you that opposed to she's an idiot.


Charlie Thompson: right. Readers out of

Nate Thurston: context. Truth. Okay. Something.

I said Ron DeSantis earlier, but he's not getting the dumb. Uh, this is going to go to NBC News. Just, you know, not, not big Ron DeSantis supporters over here, but they, he got a fact check from NBC News. You know, the mainstream legacy media, the ones that don't spread [00:15:00] any misinformation or disinformation, anything like that.

They just have the truth. In mind all the time. So that's why they do these, uh, fact checks. Ron DeSantis said during the debate this week that he said, I sent planes over to Israel and I brought back over 700 people to safety. To which he probably got a round of applause. Like

Charlie Thompson: he flew the plane over there?

No, he sent

Nate Thurston: them. But he said, I brought back. The plane landed, the guy got out, and he said, I'm here under direct orders from the governor of Florida. Hmm. No, I don't, I don't know exactly what happened. Uh, but NBC News says, fact checking Ron DeSantis claim that he And they're like, well, I gotta bring my daughter.

Ha ha ha ha ha. I'll come with you under, under one condition.

Charlie Thompson: Ha ha ha ha ha. God, what does he say? Uh, the, the I don't know.

Nate Thurston: Who put you up to this? Crazy Willie. Crazy Willie. Crazy Willie put you up We're talking about a movie from, uh, 1998 right now, [00:16:00] they're in the show, uh, the fact

Charlie Thompson: check for afraid. I don't know.

Crazy Willie, sir. I'm dead serious.

Nate Thurston: It's so sad. Have you seen recent videos of Bruce Willis? You know, is that true? Oh, yeah, he's he's full blown. He's worse than Biden. Hmm. Yeah, did he get, did he get like MS or something? It's some kind of early onset dementia thing. I don't know what it is, but It's, it's sad because he's always been one of my favorite

Charlie Thompson: actors growing up.

He just did, like, Die Hard 6, like, two years

Nate Thurston: ago. No, Die Hard hasn't came out in a while. You're thinking of one of the other terrible movies he did recently. He did a lot of bad ones. Yeah, he's non, he's non verbal now. That's crazy. For the most part. Wow. Mm hmm. Mm hmm. How about that? Okay, fact check on DeSantis saying that he sent planes.

NBC News says this is half true. DeSantis signed an executive order that allowed the Florida Division of Emergency Management to pay for Americans in Israel to fly back to the U. S., but the flights were [00:17:00] organized by a non profit and DeSantis primary role was to fund the flights. Nearly 700 people were evacuated, according to the governor's office.

So they, it wasn't, the fact that he signed an order that paid for the flights to take place. Anyway, I guess NBC decided it was missing context or whatever. Because the planes didn't take off from Miami and go pick up people from Israel. I think

Charlie Thompson: he's lying. I mean, I thought it was a lie. Yeah, because he said I brought back that sounds like to me that you went

Nate Thurston: there kind of yeah Well, he said I sent planes and then he said I brought back didn't say I rode in a plane I flew in a plane.

So half troops see half the statement is true. I know NBC News is correct No, it's just really dumb that they have to You're supposed to hold them in the highest regard at their legacy media status. And of course, they're always talking about the misinformation you see out there all the time. And they picked this apart in a way that they would never [00:18:00] do, by the way, if Biden signed an executive order that released a bunch of money to pay the, a nonprofit that was going to go pick up people from Israel.

And come back and to pay for those people, they would say, Oh yeah, Biden rescued all those people from Israel. You wouldn't get a fact check, half true thing on it. But of course, that's what we get these days. That's number five, NBC news. That's great. Oh, community notes for the win. Once again, community notes says the governor, the governor ordered the evacuation via an executive order.

The mechanics of how it was done. Doesn't negate the fact that the governor's statement is true. Well, thank you community notes. That's great. Charlie read number

Charlie Thompson: six,

number six from Vox. The problem isn't inflation. It's prices.

Imagine being so economically ignorant and you know, I get it. [00:19:00] Economics is boring. It really is. I mean, it takes a while to get through. It's It's real boring stuff, which is why most people don't understand it because it's boring. But then you, you get to write for a publication that's become decently large and you get to, uh, tweet things

Nate Thurston: like this.

By the way, the way that we measure inflation is in the increase in prices year over year, meaning the, like that 9. 1 percent inflation print was a mixture of different increases in prices. From the previous year. So you're essentially saying the problem isn't prices, it's

Charlie Thompson: prices.

Nate Thurston: That's what you're actually saying.

I read the article and it's almost dumber just that this is the state of the world that we live in. The article said basically nothing except for the fact that people don't like that prices are high. And it was an article about how people don't like it when prices are high on things. I mean, they didn't even to [00:20:00] give them credit and not say that they're so terrible in economics.

They didn't even talk about economics in the article. So they

Charlie Thompson: really are. They just completely ignorant,

Nate Thurston: talked about prices being too high and that's it. Now they did make one statement that was kind of kind of funny, which is the fact that, um, this first paragraph, the root of what's going on can feel obvious blame inflation, which 2021 and throughout 2022.

But that isn't really the issue anymore, at least not at the current rate, because inflation is coming down. The actual problem is prices.

Charlie Thompson: That's, see that's the... This is, this is actual misinformation. Inflation. Because inflation isn't coming down. Now, the rate of inflation is coming down. Yeah. But the...

Nate Thurston: Inflation is down, but it's inflation. But it's

Charlie Thompson: still higher. Then what it was

Nate Thurston: even last year. Now, once again, the way that we measure inflation is through price increases. We think about it like devaluing the dollar and stuff, and it does devalue the dollars that you have, but [00:21:00] we measure it by looking at prices on things.

And so when they say inflation is coming down, he could say. Price increases are slowing down, but the problem is prices, you know, and substitute that for inflation because people I think just don't get it. But, um, yeah, we still have inflation. If it's 3. 7%, that still means that that's what prices are increasing on the basket of goods that they talk about.

It's not 9. 1, like it used to be, but it's still 3. 7, which means the prices are still. There's nothing about inflation going from 3. 7 that would mean prices would come down because of that. You need deflation. You would have to have deflation at that point in time. So, um, okay.

Charlie Thompson: I, we can also, you can also go back to 2020 or early.

Yeah, I think it was 2020 during the cares act. You could go back and listen to our episodes from three years ago and you could hear us talk about that inflation was coming. Oh [00:22:00] yeah. We called it. I remember, we, I remember calling out all these modern monetary theorists folks, like,

Nate Thurston: uh. Yeah, but the, you see, we say it's because of the money, but they know it's because greedy corporations raise their prices.

That's what it was. Exactly. They didn't have to raise their prices. No. You know, they have record prices. If everyone would just agree to have a ceasefire on price raising for a bit, everything would be fine. So, um, okay. But

Charlie Thompson: instead we're killing innocent children with these

Nate Thurston: prices. That could be true.

Number seven, we talked about this earlier in the

Charlie Thompson: week. Well, and just real quick on that. It's not like, I mean, this is why we call inflation a hidden tax because the value of things really stay Pretty close to the same that the problem is it takes more dollars now to buy that same thing Yeah, and that's because there's more dollars in in the economy

Nate Thurston: which devalues each each dollar that is in the economy Yes, now there's more [00:23:00] of them And if you were sitting on a savings account or like a bank account that had a bunch of money in it like I am Then you know that that money that you had is worth less than if I would have spent it in 2019 It would, you know, it's worth less now in 2023 than it was in 2019.

So that's the same, same, basically.

Okay. We talked about this on Monday. Maybe I can't remember what day it was, but still same, same, still same. Still same, uh, President Trump and the, uh, American Academy, the American Academy. When are all the

Charlie Thompson: Trump supporters going to realize that this dude is just a Democrat from,

Nate Thurston: from New York?

They don't care because they don't have any actual principles. Like, they care that he technically runs as a Republican. And so he's not a Democrat. He calls the media fake news. He's a Republican. And then they care because they are obsessed with Trump. [00:24:00] And because he punches back. You know, that's it. They don't care what, he could literally, Trump could come out and say he wants Medicare for all.

And they'd be like, ah, I've recommended care for all. It's an awesome idea. Yeah. You know, tax the rich. They don't care. Cause Trump

Charlie Thompson: said it. They don't have any actual principles. But it's just, man, how can so many like conservatives get duped? I just don't get it. It goes against everything you grew up believing.


Nate Thurston: Yeah, everything we grew up believing was, uh, fake. I'm sorry. All right, I'm sorry.

Charlie Thompson: Trump.

Nate Thurston: In recent weeks, Americans have been horrified to see students and faculty at Harvard and other once respected universities expressing support for the savages and jihadists who attacked Israel. We spend more money on higher education than any other country, and yet, they're turning our students into communists and terrorists and [00:25:00] sympathizers of Many, many different dimensions.

We can't let this happen. It's time to offer something dramatically different. Under the plan I'm announcing today, we will take the billions and billions of dollars that we will collect by taxing, fining, and suing excessively large private university endowments. And we will then use that money to endow a new institution called the American Academy.

Its mission will be to make a truly world class education available to every American. free of charge and do it without adding a single dime to the federal debt. This institution will gather an entire universe of the highest.

This is no different from anyone else saying that they're going to tax the rich to pay for something. It's the same thing. And we brought up, you brought up on Monday or whatever day it was that we talked about this, that what happens when they ran out of the money from those endowments? What [00:26:00] happens when people take that money?

You know, first off the endowments, what they're, a lot of it's invested in the market. I'm sure most of it is, you know, what happens when that starts to disappear when they're having to worry about getting taxed. And then you still have the American Academy that needs whatever budget it's running on, which is going to be too high of a budget.

And they don't have any more money to take away from these institutions. Also, because people have stopped giving the money and putting them into those endowments because they know it's just going to get taxed to run Trump University. And, and so they find other things to do with the money. So, you know, they

Charlie Thompson: say you only fail if you quit.

Yeah. So Trump university hasn't failed yet. This guy's not giving up. He's still going.

Nate Thurston: He's not giving up. That was the, he's going to change the name of it. No, that was just a mainstream media misinformation campaign. He's going to

Charlie Thompson: change the name of it, but you know, the other thing is. Cause he is America.

I mean, there's the American Academy. It's it's the Trump Academy.

Nate Thurston: It's American [00:27:00] for sure. Whatever that is, whatever you want it to be. It's it's Trump Academy. And, uh, the other thing is, man, next year is going to be so fun. Going to take them a while to put this together, to build it, you know? And, uh, I'm sure the

Charlie Thompson: website is going to cost about a trillion dollars.

I mean, think about it. That's fine. You just tax to be able to have, you know, a hundred million Americans on there taking classes. You just. Tax the rich. It's obviously people of color don't even know how to get on there because they don't even know how to use the internet. It's a whole idea. It's going to disproportionately affect people of color still.

You see, that's

Nate Thurston: it

up, is that this university is racist. It is. In the first place, because black people don't know how to use the internet. Yeah. And so how are they And you'll probably need a

Charlie Thompson: license, I bet,

Nate Thurston: to sign up. This is a school for whites only. Yeah. That's it.

Charlie Thompson: You'll probably need a license to sign up. I bet. More than likely.

Nate Thurston: Yeah, they gotta check

Charlie Thompson: your ID. And we know, you know, based on the videos we saw people walking around interviewing black people that black people don't have IDs. That's exactly

Nate Thurston: what they all said. We heard that. [00:28:00] Once they got done freaking out over this magical thing that was in front of them recording their faces, you know, cause they'd never seen one before.

Then they were like, yeah, I don't have

Charlie Thompson: an ID. Right. And we heard that from the left. I mean, that's coming straight from NBC. And you know they tell the

Nate Thurston: truth. The other thing is by the time this is finished, Gavin Newsom is going to be running it because it's going to take him that long and Trump's not even going to be the president anymore and you're basically creating a streamlined communist university that the government can do whatever the hell they want with

Charlie Thompson: for all eternity.

You just said Trump's not going to be president anymore, which means you think that he might be president.

Nate Thurston: If he wins, this is in the event that he wins the election. I don't think he will still

Charlie Thompson: this will never get this will never I don't want to say that I have a feeling I have a feeling that this has been like the plan all along for a university Well for government to fully take over education Oh K through everything and you know, they first took over the loans [00:29:00] Right?

And so now, after that, now they're going to fully take over. It's just going to be

Nate Thurston: government education. And if, like, if he wins and if they did this, the crazy part about that is that they could take it all over and it would be the right and the Republicans that would do it and finish the process for them.

Because they're going to be the ones, allegedly, that would build this. And then once they're out of office, uh, they'll just put whatever the heck they want. And that thing, who, who knows, it could become a university, that's all it's

Charlie Thompson: going to be. Based on history, governments are just really good at running everything.

I don't know why we just don't have them do everything. You

Nate Thurston: know, they should,

Charlie Thompson: they should run every single thing. Public utilities, public sewers, public internet. Public internet.

Nate Thurston: Public housing. For everyone. You go to those public housing places, houses are in tip top shape. Way better

Charlie Thompson: than this dump that I live in.

I know.

Nate Thurston: So we should [00:30:00] definitely do that. You're on to something there, Chuck. Public food.

Oh God, we made it to this. This is number eight. This is number eight. Here's a video of a girl getting pulled over, and that's all the information I'm gonna give you. I wasn't able to fully watch the whole video earlier because I got too uncomfortable, uh, and so here's the, here's the video.

No, I just got changed around. I just moved here like two months ago. Okay. I just got changed around. Okay. Do you understand what's going on though? Yes. You're going into oncoming traffic. I know, and I just... Decided that it was better just to turn around really f ing quick. Okay. But I'm sorry. I just have like really bad social anxiety and stuff.

I get you. But I don't want to step out whenever you're asking for stuff. Okay, well we're past that. So just go ahead and step out. As an indigenous person, and...

Right back here, please. [00:31:00] Miss... Perry? Am I... Well, I'm non binary, so... Okay. What do you go by? Kai. How can I refer to you tonight? Kai? Okay. Hey, I'm smelling alcohol. I know. How much have you consumed tonight? Like, probably through a drink. I need to run you through some tests right now. Stand facing me, please. But I just want you to know that I also have very bad social anxiety.

You and me both. Okay. Okay? Any recent head trauma, traumatic brain injuries, anything I need to know about? Uh, mental, yes. Focus on my finger, please. I am. You're just, like, trying to intimidate me. I don't know how I'm trying to do that. This is the test. As you know, as an indigenous person, and there's a bunch of s going around, I'm sorry, but it's just for me to be on my toes.

I get you. Can you remember that

Charlie Thompson: I told you

Nate Thurston: Kai, right? Yes. Perfect. [00:32:00] I need to know if you have any injuries, or anything that would prevent you from doing a standard walk or a turn tonight. Mental health. Um, any physical injuries? Mental, yeah. I don't know. I'm just saying. Okay. Mental, PTSD, depression, anxiety. I get you. want? Now with your right foot, place it in front of your left in a heel to toe touching manner.

With your arms by your side, just like this, ma'am. Can you not call me ma'am, please? I'm trying my hardest. Okay, well. Okay. It means a lot to me. I'm trying my hardest. I don't feel like a man. Okay. It's kind of triggering. Right foot in front of your left. Nope, go back. I'm sorry, but that whole man thing, just like...

I apologize. Let's see if we can move forward from it. You have zero questions? No, but I just wanted to suffer from really bad anxiety, especially... And memory loss, apparently. With generational trauma and PTSD around... Generational trauma! [00:33:00] White people and cops,

Charlie Thompson: like... White people and cops . It's just,

Nate Thurston: I'm gonna speak with you right over here, okay?

No. Yes, ma'am. Go ahead and place your hands behind your back. Don't, dude, don't, don't make it hard. Don't, please, don't make it hard. No, you're, you're gonna get a resist, dude. I,

Charlie Thompson: you're gonna get

Nate Thurston: arrested. I don't,

Charlie Thompson: don't resist. Don't listen to me. Don't resist. Don't, you're

being a

Nate Thurston: white man and, no, I followed all of your s t, like, I'm an indigenous person, like f k you guys. You guys are scaring me.

Charlie Thompson: There's nothing to be afraid of. Yes there is, it's called f king s t. I want more. Ah, yes. This is what we're producing folks. This is

Nate Thurston: it. Defund colleges. Get all, get everyone out.

[00:34:00] Homeschool your kids. Turn off the internet. Yeah. Just. Oh my God. She pulled.

Charlie Thompson: Every manipulation. She.

Nate Thurston: Tactic. Non binary. Goes by Kai. So she was triggered. Cause he said

Charlie Thompson: man. Well Kai was triggered. Not she. Whatever you're trying your heart. Yeah, try your

Nate Thurston: best. Can we move forward? Can we move forward from this?

Props to him for handling that by the way. Okay, he stayed calm Yeah, and I do I do like that underhanded smart assery that he did. You know, let's just try to move forward from it, you

Charlie Thompson: know She kept I think out of it, I just would have been like, shut up. Yeah You know, I mean, you're being a white man. She should have never, she should have never consented to the searches as a libertarian.

Yeah. I mean, you know, don't consent if you didn't want to do it anyway, but that's fine. She'd be like, Hey, [00:35:00] I don't consent to doing these tests. You don't have to be indigenous for that. You don't have to be non binary for that. You know? Oh my God. It's just, God. It's the victim mentality. I know they've created.

Nate Thurston: And she somehow thought that that was going to. You know, keep her, make him, make him go away at that time, a Dewey, so, okay, uh, something else that we mentioned on Wednesday,

but I wanted to talk more about the critique of Mr. Beast. That was number eight, by the way, this is number nine, uh, Mr. Beast built a hundred wells in Africa, uh, helping providing clean drinking water for 500, 000 people activists say his, now

Charlie Thompson: he's monetizing those videos, you know.

Nate Thurston: Activists say his actions shamed the Kenyan government and helped perpetuate the stereotype that Africa is dependent on handouts.[00:36:00]

Charlie Thompson: Yeah. Just like that whole village through a welcome

Nate Thurston: party. They were so upset about making the Kenyan government look bad. No, no, sir. We do not want your water. No, the Kenyan government might feel bad.

Charlie Thompson: We are, we're willing to die. Until our government can get here to drill these for us. We don't want

Nate Thurston: to perpetuate the stereotype.

Okay. Aspiring Kenyan politician, Francis Gaito, criticized Donaldson, is his real name, real last name video saying on X that it perpetuated the stereotype that Africa is dependent on handouts and philanthropic intervention. Um, it doesn't, it doesn't

Charlie Thompson: mean they're dependent on it, but do they have clean water or not?

Yeah. You know, for thousands of years, uh, we didn't have clean water, you know, sanitation killed a lot of people. A lot of people. By the way. And it wasn't until I believe the Greeks and the Romans and the, [00:37:00] I mean the Incas, they developed, you know, aquifers and stuff, aqueducts to help with that because they realized

Nate Thurston: like, Oh, people realize that you don't poop uphill, you know, even when you want to go End of the line, end of the line for the water.

Charlie Thompson: And that could have taken generations, by the way. Oh, yeah, it did. You know, people got sick and like, oh, I don't know why we're sick. And then you noticed, eventually someone noticed, somebody got smart enough, you know, and they were like, oh, people who keep going to the, to the well or the stream, at the lower end of the stream, they're the ones that keep getting sick.

Yeah. And then, you know, eventually,

by the way, you can only go like three or four days without water, um, before you die. Mr. Maybe a

Nate Thurston: week. I thought it was 11 days total. I don't know. It's not much. It's not that much. It's not much Remember that one time that politician went like a whole day when he was uh, it was like [00:38:00] it was like 12 hours Yeah, or so Some critics have accused Donaldson.

That's mr. Beast of exploiting vulnerable people to generate views And revenue that he said on X, that I'm always going to use my channel to help people and try to inspire my audience to do the same. So that's this, um,

Charlie Thompson: a general rule of thumb is a person can survive without water for about three

Nate Thurston: days.

Three days.

Charlie Thompson: Okay. So he won't go longer. It depends. It obviously depends because every human is different, but general rule of thumb is three days. Okay.

Nate Thurston: Three days, so I don't know where I heard

Charlie Thompson: 11. This is literally this is literally an actual need

Nate Thurston: Yeah, you gotta have it and it needs to be clean. Yeah, you know and you need to not spend your entire day Carrying water back from the Schitt's Creek that you're going to get your water from.

Yeah, you know, that's

Charlie Thompson: the name of the show. You didn't guess.

Nate Thurston: I know. That's how I said it. Schitt's Creek. I said the show. Okay [00:39:00] Let me see. One of the people who has also been working to do wells In Africa praised Donaldson for shining the spotlight on the need for clean water, but warned that the issue is sustainability It's one thing to go in and install the well.

It's another for us to go back To three, four, five years from now and see if the well is still functional. Uh, 60 percent of the wells are broken when they go back and people go back to drinking from the creek. Okay, it's still good that he put him in there. Like, before you can talk about maintenancing and repairing wells, there needs to be a well.

Okay, so that's like step one before you fund. Maintenance and repair on wells is that there is a well to maintenance and repair. And by the way, even if the well works for four years and then it breaks, there's four years worth of people drinking clean water. And when you're talking about 500, 000 people, you could probably save like 10, 000 people's lives by giving, letting them drink clean water for four years, you know, at least so it's, it's still good.

You don't need to find a way to make it not good. You know, it's a good thing, [00:40:00] so let things

Charlie Thompson: be good. That's like saying, that's like saying we should be allowed to murder babies cause they might end up in foster

Nate Thurston: care. Yeah, exactly. You don't want them to be poor. Right. That's terrible.

Charlie Thompson: No one ever successful has come from foster care or adoption or anything like that.

You know, no one.

Nate Thurston: Okay.

Number 10 right quick. Oh, I saw this. Now you might think if you're watching that this is a video of a child who went to a football game. And put on, uh, I, I black, I believe they call it face paint to keep the sun from, I don't know. I've never played a sport or the lights in my life, lights from reflecting whatever it is.

Yeah. But when you're not playing the football or whatever, you're just going there and kind of supporting the team. Like you're looking up to your heroes out there, the gladiators on the field and they're all wearing it. And so. So you want to wear that as well. You might think that that's what you're looking at, but what you're looking at is the face of white supremacy right here because this kid [00:41:00] This is not a old photo of Justin Trudeau.

This is a photo of a kid or Robert Downey Jr. Who put a high black on his face? To support the football team and got suspended for blackface. Oh, these are all pictures of people who Put on a whole bunch of crazy face paint when they play football. Some of them are white, some of them are black. In fact, there's a white guy sitting next to not a white guy right here.

And, um, I don't know if this guy got in trouble or not. Uh, here's this white guy. He's like, Oh God, they caught me wearing blackface. You see that face right there? Um, no, it's just something that you do when you're sporting. But in 2023. This is too close to wearing blackface, I guess. So the middle schooler suspended and banned from sporting events after being accused of wearing blackface.

So ridiculous. This is a thing. [00:42:00] This is a thing that happens. This is a photo of the student in question taken at Friday night football game. He wasn't the only student to have painted a face there, and there were no reports of him displaying bad behavior at the game. In fact, security guards and police officers were present the entire night without incident.

He didn't try to lynch a single black person the whole time. One security guard, who happens to be of African American descent, even reportedly joked with a student to make his spikes bigger by adding more paint. It wasn't until the student's parent was called into the principal's office the next week that there was any indication that there was an issue with the student's face paint.

Convinced it was a misunderstanding, the parent explained that a fellow student had painted the 13 year old's face as an expression of school spirit. The style of paint for sporting events had become a trend on TikTok. And showed the above photo to the principal. Unfortunately, the principal remained adamant that the suspension of the student would be necessary and the photo proved to be...


Charlie Thompson: God. [00:43:00] I don't even know what to

Nate Thurston: say. I know. It's... It's so odd, you know, he goes to the game... Do you think

Charlie Thompson: anyone... Like, as his parent, you know, your first, like, your first reaction. How do you not, like, burn down the school? That's true. You know? Or just, like, punch the principal right in the face. Yeah, you know, I'll show you blackface How about two black eyes?


Nate Thurston: you say black guys? Black eyes. Black eyes. Yeah, okay Broke my nose. Do you think anyone at the game had a problem with this? Other than the school administrators who've sat through hundreds of hours of DEI training and critical race theory training. I guarantee

Charlie Thompson: you, someone that doesn't even go to this school, saw a picture, sent it into the school with a big complaint.

And then the school has to do something

Nate Thurston: or just the principal's crazy. Yeah, this is a

Charlie Thompson: problem [00:44:00] with this. I, I'm glad you brought up DEI because this is the problem with DEI. Okay. I went to a conference this week and was, uh, The opening session was on DEI, the opening session of the conference, the opening session was about how, uh, including DEI, DEI is good for your organization so that you can hire and keep talent.

Now I have to say the entire presentation was good. It was really good. Having empathy for people, trying to understand that people have different backgrounds and they think differently than you and all that stuff is great. Oh, that's fantastic. The problem comes in. When they try to force it, yeah, because the entire time he spent, this guy spent was, was about how you shouldn't force your morality or lived experience on someone else that [00:45:00] you should try to be curious and not judgmental of someone else's morality or lived experience.

And then you can kind of bring those together. But the problem is. As they want to, they want to force

Nate Thurston: it. Yeah, their morality and lived experiences on other people. By stealing your money, right? The person probably got paid a crap ton of money to go give that speech, by the

Charlie Thompson: way. They want to steal your money to then like forcibly put certain people in certain positions based on...

Background and skin color and all kinds of stuff.

Nate Thurston: Yeah, it's dumb. It's, you should always want the best person in each position. Like you should be a meritocracy. It doesn't, the best person is the one who is in that position. Not shouldn't have anything to do with the freaking color of their skin or the junk in

Charlie Thompson: there.

And then, then they won't ever admit that it can go too far. Right? So like they talk about the, you know, having diversity of thought and you should think about, you know, how you put a team together to make [00:46:00] decisions when there's issues or whatever. And I'm like, Imagine, imagine, and we talk about this just with, you know, labor unions and stuff, there would be no companies that would exist because if you put every decision up for a vote so that you had diversity of thought for every decision the company was going to make, make sure all that diversity of thought got included.

Nate Thurston: Most of the time, the diversity of thought is, should we do this or should we really do this? It's never like, you know, their diversity of thought doesn't extend to, well, should we have a. Uh, Republican and a Democrat and a Libertarian come to an agreement on this, uh, program or this thing. Like, no, should we do this or should we super do this?

Yeah. You know, we're going to do it badly or are we going to really destroy everything? You know, those are, that's their diversity, just degrees of. Terrible thing they want to do. So, okay. Let's uh, let's get through the votes real quick. We'll [00:47:00] go through the different things that are on here. Get your votes in.

We've got, or don't vote. I don't care. Whatever you want to do. Number one is Hillary Trump. Hitler. Number two is the FBI man hunt for the super dangerous pepper spray. Serial pepper sprayer. Uh, number three, Zelensky needs alone. We don't know that could be AI or something. I'm not sure which one it is.

Number four. Number four is, uh, MTG and we haven't given Israel any money for this war, you know, so they're doing great so far. Number five, the NBC, the Santa's fact check. Number six, it's not inflation, it's the prices that are the problem. It's not the prices, it's the prices. Number seven, Trump's American Academy.

Number eight, I just called it Snowflake. Uh, but whatever you want to call the indigenous. Non binary. I saw a really good thing on it. I don't know where it was, but they were saying everyone is either You know, if you believe in the non binary thing, then you believe that everyone is either binary [00:48:00] or non binary Which means it's binary once again, you know, so if you're non binary You're either non binary or you're not which is binary once again Anyhow, that was number eight.

Number nine is the Mr. Beast and number ten is All right, get your votes in.

Charlie Thompson: While the live group is voting, snowflake wins.

Nate Thurston: Yeah, that's true. already can tell you. We've called it with her name is Kai, with 80% of the votes in Kai has won. Not Kai. Kai. Not ma'am.


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