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Dumb Bleep of the Week! (Nikki Haley, Newsom, Socialists, Pink & More) || EP 1115

It's time for Dumb Bleep of the week! That's the day where the live group votes on the dumbest thing we saw in politics this week.

The List:

1- Gavin Newsom

Governor Gavin Newsom admits that San Francisco was only cleaned up because Chinese President Xi Jinping was coming to town.

2- David Hogg

David Hogg shows his hypocrisy yet again

3- Gun manufacturers

Rolling Stone says that gun makers have chosen mass death as a business plan

4- Innocent Israelis

X user says Israelis aren't "innocent" because they are carrying guns to protect themselves.

5- Vaccine exemption

The Covid hypocrisy has led to parents not vaccinating their kids with normal vaccines.

6- Pink

Singer Pink made it a point to give away "Banned books" at Florida shows. The books are allegedly banned in Florida, but she bought all the books at a local Florida bookstore.

7- Circle of life

A socialist complains about work..

8- Nikki Haley

Nikki Haley's Neo-Con is showing..

9- Trump is biggest threat

The Economist list Trump winning in 2024 as the single greatest threat to the world


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Nate Thurston: [00:00:00] But let's throw some shame towards some other people.

Let's do that for dumb bleep of the week, because I need to project my shame onto them for

Charlie Thompson: a little bit. Okay.

Nate Thurston: Okay. All right. Don't believe number one.

This is one that we already talked about earlier in the week, but it's got to be in dumb bleep and it's going to go to Gavin Newsome. Remember San Francisco was magically.

Cleaned up over the weekend. So the commie dictator, by the way, did you see the video going around of Biden calling G a, uh, a dictator? No. Yeah. And the video is really of, uh, secretary Blinken's reaction to it. And in fact, just for fun on the podcast, we should, I don't know if anyone else is having an issue getting Twitter to load these days.

Like I am. Um, let me see. Biden. Dictator. Let's see if that comes up. We'll take a little fun break. Look at Secretary Blinken's face, uh, as he says this. Mr. President, after today, would you still refer to President Xi as a dictator? This is [00:01:00] a term that you used earlier this year. Well, he is. I mean, he's a dictator.

He's a dictator. He is a guy who runs the country. That is, uh, how can Blinkin's like, Oh my God, now I got to clean this mess up, which Hey, props to Biden for calling the China's a

Charlie Thompson: dictator for calling the spade

Nate Thurston: a kettle. That's exactly, he called the spade a kettle black. Exactly. So it was just funny to see, um, Anthony Blinkin's, which, you know, his.

His, uh, first initial is A, so in my mind, I call him Abe Lincoln. So, anyhow, there's that. Yeah, Abe Lincoln. Um, I don't know if you've ever seen Robin Hood Men in Tights before. Um, but anyway, uh, that's the reference that happens in my mind when I hear that. Okay, this is, um, Gavin Newsom talking about people are alleging that they just cleaned up the city because the commie dictator was coming to town.

And he's like, not only is that true, but it's true. I know [00:02:00] folks say, oh, they're just cleaning

Charlie Thompson: up this place cause all those fancy leaders are coming into town.

Nate Thurston: Um, that's true. Because it's true. But it's also true for months and months and months prior to APEC. We've been having

Charlie Thompson: different conversations.

Not only is it true, but it's

Nate Thurston: true. And should it be dumb? Because this is one of the few times where he told the truth about something. Yeah. So, and that gets him into Dumb Leap of the Week. I think the fact that

Charlie Thompson: they cleaned up for the

Nate Thurston: dictator. And the fact that he, I mean, you do have to say something about him openly admitting the fact that, yeah, we let this city just run amok with poo on the streets up until the point that Xi Jinping was coming to town and then we cleaned it up and you guys called us on it and you're right.

That's what happened. I could have done this, or they could have done this. The mayor could have done this for the people who live here and pay the taxes that we just used to clean it up. We could have done this the whole time. But instead, we had to do it right now [00:03:00] so we would look better for people that were coming to town.

Uh, so that is Dumb Leap number one, Gavin

Charlie Thompson: Newsom. Honestly, I mean, it seems like he took accountability. And that's all you can ask for. He didn't really

Nate Thurston: take accountability. He made the case for why it was the right thing to do. To wait and then do it right before someone comes to town. You know? But, whatever.

Don't bleep number one. So number

Charlie Thompson: two, I gotta tell you what, I got my house cleaned yesterday 'cause I have family coming to town. 'cause people coming to town and it's not that it was that dirty Mm-Hmm . We weren't living, there weren't homeless people shooting up. But it's not, you

Nate Thurston: know, I'm at your house every day.

Charlie Thompson: Heroine there, there, there wasn't homeless people shooting up opiates in this house anymore.

Nate Thurston: I'm at your house every day and it's not as, it's not as if I pay you a hundred bucks every day to come to your house and it's just. Run amok with needles all over the place, you know, not anymore and And there's like poo all over the place and stuff like that and [00:04:00] And you're like, okay.

Well, my family's coming to town So now I'm gonna clean up the house before they get here and I'm gonna use your money to do it You know, that's what happened Really? Exactly. Okay,

dumb bleep number two. David Hogg. Wrong kid died. That's what I always yell in my head whenever that happens. Uh, David Hogg, he's responding.

This is one of those defiant L's. Hypocritical posts, you know. His orange

Charlie Thompson: square didn't really take off, did it? No. But he's still going with it. That did not

Nate Thurston: catch on. Okay. At all. Uh, this is a, in response back in, uh, well, let me see. No, this is a recent response to Tim Poole who says, Raise the voting age to 30.

Which is a response to David Hogg saying... No, this is, uh, two, two tweets put together right here for the Defiant L's thing. So, uh, Temple says raise the voting age to 30. David Hogg responds and says, when your policies are so itty, you have to change who can vote in order to win. But then also, [00:05:00] uh, you go back to June of 2019, David Hogg says, retweet if you support lowering the voting age to 16.

Uh, because he's been, you know, pushing for the young people who are going to make the real social change. And so you got to let them vote. I got to admit, I'm torn on the idea. Like, I know that realistically right now, it would be better to raise the voting age up to 30, like that makes way more sense. But then at the same time, we're like, well, you know, you should be able to, uh, drink and do whatever you want when you're an adult and buy a gun and do all, do all that stuff, drive a car, whatever.

And that's because we, you know, we, and you look at like back in the old days when the country was founded, I mean, look how young some of those people were. That we're even fighting the revolution and founding the country, you know, um, are we just accepting that we've kind of regressed a little bit as far as our maturity goes probably a little bit.

[00:06:00] Yeah. It's just accepting

Charlie Thompson: that. I mean, people in their twenties don't know anything. I didn't know anything in my twenties. No. I'll tell you that much. Does that mean the founders didn't know anything? There's something to be said about. Um, there's something to be said about being able to make decisions as an adult and learning from them, because sometimes you don't learn unless you, unless you do.

So then are we just going to keep pushing it further and further back? If you think about the founding fathers, they had full time jobs by the time they were 10. So when they were 24, 25, 26, and they were. running the country, it was like they had already had 10, 15 years of experience.

Nate Thurston: At the end of the day, what I think would make the most sense, a little bit more controversial would be just landowners or at least net taxpayers.

If there's going to be taxes. That if you receive money from the things that you vote on, uh, You shouldn't be able to vote to receive other people's money that's stolen from them Yeah And [00:07:00] that actually makes the most sense and then you could do that at whatever age you wanted Because you could say well just land owner landowners or just net Taxpayers, if you're gonna have the taxes, uh, and that would, if you're gonna vote away other people's money, it's gotta be the people who have the money that are voting for those things and not the people that are taking the money.

Charlie Thompson: Well, then just give it to themselves though, Nate. I mean, come

Nate Thurston: on. They would give their own money to themselves. Yeah, that's the whole point. They would just stop it. So, okay. Dumbly number two is David Hogg. A little bit of hypocrisy. Uh,

number three, this came from the group. Thanks for sending this over.

Mass murder is a choice. The gun industry made it, they have made the choice for mass murder. I can't remember where this, I think this might've been Rolling Stone or something like that. Uh, mass murder is a choice. We haven't. article here and Charlie, if you want to read some, I'll read some. The modern

Charlie Thompson: firearms industry's mission couldn't be clearer profiting off the sales of [00:08:00] weapons that can turn lone shooters into mass killers or armed discontents into a Homeland security threat.

It's weird that the firearms industry's mission would be to make firearms. Yeah, then sell to

Nate Thurston: people. Yes. Yeah. Sometimes bad people do things. And most of the time good people don't do anything with them. I don't see

Charlie Thompson: anyone, bad people do things at Bushnell or Springfield or Glock. No one in that company is being like, Oh yes, now this one's going to kill all those people at that nightclub we hate.


Nate Thurston: That's probably not what's happening.

Charlie Thompson: I hope the right person purchases this

Nate Thurston: one. But by even manufacturing these things, that is de facto what they're consenting to. They're complicit in the mass murder, Charlie. That's what you have to understand.

Charlie Thompson: Documents produced by the industry's top grade group even advise leaning into the [00:09:00] panic buying that can follow mass shootings by targeting a market segment.

It calls the anxious buyer, shorthand for folks who say they want to buy a firearm before it's too late. It's not because of the mass shooting, it's because everyone talks about banning them afterwards!

Nate Thurston: It's because they're worried the government's going to ban them. That's why. God! That's why the panic buying happens.

Or the anxious buyer

Charlie Thompson: happens. The market research directs that assault weapons, more frequently targeted for sales restrictions, are the best bets for these would be gun buyers.

Nate Thurston: Because they're worried they're going to get banned. I think about it all the time, like I need to go buy some AR 15s before it's too late.

I wouldn't even be thinking that. If people weren't trying to ban them, de facto, I could end up owning an AR 15 simply because the government is talking about banning them. And you want to get one before they get banned. And whereas otherwise I would just put it off and put it off and probably never buy one.

And so the only reason I would have an AR 15 is because I'm worried they're going to get banned. [00:10:00] So that, that's the um, reverse incentive there.

Charlie Thompson: I actually specifically bought a model of an AR 15 that was used, this model was, not this exact gun, but the model of this gun was used in one of the mass shootings.

And the reason why is because they were talking about banning them and because it was the same model, it drastically went on sale. And so I got it at a big discount.

Nate Thurston: There you go. You got to capitalize on that. The mass murder in Lewiston was a tragedy, but not an accident. It is a choice. That's one up in BAME and it's one that the gun industry made and has doubled down on pushing tens of millions of massacre ready weapons.

On the American public by the industry's O industry's own accounting, America's domestic assault weapon, arsenal stands at more than 24 million guns, roughly one for every 10 adults with a record 2.7 million introduced in 2020 alone. I wonder why so many people bought assault weapons in two 20.

Charlie Thompson: How many people have died at [00:11:00] the hands of an assault style weapon?

Let's use their terms. Yeah. And the R 15, how many people have died?

Nate Thurston: Or a massacre ready weapon, an MR DUB, you know. Ha ha ha. Gotta go, gotta go get those MRWs off the street.

Charlie Thompson: How many people, how many people do you think have, a hundred, two hundred? Let's say it's a thousand. It's not a thousand. But let's say it is a thousand.

Okay. Do the math. Twenty four million. Yeah. Guns. A thousand people have died. Statistically, no one has died from assault

Nate Thurston: weapons. It's very low. From assault guns. And the actual number is like 100. Right. And actually per year, it's like 50. Yeah. I mean, we're just throwing some numbers out here, but it's a very, very small portion of the gun deaths that occur.

Half the gun deaths are suicides in the first place, and most of the other gun deaths are from handguns and normal, like, gang violence and stuff like that. And then you have some of these people who use... Assault weapons whatever so the Lewiston attack was a [00:12:00] logical expression of what gun manufacturers now market assault rifles for deadly domination The industry pitches battle proven AR platform assault rifles to civilians with imagery of special forces troops and taglines like core combat use what they use and your mission awaits Such slogans dovetail with even more reckless marketing from makers of tactical accessories who pitch gear for your daily gunfight, assault packs, And carrying cases with names like Urban Warfare, and even Coffin.

It's the marketing that does it. You just gotta take on the marketing. And video games. Oh, it's not just that though. This is a male problem too. Okay. The industry's alpha male sales pitches promise buyers the power to control your destiny. According to law enforcement records, Card had been haunted by phantom voices.

Including taunts that he had [00:13:00] a small dick in quotes, in quotes. That's what they said. The Ruger SFAR with its thick barrel is marketed without subtlety as bigger and stronger where it needs to be. That's not just the big trucks people are buying. Okay. It's the big SFARs. There

Charlie Thompson: you go. Let's just call it

Nate Thurston: SDE.

Let me see, um, I'm trying to, let me figure out where they start talking about the boom that happened. Well, go back to that one

Charlie Thompson: because this is actually true. This is actually true. Assault rifles were never meant for self defense or hunting. They are bred for infantry warfare. And designed to mow down enemy soldiers, not entirely inaccurate, by the way.

Nate Thurston: Although I've like the one time I've gone hunting in the last 25 years, 20 years was with a AR 15, but here's the

Charlie Thompson: [00:14:00] thing. It's the second amendment's not for hunting or hunting either. Self defense, yes, but it's also for keeping the government at bay, and I'm not going to argue for anything else. Oh, no, that's what it's for.

Yeah, I need my weapons to fight against tyranny if the time

Nate Thurston: comes. Ban hunting. Just get outlaw hunting. Screw you. We still need AR 15s. Yeah. All right. Exactly. Uh, then they talk about Armalite in the 1950s. Okay. Um, four factors combined to transform the once marginal AR 15 into America's rifle. That's what AR stands for America's rifle.

First, the assault weapons ban expired in 2004. Second, and most crucially. President Bush signed the Protection of Lawful Commerce and Arms Act. In 2005, the new law diffused efforts by cities and states to sue gunmakers for the public health damages of the weapons they sold. Much as big tobacco was forced to pay massive settlements for the gun [00:15:00] manufacturers never marketed guns as something that you could shoot someone with and it wouldn't hurt them.

Okay, so it's not the same thing as big tobacco. There's

Charlie Thompson: big warnings on there. Yeah, says this will kill

Nate Thurston: you. There's not a person who thinks like. I could shoot him in the face. It won't hurt him. It says so on the box right there. It's not going to hurt him. That never happened. Yeah. Okay.

Charlie Thompson: Unlike cigarettes.

So no,

Nate Thurston: don't compare this to Big Tobacco who was out there telling people that they were, you know, your doctors recommending cigarettes and stuff. Okay.

Charlie Thompson: Totally different thing. Which actually happened. An actual doctor's recommended cigarettes, by the way.

Nate Thurston: So, uh, a third change gave such marketing a patriotic punch.

America was now at war, fighting on two fronts in Iraq and Afghanistan. Obeying the same perverse profit motives that brought the Hummer into suburban driveways, gun makers turned the AR 15 into a maker of patriotic consumerism. Even now, the phenomenon has hardly abated. There's a certain type of middle aged man in this country who, uh, that part doesn't, the fourth change that supercharged [00:16:00] the already soaring sales, the election of Barack Obama, a combustible mix of racial anxiety and fears of new regulation elevated the assault rifle into a totem of right wing tribal identity.

So I just want to clarify that numbers one, two, one, three, and four are all the government's fault. Number two, they say is legal stuff, which they're just making this up because they're comparing it to big tobacco. Number one, three, and four are all the government's fault. Like I just told you, the only reason I ever think I need to go buy an AR 15 next week is because I'm worried they're going to be banned the week after that.

And that's the only, like, honestly, without that, I create

Charlie Thompson: scarcity. I don't know in

Nate Thurston: economic terms, exactly. They do the marketing for the companies by creating scarcity. Scarcity is one of the most important things in marketing. And anytime you see something like, Oh, there's only three left. There's only whatever, like get this.

You see that timer. Counting down on the, the timer refreshes every time you go to the [00:17:00] website, okay? They put it there to trigger something in your brain to get, we have an option to put that on our... Unless you're buying tickets,

Charlie Thompson: by the way. Yeah. That's happened to me

Nate Thurston: before. We have an option to put that on our, on our God hates feds website.

And I don't do it because I find it to be so dishonest. Like it's a timer that refreshes every time someone goes to the page. Yeah. You're lying to people telling them that they only have a certain amount of time to buy something. But that's what the government does with AR 15s. And so it works beautifully.

So when the ban was over, people ran out and grabbed them because they could, and because they were banned. They bought them because of the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. We shouldn't have been in Iraq and Afghanistan in the first place. So that one shouldn't exist either. Okay. So you can knock out three of these four and the fourth one's fake by the government, not doing dumb stuff.

So anyhow, that's all I got. That's all I got for dumb bleep number three. All right for that article number four is this picture that was circulating and I did find some other photos to uh, Corroborate the fact that this is [00:18:00] going on. Um, it's a picture of two Ladies and they're in israel. So I can probably be correct in calling these ladies.

Um, carrying what seemed to be Uh, AR 15 style rifles. Those look like M16s. They do look more like, they, now I know that like you can get a very standard looking AR 15 that has, you know, that it does look more like an M16. You're right about that. It could be. Totally, totally could be. Um, carrying those on their backs while they're shopping for sunglasses.

Okay. And the comment here, this is relevant 7 million views. Uh, on this guy's post, right here, where he puts in quotes, Innocent Israeli civilians. And so, they're no longer innocent Israeli civilians, because here they are, walking around in shopping malls. Carrying guns on their backs to protect themselves.

So there are no, you can't call them innocent. And by the way, the [00:19:00] top comment says what Charlie? They

Charlie Thompson: never were. Also, once you bear arms, you're no longer an innocent civilian. Let alone military grade assault rifles,

Nate Thurston: military grade. What's that mean? The cheapest possible.

Charlie Thompson: I love, I love how the. I love how the, um, the anti Semites are just calling themselves

Nate Thurston: out.

I don't know if that, in this case, it's just complete anti gun. Nuts, because you're literally just saying that once you bear arms, you're, you're no longer innocent, even if you've never hurt anyone. If you've got a gun for protection, a month ago, people were running around, you know, putting people in ovens, their pet's heads were being cut off.

You know crazy stuff like that and now they're carrying weapons with them when they're going shopping And you're just saying well now that you're carrying a gun for protection. You're no longer an innocent person. What an [00:20:00] idiot Real

Charlie Thompson: dumb. What a freaking idiot. This belongs in dumb bleep of

Nate Thurston: the week It should be a dumb bleep.

Look at that seven million views Wow in how many days what day is it in five days? I screenshot this yesterday. So in four days seven million views on that post. That's ridiculous Okay, so that's dumb bleep number four Now we get to, I think we can do this on YouTube these days. I don't know that because we're reporting a real story here and it's not the actual, um, this from NBC.

Charlie Thompson: Yeah, it was like an NBC. So

Nate Thurston: what, what is happening now as a result of what we did in 2021? Charlie CDC reports,

Charlie Thompson: highest childhood vaccine exemption rate ever in the U S 40 States,

Nate Thurston: Okay,

number six. This was a fun, a fun one. Big deal here. Pink. Remember Pink? Oh, yeah. Um, she's got a great voice.

I saw her. She does have a great voice. Yeah, she really does. And she's, uh, she, she seems to be, uh, in good, like, I've seen her doing, like, the acrobatics and stuff at her shows and all that. Like, a [00:21:00] talented performer. Yeah. Okay. And in this case, she's talented at performing. When talking about BAM books in Florida, and so she made it a point, like big, big, good workout

Charlie Thompson: music.

Tom says good, good workout music.

Nate Thurston: Paint. I can't name any of her songs right now, but I know that she's got a couple of good songs, I guess. Um, for the, so the kids know this is an artist, uh, that we grew up with. I saw her live when I was in the seventh grade, I think. Yeah. Yeah, she was opening up for NSYNC.

Nice! So, uh, You know, way back in the olden times. Um, Pink! We'll give away thousands of banned books at her Florida shows, because you just can't get these books in Florida. The state has banned them. There's just nowhere you can get the books. In fact,

Charlie Thompson: there's border patrol. Last time I drove into Florida, I had to pass

Nate Thurston: through.

They check you for contra books when you're going through there. Yeah. Make sure you're not carrying it when you're going through there and they make sure you Amazon

Charlie Thompson: [00:22:00] looks at your location whenever you're ordering. Yeah They

Nate Thurston: send it can't even download an

Charlie Thompson: audible can't even download an audible

Nate Thurston: the audibles band in Florida doesn't even work Yeah, when you go through there

Charlie Thompson: now as soon as you cross the state line, I went to that Floribama bar Yeah, when I went to Gulf Shores, you know, they're right on the border.

Yeah And it depended on what side of the bar I was on, my book would stop playing. Dude, they're so

Nate Thurston: strict, I was worried to go into the Florida Georgia Lime Bar here in Nashville. Cause I didn't know what laws they follow in that place. You know, it's risky. Exactly. Risky going in there. Moral of the story is some schools have banned some books for like kids.

They don't want to see them having depictions of like anal sex. They were like BJ's and stuff. Yeah. Okay, and some other maybe lighter things like homosexual overtones, you know, some gay stuff, stuff like that. I'm not saying that I totally agree with all of their book bans, but um, Anyway, Pink is going to give away thousands of BAM [00:23:00] books to people who are at a show in public.

Where they could still just buy the book. You know where she got the books? From local bookstores. She bought the books from local bookstores in Florida. The banned ones. That's where she got the books. It says so.


Charlie Thompson: She

Nate Thurston: bought books in Florida to give away banned books in Florida.

Pink has teamed up with the charity PEN America to take a stand against book bans in Florida announcing on Instagram over the weekend that she plans to give away a thousand banned books at each of her shows in the state on November 14th and 15th. Now she's not giving away a thousand different banned books, she's giving away a thousand copies of four banned books.

Uh, did you know there have been nearly 6, 000 book bans since the fall of 2021? And nearly 40 percent of the book bans in the last school year occurred in Florida? She wrote, in the caption of a [00:24:00] post promoting the book giveaway, As a mom of two young readers, I can't imagine letting someone else decide what my children can and cannot read.

They don't get to! Like, the point is for the parents to be able to decide what their children can and can't read, by the way. Like, if you want your kid to read the thing, then buy go buy the book! You can still buy the book! Like, she proved it, cause she bought the books! In Florida! To support local bookstores!

In a statement Pinkatta, books have held a special joy for me from the time I was a child and that's why I'm unwilling to stand by and watch while books are banned by schools. It's especially hateful to see the authorities take aim at books about race and racism and against LGBTQ authors and those of color.

Um, another funny thing was... A follow up in this, she posted, like, can you believe these books are banned in Florida? She posted the following are some titles of books that have been banned from schools in Florida [00:25:00] because some of her fans, some people were saying, well, you want kids to see pornography? And she's been responding with, no, I don't, I don't particularly like pornography and I don't really want kids to see pornography.

But tell me which one of these is pornography. Okay. To kill a mockingbird.

Charlie Thompson: Now, why was that one banned?

Nate Thurston: That was banned by left leaning people because it said the N word. And had a white savior in the book, which is problematic, but there's a bigger problem.

Charlie Thompson: Same with The Hate U Give, same with Forrest

Nate Thurston: Gump.

No, the thing is, look at the, look at the, um, context added at the bottom. To kill a mockingbird, The Hate U Give, Forrest Gump, A Catcher in the Rye, The Hill We Climb, Girls Who Code, Atlas Shrugged, 1984, The Kite Runner, The Blue, you know what, go to your shows and freaking hand out Atlas Shrugged to everyone.

That's fine. Why don't you go ahead and do that? And 1984. I'll chip in money for this, okay? Do it. Give your, give all of your fans a copy of 1984, please. The Kite Runner, The Bluest Eye, Wrinkle in Time, The Diary of Anne Frank, The [00:26:00] Fault in Our Stars, etc., etc. I've never read that one, but I'll have to look it up.

Uh, this list has been proven incorrect. These books are not banned in Florida. In fact, some are on Florida's required reading list. Fact check. Uh, fake list of banned books, Florida books circulates widely online. This was going on, going around back when all the book banning, uh, was happening, there was a list of all these super popular books to see.

She's believing

Charlie Thompson: misinformation.

Nate Thurston: Exactly. She actually, and here's my thinking on this. She actually started this initiative because she thought that the fake list she saw was an actual list of banned books in Florida and didn't look it up and didn't actually, neither did her team. Yeah. And so the whole team, so they started this thing.

To, to give away books because she saw this completely ridiculous list of banned books and then was like oh crap those aren't banned. Which, uh, she just found out a few days ago, I think, and now they're giving away these other, uh, The Hill We Climb, Girls We Co, and a couple of the other books. So, um,[00:27:00]

Charlie Thompson: where's the part where she says she bought them from a local book?

Nate Thurston: Oh, that was on a, I don't think I actually, uh, was that in the article? It was on the caption of one of the photos that I ended up taking after I made this presentation, uh, last night. So let me just double check here. Pink purchased all 2000 books from local bookseller books and books.

Each title has been banned in at least one Florida district, according to pen America. Um, So, just to clarify, when they said local bookseller, I did make the assumption they meant books, local bookseller in Florida, but we'll have to look and make sure that Books and Books is a bookseller in Florida. So, we could have been wrong on some of that.

Still, doesn't take away. Anyhow, no, no, it's still done, regardless.

Okay, now we're going to watch a video. Uh, time for this and we are going to be [00:28:00] talking about the way of the world. And there is this, uh, video that was circulating. Got a couple million views here. Uh, Dr. Jebra Foshay. Says, this is a response to this video, says the circle of life can be summed up like this.

You're born, you work, pay taxes, and then die. Following generations repeat the process. This girl gets it. Alright, so let's, uh, one minute for this video. Don't miss this video, Charlie. It's important until we have to die just for the privilege of being alive. Huh? Like we never asked to be born, but now we're obligated to do labor until we die.

Huh? We have to work somewhere just to afford a house that we're never at because we're working to afford the house. Huh? Is the meaning of life to work and pay taxes and then die. On top of that, we also have to work to afford our vehicle to get to work in other places. and afford [00:29:00] gas just to get to work.

And we also have to pay taxes for our roads to drive on to get to work. With the privilege of food, which we should just be able to have, we pretty much just work and die. Let's not forget about life insurance just in case we almost die. And then we have to work for our children to go to school to learn how to work so our children know how to work for their children so that their children can go to school and go to work.

Like, somebody tell me that this is fair. Like, is it lazy to just want to enjoy life? Like, why do, why do we have to work? Why?

Charlie Thompson: Hey, Jebra. Look, I know you're listening to this because this is the type of show you would listen to. And I just want to talk to you personally and let you know, you don't have to work. No, no, nobody's making you work.

Nate Thurston: Don't do it. Yeah.

Charlie Thompson: Don't, [00:30:00] don't work. Do less. Don't get life insurance, because that's actually for when you die.

No. Anyway. Don't buy food. Don't drive on the roads. Don't do anything. This is one of those great... Actually, her name, I guess her name's

Nate Thurston: not Jeb Radz. No, this is the, yeah, those don't look like the same people. She put her watermark on someone else's video? I saw that. What the hell? Yeah. So I don't know who's that, what this crazy person's name is.

Um, here's, here's the problem. She says, like, one of the first things she, she says, what about things is like we have to work to buy food, which we should just be able to have. How do you get the food? Do you think food just magically pops up out of the ground? Like, oh, let's go down to the food patch. Yeah.

And pick up some of that

Charlie Thompson: food. But you know what's funny, you know, the old saying, money doesn't grow on trees. Food actually grows on trees. Food does grow on trees. Why don't you plant yourself a food tree? You gotta work.

Nate Thurston: It's like someone has to plant the tree and someone has to make sure it stays in good shape and bears as much fruit as it [00:31:00] possibly

Charlie Thompson: can.

I mean, she could go back to the 16 and 1700s if she wants to.

Nate Thurston: You have to work to buy a car so you can go to work. Like, no, someone should just work. So they can give you a card. So you're still saying people have to work, because the things have to be created. So this goes back to how many years have we been saying this?

What the socialist mindset is, that I shouldn't have to work, but other people should have to work, to supply things to me. But I shouldn't have to work. But what about that person? Who's making the car. They shouldn't have to work. So who's going to make the car? Well, they, someone else will have to, well, then that means they have to work.

Well, if we all have the right to not work, then none of us are ever going to have anything.

Charlie Thompson: Everyone already has the right not to work. Yeah. It's just don't have to work. Go pillage through the forest for your food.

Nate Thurston: Costco says start a garden, but guess what? That's also known as work, that takes time, you got to expend some effort to go out there, you know, and [00:32:00] that's what people used to have to do, and if you want to have, like, if you want to have your ridiculous face piercings and face tattoos and, you know, do all your tie dye sealing.

And your car and stuff like that, then you're going to have to go work and produce things of value so you can get things of value from other people that they're producing because she didn't make that piercing tattoo or Face or anything like that. Like other people had to

Charlie Thompson: produce the car. Didn't come with that tie dye ceiling,

Nate Thurston: which just trade.

That's all we're doing. You make, you have something of value that you provide some people that don't make anything. Their only thing of value that they have is their time and their labor. And they can offer that. They can hit some buttons for, for some time until the robot learns how to do it, you know?

Yeah. And

Charlie Thompson: then, and then this part, the, the, I think the real dumb though, is this person, this Dr. Fowl Shay. [00:33:00] Foushee? Foushee. Foushee. I don't think she's a real doctor. No, anyway, she says,

Nate Thurston: but she has a white coat

Charlie Thompson: on the circle of life can be summed up like this You're born you work pay taxes and then die following generations repeat the process this girl gets it.

Nate Thurston: Thanks doc That's awesome. I just

Charlie Thompson: feel like you can't explain Basic concepts to these people do you think how do you get

Nate Thurston: you think people in socialist countries didn't have to? Be born and then work And then pay to their government or whatever, and then, and then die? You think that people before these governments, or before we had capitalism or whatever as a system, you think that those people weren't born and then had to work every day of their lives to survive until they died at the age of 38?

From old [00:34:00] age,

Charlie Thompson: you know, like I only got a couple of

Nate Thurston: years, you know, I'm shoulders falling. I'm like, um, yeah, that's what it is I'm too good. Let's take it back

Charlie Thompson: to like the American Indians. I would say that that's pretty good Yeah, like because they didn't really have like governments, right? Mm hmm. I mean they still had tribes So chiefs, they elected chiefs or it was the chief's line, bloodline or whatever.

They got the chiefs. So they still had some form of organization. I don't know if they had laws, but I'm sure they, they weren't okay with you. Just killing people inside your own tribe, you know, for no reason. Probably not. So they probably had some form of law, some kind of moral code. But anyway, they didn't, um, I guess they didn't have jobs except.

Nate Thurston: Each person probably had something that they did. You

Charlie Thompson: had to make clothes, or you had to hunt, or you had to pillage other tribes for their stuff, or you had to trade with them. You had to make, you had to make cups out of [00:35:00] horns, or you had to go down to the river to get water. Or you had to build fires, or you had to take care of the children.

Or you had to. Also known as work. You had to garden.

Nate Thurston: Mm hmm. Yeah. You just weren't exchanging money for it. So it wasn't as efficient as what we have right now. By the way, you could still

Charlie Thompson: go do those things. If you don't consider that work. Go do it. Then you can go do that. Still do that in

Nate Thurston: America. But that's still work.


Charlie Thompson: it is,

Nate Thurston: it's technically still the human condition requires some type of labor to survive from the time you're a child, like you must expend labor or you'll just die. In fact, animals are the same way.

Charlie Thompson: They must go out and find food and water. Why can't we just enjoy life?

Nate Thurston: How are you going to enjoy it if you don't have a bunch of slaves out there making stuff

Charlie Thompson: for you?

First of all, you have to define enjoyment. What does enjoyment look like to you? Some people

Nate Thurston: enjoy being productive in society. I wouldn't enjoy it if I wasn't [00:36:00] being productive. I know.

Charlie Thompson: Everyone always talks about retirement. I'm like, I'm, I don't think I'll ever retire.

Nate Thurston: That sounds boring. Like you imagine if I come onto this podcast, I'm like, Oh God, guys.

I can't wait until the day where I get to stop talking to you guys. Like, no, I'm not, I'm not talking about retirement. It's ridiculous.

Charlie Thompson: Like, what do you, like, in fact, I think statistics show this too, like after people retire and they don't do anything, they die much faster. It's worse. Yeah. Cause you don't have, we need problems to solve.

The world just doesn't hand you things. It would be amazing if you could just lay there. In a house that built itself with plumbing that built itself and you, and that the earth just magically brought those Christmas trees from little Debbie , the earth just magically unwrapped that for you and placed it in your mouth.

Mm-Hmm, , and then moved your mouth. You just laid down all the time to [00:37:00] you, you know. And then helped you swallow by rubbing the earth just did that for

Nate Thurston: you. Yeah, but no, you have to expend some energy to do that. Okay, we got to move on, um, to dumb bleep. That was all number seven, whatever you want to call it.


number eight. Is just going to be Nikki Haley, uh, because she's been extra dumb this week and I will admit I'm embarrassed that I called her in the first Republican presidential debate. She came out swinging like she was freaking Mrs. Ron Paul out there for like the first five minutes. And then it was all downhill from there.

I got prematurely excited about Nikki. Okay, but... She's still... She's... She still leans authoritarian. She's a crazy neocon authoritarian. Yeah. Uh, is what she actually is. Here's one thing. We just talked about this yesterday, which is doing pretty well on YouTube, by the way. Forgot to tell you. Oh, nice. Um, thousands of TikTok users are siding with Osama bin Laden.

Who murdered 3, 000 [00:38:00] Americans, this is a prime example of how our foreign enemies poison social media to advance their evil agenda. Hashtag, ban TikTok. Stop giving the Chinese Communist Party the ability to influence Americans. Stop

Charlie Thompson: letting them read letters that people actually

Nate Thurston: wrote. Yeah. Now, to TikTok's credit, they have been banning, they have been removing some of these videos because they have terms of service against promoting terrorism.

And so some of these have actually been getting removed. Not really, I don't want to say to their credit, but as a rebuttal to what Nikki Haley just said, like, they've actually been removing some of these things. Which is ridiculous. Personally, I think it's a good idea for people to be able to read this and understand why things happen, okay?

Even if it was, even if most of it was dumb. Yeah, that

Charlie Thompson: way we know not to vote for you, Nikki. Yeah,

Nate Thurston: like, her At this point, I'm like, she is a CIA plant. She, she has to be, because she's like, Oh, people shouldn't be reading about [00:39:00] why Uh, Osama Bin Laden detailed all of our war crimes across the globe over decades.

And, sure, he was upset about Sharia law. Like, he was, you know, crazy when it comes to that whole part. And, uh, he was also He had several grievances. He had a lot of grievances. Some of them were correct. Some of them like you do you remember

Charlie Thompson: how many grievances we had in Declaration of Independence?

Nate Thurston: I forgot to mention the Declaration of Independence yesterday But it was sounded like the grievances that were listed out Yeah on that and I wonder so what I wondered I was gonna mention yesterday's if he meant to list it out like the grievances to the king that kind of thing very similar, um, so Except

Charlie Thompson: you know TJ was writing, you know, you sit up there in your high horse castle.

Yeah Looking over across the pond at us and our, you know, and

Nate Thurston: tiny sheds of some of, uh, some of in line was like Durka Durka Durka Muhammad, you know, exactly. Yeah. Oh Durka Durka Durka so[00:40:00]

That's one of the things from Nikki Haley Uh, that's dumb. Uh, people should be able to hear these things. Uh, we've also got a few videos from her. Which one should we go towards? She's, uh, upset about Vivek Ramaswamy and the way that he acted in the recent debate. You know why he acted that way? Because she's a woman.

What happens, he comes out of the gate, he hits the female chair of the party, he hits the female anchor. Unfortunately, not in the way that he should have. On the platform, and then he hits me, and I'm not saying anything. I ain't saying, I'm just saying. But he might have a girl problem. I'm just saying, he might have a girl problem.

Charlie Thompson: Okay. So he didn't actually physically hit anyone.

Nate Thurston: No. So he hates women, uh, that's why he's attacking them. Uh, and then she has a new social media policy. If you,

Charlie Thompson: God, I hate, I hate this. Like, if you don't want to play the game, don't get in the game. Yeah. [00:41:00] She's, you can't, you can't go out there and be like, well, I can do the job just as well as any man, and then use the fact that you're a woman to say like, Oh, well you can't make fun of me because I'm a woman.

Like, no, you don't get special privileges. If you want

Nate Thurston: to be equal, be equal. Unfortunately, she wants to be, now she's like the media's pick for the Republican front runner these days. It seems like, like the establishments. Pick for the Republican front runner, even though she's nowhere close. Um, and do you really want your Republican, your conservative, your Republican party front runner to be saying you criticize me because I'm a woman and you only criticize the person who runs the Republican party who does nothing but lose because she's a woman.

And that's the only

Charlie Thompson: reason. And then I'm not going to say anything, but I'm going to say something. Yeah, but I'm saying maybe he has a girl problem. Not saying it, but I don't, I don't know if the guy has a girl problem.

Nate Thurston: All right, here we go. Um, no, he didn't have a girl problem. [00:42:00] He's rich. He can get over girls he wants.

Isn't he married?

Charlie Thompson: Yeah, he's married. He's married.

Nate Thurston: All right, here's her social media plan. When I get into office, the first thing we have to do, social media accounts, social media companies, they have to show America their algorithms. Let us see why they're pushing what they're pushing. The second thing is every person on social media should be verified by their name.

That's, first of all, it's a national security threat. When you do that. All of a sudden, people have to stand by what they say. And it gets rid of the Russian bots, the Iranian bots, and the Chinese bots. And then you're gonna get some civility? Should the Jews

Charlie Thompson: put stars by their names so we know they're

Nate Thurston: Jews?

Accountability. What a great idea. Yeah. What a great idea for the party of the federal government has been weaponized against conservatives. To come out and say we need to register, you need to register everyone on social media. That way the government knows exactly who it is. That's saying every single thing when we have a government founded by [00:43:00] people who used pseudonyms to write the federalist papers in the first place.

Yeah, because it's just good Lord. I hope no one's fallen for this mess. I really do.

Charlie Thompson: It's one big party. It is. Republicans and Democrats. They're the same. Okay. Um, got Trump out there. Free college. Nikki Haley wanting to register

Nate Thurston: everyone. She reiterated this on that same show earlier. I think they need to verify every single person on there.

Outlet because and I want it by name because when about smug does he because he qualified I've provided them with

Charlie Thompson: my government If

Nate Thurston: smug is on your driver's license

Charlie Thompson: then and look you can put on mclovin so you

Nate Thurston: gotta yeah, you gotta put Actual name on, and you've got to verify it, which is going to

Charlie Thompson: disproportionately affect people of IDs.

This is a [00:44:00] racist

Nate Thurston: policy. This is it is. Yeah, man. Oh, okay. Uh,

let's go on to the very last one. That's kind of a, just a quick pick for the end of the day. Cause I happen to see this. Uh, going around. The Economist, which is a super old publication from the UK, uh, says that Trump presents the world's biggest danger in 2024.

Donald Trump does. So this is number nine. The Economist says former President Trump presents the world's biggest danger in 2024. The respected 180 year old British newspaper said a second Trump term would be a watershed in a way the first was not. And the fate of the world will depend on the ballots of tens of thousands of voters in just a handful of states.

And the 2024 presidential election, like how can

Charlie Thompson: that be democracy? If only tens of thousands of people get to decide, I don't know.

Nate Thurston: The economist said in its annual world ahead guide Thursday, that another four years of Trump in the white house would be more dangerous, damaging than his previous term, China and his friends will rejoice over the evidence that [00:45:00] Americans.

That American democracy is dysfunctional. American democracy is dysfunctional if the people vote to elect Donald Trump in 2024. It's not dysfunctional if they don't vote to elect Donald Trump. I don't know if you're, you know, picking up what they're laying down. And Beijing could easily miscalculate over Taiwan with catastrophic consequences.

And Russian President Vladimir Putin would have an incentive to fight on in Ukraine. Yeah, because he invaded Ukraine while Trump was in office. Yeah. Yeah, you've got great evidence that when Trump was in office, the world was way worse.

Charlie Thompson: And you have evidence that he's backing off now that Biden's president.

Nate Thurston: Yeah, definitely Biden is holding off Russia and Ukraine. That's great. Great idea, everyone. The greatest threat Trump poses is to his own country, the Economist argues. The moral authority of the U. S. would decline because America will have voted him in while knowing the worst. That is, that he is Hitler.

I'm kidding. Uh, while pursuing his enemies, Trump will wage war on any institution that [00:46:00] stands in his way, including the courts and the Department of Justice. That kind of makes me want to have him in office, honestly, but I don't believe that

Charlie Thompson: he would actually wage war against all of the corrupt regulators that

Nate Thurston: aren't voted in, you know, I don't think he'll actually do it because he didn't do it the first time they spied on his campaign and then he'd become president.

And you know what he did? He signed on for a new agency size, a CISA in 2018. That has done even more spying and we just learned. Probably because in

Charlie Thompson: the, in the room They'll be like we promise we won't spy on you anymore if you just, if you just create this. We

Nate Thurston: just learned from more Twitter files type stuff that SISO is one of the ones directing some of the Censorship that was going on and that was something that Trump signed off on after his freaking campaign was spied on.

So no I don't think Trump's gonna do anything Honestly, and it doesn't matter if he does if you keep the institutions in place anyway, they're just gonna get replaced with Uh, evil snakes afterwards, and it'll be even where, uh, regardless, [00:47:00] 2024 is going to be fun for us on the podcast, shitty for us as Americans, you know, it's going to be terrible.

If Trump wins, it'll be terrible because the left is the most terrible vermin that exists on this planet. Okay, and we're gonna have to listen to them talk loudly for four years. They're such bad losers. Okay, and if Trump The right isn't much better. If Trump loses, then people on the right, I don't know what they're gonna do.

If he loses and he goes to prison, that might actually be the Civil War time that happens because they're gonna try to stage a freaking prison break for him or something. Are you calling? They're gonna try to break him out of his own house arrest. Are you calling for a civil war? No, I'm not calling for it.

I'm saying January 6th was a cakewalk of all cakewalks, which was already kind of a cakewalk, but uh, I think it'll get way worse. Regardless, it's going to be terrible. This is a tough vote. Yeah. So let's get the votes in everyone. Dumb. We got to go. We got it. We get to go get those votes in. Get your votes in while you're [00:48:00] voting.

You got Gavin Newsom. Number one. Number two was David Hogg. Hypocrisy. Number three, gun manufacturers choosing mass murder. Number four, the innocent Israelis carrying self defense items. Number five, the vaccine exemptions ticking up. Uh, number six was Pink giving away banned books that you can buy at stores.

You looked that up, didn't you? Yeah,

Charlie Thompson: it's in, it's in Florida. It's a local Florida bookstore. It's in, uh, hang on one second. I have it. It, uh, Books and Books is in Coral Gables, Coral Gables, Florida. Okay.

Nate Thurston: Okay. So I would like to reiterate one more time that she bought books that are banned in Florida. At a Florida bookstore to give away to people in Florida that could still go to the same bookstore to buy those banned books.

Charlie Thompson: Which is basically in Miami, by the way.

Nate Thurston: Okay. Awesome. So. Uh, so six was pink, number seven was the, uh, socialist circle of life, [00:49:00] number eight She bought banned

Charlie Thompson: books in Florida. That were banned in Florida. She bought them from a bookstore in Florida. Because they're not

Nate Thurston: banned. Number eight, Nikki Haley, uh, number nine, Trump being the biggest threat to the world.

Get your votes in, everyone, in the Dumb Leap channel.

Charlie Thompson: Go sign up at the Fed Haters Club! By going to GoodMorningLiberty. us, that's the new website Nate just designed. It looks good, man. Thank you. Good

Nate Thurston: job. Appreciate you. Wix has got us over a barrel right now. They're the shadiest freaking company. If you're starting a company and you want a website, I'm going to tell you right now.

If you can do WordPress or any Squarespace, whatever, I freaking hate Wix, you know, when we went to design this new website, they were like, Oh, Hey, we have this new tool. Like we've got the original Wix editor for websites that you've used before, and it's terrible. And you know that, okay. But we have this new thing called Wix studio.

It's like more professional. So you want to design your website using Wix studio. And I was like, okay, I'll try the new designer. That's fine. I'll do that. Well, I wasn't [00:50:00] worried about making this new website because we already pay a yearly fee for a website. For the original Good Morning Liberty U. S. and there's a button where you hit transfer this to this new website right here.

Well, guess what? Wix Studio is not included in transferring that website. And so I built an entire website using a builder that is not included in our plan. And they didn't, they didn't mention that. They just said, Oh, hey, do you want to use this new work studio thing? It's a new tool that we have. And so I probably mentioned it in their terms and conditions.

I'm going to go start a new website right now and tell you whether or not they mentioned that. Let me see.

Charlie Thompson: Anyway, go to goodmorningliberty. us. That's the point of this. Or don't. I don't care either way. Uh, go, uh, share the show with a friend. Or not again, I don't care vote in the dumb bleep of the week or don't I don't really care either way It looks like pink is gonna win this one.

Yep Any mail in ballots we got a count they

Nate Thurston: come in tomorrow night. Okay, so this may I'll let you know I've tried get [00:51:00] them print them. This might

Charlie Thompson: change. Yeah Leave us a rating and review on Apple podcast or Spotify And if you do or don't do all those things, pink one, I'm calling it until Nate changes the vote tomorrow.

Pink is the winner. Pink wins, Dumb Believe of the Week. Alright guys, it's been fun hanging out with you this week and also terrible at the same time. Yeah,

Nate Thurston: we'll be here Monday and Tuesday. Terrible fun

Charlie Thompson: time. Oh, we'll be here Monday and Tuesday. Yep. Next week before the turkey holiday where we celebrate massacring 90 percent of the Indigenous population of

Nate Thurston: America.

Very important day. You want to give thanks for that. It's the only reason we're here. God. Yep.

Charlie Thompson: Oh, good thing we changed the.

Nate Thurston: Washington Redskins. We do it special at my house too. We, you know, you know, they use the, like the musket or whatever to kill the turkey and then you, the, the key that everyone misses, you want to get your smallpox blankets out and spread them out on the couch for when, for when people come over.

Just to make sure. Yeah, [00:52:00] like that's, you got to go full on on celebrating.

Charlie Thompson: That's the test.

Nate Thurston: Yeah. I've been watching so many shows with Native Americans. And you know,

Charlie Thompson: blackface is banned, but Indian face is not. No, that's fine. You can put feathers

Nate Thurston: on your head. You can put red paint on your face. That's completely fine.

Charlie Thompson: It's totally fine. This is, we're definitely getting banned on YouTube now. We went a little bit,

Nate Thurston: maybe a little bit too much for YouTube for some of these things today. That's fine.

Charlie Thompson: We are. We're gonna get banned. Screw YouTube. We, you know what, we've been under the shadows for years now, and we haven't given up yet.

Nope. There's nothing they could do besides... Send the FBI to our house and put us in jail. I welcome them. Actually, we could still do this podcast in jail. Sure

Nate Thurston: Yeah, just call into someone who's recording. Absolutely. We

Charlie Thompson: could. Mm hmm. Yeah, in fact, it might be more famous then. Oh, yeah

Nate Thurston: Yeah, are there any from jail podcasts?

I bet there

Charlie Thompson: are. There probably are. People have cell phones in there and all kinds of stuff. Yeah. Anyway, do all those things or don't. We'll be back again on [00:53:00] Monday. Hope you guys have a good day


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