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Gun Rights Wins, Massie GoF Amendment, Feminist Website Shuttered, & More White Pills || EP 1113


Wednesdays are called "White-Pill Wednesday" on Good Morning Liberty because we do our best to only talk about good things. Today we covered:

  1. Gun Rights Wins in Courts

  2. Free Speech Win in Florida

  3. Rep. Thomas Massie's Gain-of-Function Amendment Passed

  4. Miss Universe files for bankruptcy

  5. Jezebel Shuts Down

  6. Denver Committee halts plan to rename parks with "problematic" names

While it's important to point out all the bad things happening around us (of which there are numerous examples), it's also important to showcase some of the good things as well. Talking about the small wins can give you motivation to keep pushing for a better world.


Charlie Thompson: [00:00:00] Well, what is going on all of our Liberty loving foes? Welcome back to another fantastic episode of Good Morning Liberty, where the show's made up and nothing matters. And I don't, I stole that line from whose line is it anyway? Did you? Yeah. I had no idea. I absolutely did. And I don't care.

Nate Thurston: That's the thing.

You're starting off awfully negative for a while. It's white pill Wednesday.

Charlie Thompson: We're gonna talk about a bunch of positive stuff So I wanted to start it off by saying I don't care

Nate Thurston: Good. I don't care. You're saying that what you what you don't care about is when you see something negative You just let it roll right off.

No, I just

Charlie Thompson: know as soon as Liberty is implemented It's the day it starts dying. It's like when America was born, leading up to the most liberty loving nation God could ever imagine.

Nate Thurston: It's making me feel sad on a Wednesday.

Charlie Thompson: And right after we won the war, the tyranny started. It's deep seated roots in the hearts of men, and mostly [00:01:00] women.

Nate Thurston: Okay, well it's White Pill Wednesday here at Good Morning Liberty, where we talk about life, liberty, and the pursuit of meaning every single day of the week. Today is when we want to today is your weekly dose of good things. Sometimes as other as people do, we miss a dose. Okay, but this week we did remember the talk about some good things and we have like a a jam packed show full of good things.

Yesterday you couldn't find anything. I know. I found like four more things this morning. We had a submission from the. Uh, live group come in this morning, the Fed Haters Club, join gmail. com. There's

Charlie Thompson: a baby on the Fed Haters Club feed right now. There's a baby on the feed. Posted a picture of a baby. That's a good thing currently.

Nate Thurston: Yeah. Oh, there we go. There's a baby. That's good. And then, uh, you know, we had that personal story. That was a nice white pill for me. Of course, the story was posted like three weeks ago. [00:02:00] On the, uh, on the discord, but, um, that was a cool story. Um, I don't know if I'm going to tell it on the air, uh, but it was great.

And so if you want to read that personal story, then go to join gmail. com is paying and pay as little as six bucks. Per month

Charlie Thompson: you could give a snippet could I revealing information?

Nate Thurston: Uh, we'll do that. We'll do that sometime. Okay, we could do that I need to um, let's see. I'll need to get it pulled up and then maybe we can do that at the end of the show Okay, let's go into the first white

Charlie Thompson: pill Well, the truth of the matter is we basically had someone tell us that good morning Liberty helped get them through a hard time Mm hmm, and I just want you to know that kept Nate going for another hour They did, you know, he was like, I'm not gonna give up on this show now for another For another

Nate Thurston: whole hour, I was on that page to delete the page, you know, and then I saw that message and it kept, it extended it for at least another day.

So it gave you a whole day, a whole day's worth of inspiration of not, of not [00:03:00] quitting. So if everyone wants to go post good things, that'd

Charlie Thompson: be a joke, by the way, the truth of the matter is it's things like that. You know, it makes you, it makes you realize that you're doing something that you need to be doing.

Everyone has a calling. I believe, I believe everybody has a calling and that times when you feel like giving up, you shouldn't. Yeah, because maybe you can inspire someone. You're

Nate Thurston: making it sound like we feel like giving up. I feel like keep going. Well, now I feel like I never feel like giving up. That's not true.

I never give up. Never surrender. Yeah.

Charlie Thompson: Well, yeah, that's because this is on record. I'm never going to quit quitting off the record, mate. Talks about giving up all the time. Well, yeah,

Nate Thurston: like on life in general. I'm not talking about the podcast. Oh, you're gonna keep doing the podcast. Yeah, I'm doing this until the day I die, whenever that is.

Okay, let's talk about some stuff. We got a lot of stuff in here. The first article...

Charlie Thompson: I was just trying to say it was actually really good. It was. Yeah, and it's very

Nate Thurston: inspiring. No matter how confusing our delivery was, it was actually a

Charlie Thompson: good thing. I went from trying to be sarcastic, joking about it, [00:04:00] to like, I'm trying to be real heartfelt.

And that it was truly... It was inspiring back to us that we're doing something at least worthwhile. Yeah. And so, that's good. If, if this show amounts to nothing else... I think that we did, we did enough to be saved a

Nate Thurston: little baby in the process. There you go. Perhaps I don't know why the baby was saved, but whatever.

Okay. Gun hobbyists and Liberty win big in court. This article comes from reason. It's got a couple of good things as it pertains to the second amendment. The fifth circuit judges slap the ATF for making up illegal rules. against homemade guns. So that's cool. The Biden administration's scheme to threaten the public with tightened gun control regulations by reinterpreting laws to mean what they never meant in the past is running into some speed bumps.

Uh, stumbling over one of those obstacles is an attempt [00:05:00] by the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms and Explosives. They, when did they add the explosives part? Has that always been there? It's been there for a while. I've just always said alcohol, tobacco, and firearms because ATF, but it's not ATFE.


Charlie Thompson: has been there for a while. Has it really? I don't know how long, but.

Nate Thurston: This whole time I thought that we had unregulated explosives in the US and it turns out there's more tyranny than I thought. Ok, so the ATFE, to define unfinished firearm frames and receivers, functionally paperweights, as firearms for the purpose of regulating homemade ghost guns.

The courts aren't buying the government's argument, and on November 9th delivered another slap to the regulators and the White House.

Charlie Thompson: Also it's kind of cool how they're saying laws, but really these are regulations that the ATF just gets to make up. And the, the administration of the president, basically through a decree of kingdom, a king decree can send out to his [00:06:00] minions of regulators to just write laws, even though they're not actual laws.

Nate Thurston: And then those get to be enforced as if the people's elected representatives wrote this law and passed it under the threat of not winning reelection if the people didn't like the thing. But that's not what happens when you're dealing with the bureaucracy. They're unelected.

Charlie Thompson: I want to know how many more regulations we have than laws because I know it's more.

At this point it has to be more. It's got to

Nate Thurston: be a lot. There's about, you know, when I was making that t shirt that has all the regulatory agencies on it under all the departments, there's at least 400 names that I put on there of different agencies that exist and those are just the ones that. I could find, you know, um,

Charlie Thompson: I, and we know there's named agencies that would never confirm or deny.

Nate Thurston: I think a hundred, the one, a thousand, the one regulations, the laws. Somewhere around there, probably. We mostly govern by regulations in the U. S., not laws. [00:07:00] The agency rule, this is a quote from the judge, the agency rule at issue here flouts clear statutory text and exceeds the legislatively imposed limits on agency authority in the name of public policy.

So, all that's a bunch of legal gobbledygook for, this is bad, that's what he said. Uh, that's in the Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals in the ruling on, Vanderstock versus Garland because Congress has neither authorized the expansion of the firearm regulation nor permitted the criminalization of previously lawful conduct.

The proposed rule constitutes unlawful agency action and direct contravention of the legislature's will.

Charlie Thompson: Now, since they violated, and they broke the law, Do you think ATF people will go to jail for this? I bet they're getting punished.

Nate Thurston: Hmm. I bet they're gonna get sued at the wall. Everyone at the ATF is gonna be losing their jobs.

Biden administration's running for the hills right now. That's [00:08:00] exactly what's happening, for sure. Now

Charlie Thompson: if you, as a citizen, break the law, And whether or not you knew you were breaking the law, you have to, you have to know it's jail time for you, or at least a fine, but no, the government can break their own laws.

Nate Thurston: We can only enforce the government's breaking of the laws by watering the liberty tree.

Charlie Thompson: The worst they get is a slap.

Nate Thurston: Can we sell liberty trees, like little trees? And we sell like a red food coloring dye that you have to mix the water with to water the tree. Sure. Would that be good? Yeah. I think that would sell like hotcakes.

Charlie Thompson: Let's do it. What? How do

Nate Thurston: hotcakes sell? I don't know. I've always heard that that's a thing though. Yeah. Never bought them myself, but whatever. Specifically the coin address port. Portions of the ATF's new frame and receiver rule, which interpreted existing law, particularly elements of the gun control act of 1968, the rule would extend the ATF's reach and allow the government to restrict home construction of firearms in ways that the Biden White [00:09:00] House wants as a part of a crusade against so called ghost guns, but hasn't been able to get through Congress.

In particular, the new ATF rule redefines firearms terms to incorporate modern devices that work differently than designs that were common when the law was written. The rule also treats unfinished parts that must be drilled, milled, and assembled by hobbyists to become working mechanisms, often called 80 percent receivers, as if they are completed firearms.

And additionally, it additionally targets parts kits that can be combined with finished frames and receivers to make functioning guns. As this person wrote last year, the rule's language is clear as mud and seeking to subject as much activity as possible to the regulation. So they And from what I understand, by the way, this, this particular, particular rule is not entirely dead in the water right now.

Right now, it's up to the Supreme Court to decide whether or not they are going to hear this case. Uh, and if

Charlie Thompson: they Because the government, of course, is appealing, [00:10:00] again.

Nate Thurston: Yeah. So, and if they decide to hear the case, then we'll decide now. If they say, no, we're not going to hear it, then, then I think it's dead in the water at that point.

Charlie Thompson: Yeah, the Fifth Okay. The appeals Yeah. The Fifth Circuit Yeah. Fifth circuit. Mm hmm. It's our,

Nate Thurston: it's, we're not used plead

Charlie Thompson: the fifth, the fifth. Fifth. Yeah. The fifth circuit decision stands.

Nate Thurston: Now here's one that was Slap down in a separate but related rule. Can we actually

Charlie Thompson: have these judges slap the government?

That would be punishment enough. Yeah, that'd

Nate Thurston: be good. And it's not, I don't think it's cruel and unusual. It's like, I think it's fine. Can

Charlie Thompson: they, Please approach the bench. And then they just, They

Nate Thurston: slap them. And he's like, What do the five fingers say to the face? And then he slaps them. Dare make another

Charlie Thompson: rule like that ever

Nate Thurston: again!

In a separate but related ruling, another court slapped down the ATF's effort to redefine pistol braces as shoulder stocks, rendering firearms so equipped as short barreled rifles under the National [00:11:00] Firearms Act. Braces are intended to help disabled shooters more accurately handle weapons one handed.

But many designs very closely resemble shoulder stocks. That doesn't matter, noted the court. Quote from a judge. Uh, some form of protest can be expected when constitutional rights are allegedly infringed. Uh, that is from Judge Matt, uh, from the United States District Court for the Northern District.

Acknowledging that many braces are used as stocks by people opposed to stringent firearms regulation. Uh, but the judge observed that the braces are in common use and so enjoy constitutional protection. He added that the proposed rule was not a logical outgrowth of existing law, in keeping with a recent Fifth Circuit ruling, and this must be set aside as unlawful.


Charlie Thompson: about what he just said there. Oh, this is so, this is where the, the cancer spreads. Like he said, he added that the proposed rule was not a logical outgrowth. [00:12:00] Of existing law. Mm-Hmm. meaning that, of course these regulators have a purview for a logical outgrowth. for logical outgrowths of law. Yeah, exactly.

Mm-Hmm. . And then the court can decide whether or not it's logical outgrowth the fact that they have that power to begin with that. It's how the cancer manifests itself and spreads out. It's the, the tyranny cancer, tyranny cancer.

Nate Thurston: Exactly. Now here's one. The good news

Charlie Thompson: is these judges are slapping that tyranny cancer right back to where it came from.

Now we're still in

Nate Thurston: the legal portion of today's episode. Uh, right. These are all good things. Yeah. Florida walks back order to shut down college pro Palestinian groups. Now, hold on just a minute. Does that mean? That this is in white pill Wednesday. So that must mean good morning. Liberty loves Hamas and loves these free Palestine pro Hamas protesters that are intimidating people all around the globe [00:13:00] right now.

No, it doesn't. But it also means that I don't want the. State government or any government for that matter to decide what groups can and cannot exist on a college campus, uh, for their protesting. Now, one thing if they are breaking rules, for instance, a rule like their Uh, if they're cornering people and not allowing them to move about the campus or if they're committing acts of violence or vandalism or whatever.

Now some of these groups may in fact be doing that. When did these kids go to school by the way? Like I feel like you go to college these days to learn how to protest. That's what you do. Like what'd you do at college? I protested and stuff. Which protests like here's my protesting resume from college right here graduated with a Master's these are protest centers and stupid signs.

I'm with them a stupid signs class. Yeah,

Charlie Thompson: so I have an off topic Thing real quick. Okay. I don't understand the free Palestine thing. No, because as [00:14:00] far as I knew before Hamas Paraglided over the the gates of Israel Palestine was free tricky. It's

Nate Thurston: a tricky Gaza was just kind of a there's kind of a blockade and an embargo Around them also there.

That's why people call it an open air prison Because their trade is allegedly blocked by Israel As well, like they're kind of shut off from all sides. I haven't looked at into that this, uh, all that much, but that's what I hear. That's why I've just kind of decided that, um, this is for them to figure out, not me.

Uh, so, so that's kind of the thing. But if you also say free Palestine, that could also mean, um, get rid of Israel. Just get them out of there. So it's all the occupiers. That's a, that's another thing that people could mean. But, you know what, even if they, even if they praise terrorists, or the terrorist activities, I just They could Heil [00:15:00] Hitler!

I just don't, I think it's up to the individual college, uh, first off, especially if it's a private college, to decide what activities can take place on their campus. This was a public college thing, because it was from a state order, and they could only do that, they were only doing that to public colleges.

And, uh, they're saying that that still violates their civil And so they're backing off on doing this right now. The, uh, uh, the colleges are, cause they're worried about litigation from people and they fire the new ACLU that's actually doing a good job said, yeah, they got, they got ground staying on. This is a violation of first amendment and they probably went in court.

So, uh, the thing is, I think no matter how detestable. Your beliefs are, I think you should, uh, be able to speak out about it. And I also think it's like we say, uh, when there's like white supremacists holding a rally or something, you know, could the KKK have a rally on the college campus college problem? I don't know if they would allow [00:16:00] that specifically.

Uh, so they could be hypocritical, uh, on that potentially, but Hey, let these people get out there in the open. So we know who they are. Don't push

Charlie Thompson: them on their ground. They allow Marxist groups. Yeah. They allow the hammer and sickle, we talked about that. I think if you want to start a Hitler group, you could, obviously we don't endorse any of that morally wrong.

Nate Thurston: That's what the MAGA people are

Charlie Thompson: doing. Yeah. That's the Hitler group because

Nate Thurston: Trump is. Okay. Oh, Thomas Massey got a, uh, ban on funding for gain of function research inserted into the funding bill that passed yesterday, uh, for the, it's only. The funding bill itself only gets us through the year and then everything has to get voted on but once it's in the bill It's much easier to keep in the bill.

So here's a few I'm gonna try to play like two minutes of this Although something at the end that he starts saying is important as well. But anyway, this is his amendment And no one rose in opposition to the [00:17:00] amendment, Republican or Democrat, so that was cool, and here's him talking about that. The chair recognizes the gentleman from Kentucky.

Madam Chair, I rise in support of

Charlie Thompson: my amendment, which essentially

Nate Thurston: prohibits funds from being used or being made available to conduct or

Charlie Thompson: support gain of function research.

Nate Thurston: Section

Charlie Thompson: 533 of the underlying bill says that none of

Nate Thurston: the funds in the bill can be used for gain of function research. in China, or Cuba,

Charlie Thompson: or North Korea,

Nate Thurston: or Russia.

The problem is that it doesn't prohibit this dangerous type of research anywhere else in the world. Why should we be funding it in France, or Great Britain? In fact, why should we be funding it here? I will argue later that we shouldn't, that the risks far outweigh the benefits.

Charlie Thompson: And that we should have learned our lesson.

Nate Thurston: With that, I reserve the balance of my

Charlie Thompson: time. The

Nate Thurston: gentleman reserves. Does any member claim time in opposition? [00:18:00] Seeing none. Hearing none. The gentleman is recognized. Madam Chair, at this point Okay, so no one rose in opposition to this. Uh, his amendment to ban funding for gain of research. Everywhere. Uh, gain of function research.

Everywhere, not just in those places. Now is it just for this spending bill though? Just for this spending bill, he, uh, he pointed out that once it's in a bill like this, it is much easier to be in the next official funding bill. Uh, so that, that, that's what he was saying on, on Twitter anyway. He goes on to say some good things, like it's just not worth the risk.

The, the idea behind gain of function is that they're gonna try to take these Uh, naturally occurring things in animals that don't affect humans, and they're going to try to spin them up and, and figure out which one has the probability of mutating, and then they're going to, the original idea was that they were going to try and create a, a, uh, vaccine for whichever one had [00:19:00] the highest likelihood of mutating into something that could affect people.

And that's when you look up gain of function research and why they do it. Okay. That's what they note, is that they try to get ahead of the curve on vaccine science. The probability

Charlie Thompson: that... None of these scientists have watched any movies. No,

Nate Thurston: no, no, not at all. Clearly. The probability that they're going to pick the one that eventually mutates into something is, is very low, first off.

And second, with the new mRNA technology, it takes approximately a day to... Make a vaccine for whatever the particular virus is. So, maybe back in the olden times, when we needed to spend all this time figuring out how to make a vaccine for something, then gain of function was something you can make an argument for.

But, with, you know, not over here praising mRNA and saying that it, uh, you know, doesn't, M doesn't stand for microchips or anything like that, but um, [00:20:00] You can make it really fast now, and you might as well just wait for that thing to appear and not risk creating the thing that you have to make the vaccine for later on, which is what happened this time, we think, probably.

And I just want to point out that the, that San Francisco just cleaned up their, the poo off their streets for the guy who runs the country that created the virus that killed millions of people around the world. And we're just all going to forget about that. We're just not going to talk about that. That

Charlie Thompson: shut down their economy.

Millions of people lost their jobs. Oh, okay. And, and we're not out of the woods yet, by

Nate Thurston: the way. All right. A couple of great things in culture, Miss Universe filing for bankruptcy days before the pageant. So why is that, is that a good thing? Is it because I hate women? No, it's because I hate it when men are acting like women and entering into a competition, which is what this has become.

Uh, by the way, uh, here's the story. The owner, go ahead, actually, Charlie, I read the last couple. The

Charlie Thompson: [00:21:00] owner of Miss Universe, JKN Global Group, has confirmed that next week's pageant will go ahead despite the Thai firm filing for bankruptcy. The media distribution company, which bought the Miss Universe organization for 20 million in 2022, that was all that's worth.

That's not very much. Announced on Thursday that it had submitted a petition for business rehabilitation that was accepted by Thailand's bankruptcy court. In a statement published on its website, JKN said providing a top notch experience to Miss Universe fans will remain a top priority ahead of next Saturday's finale.

The firm expressed confidence that its new financial arrangements will support all of the company's business operations, including Miss Universe run by Annie Jekapong, uh, Jakra Jutapit,

Nate Thurston: Jutatip, Jakra Jutatip. AJJ, as I call him. AJJ.

Charlie Thompson: Yeah. A transgender rights [00:22:00] advocate and the star of Thai versions of reality shows such as Project Runway, JKN said last year that it planned to grow the Miss Universe organization by expanding in Asia and releasing branded merchandise with penises.

Nate Thurston: Personally, I like the idea that they just haven't been able to make enough money to pay their bills. Like, that's... That's what I like the market deciding things, you know, and I like it when that happens

Charlie Thompson: Jackafong who has been Outspoken about her experiences as a trans woman So his experience took over Miss Universe one of the world's most watched beauty pageants as it reckoned with growing calls for greater diversity and inclusivity

Nate Thurston: I bet it was just so many calls for greater diversity and

Charlie Thompson: inclusivity This year's pageant will feature two trans women for the first time Sporting the new Target bikinis.

with room with the extra room The tuck. Friendly. The tuck. Yeah. Mm-Hmm. . Exactly. Marina Machete. [00:23:00] A 23 year old flight attendant who was crowned Miss Portugal last month, and Reiki Coley, who became the first transgender winner of Miss Netherlands in July. Trans women are women. Full Stop. The Miss Universe organization told CNN.

Last month following Miss Portugal's crowning. We are here to celebrate women. Full stop. This has been true for more than a decade, and we're proud to have made this change very early on. Compared to other programs.

Nate Thurston: I hate it when people say things like full stop anyway.

Charlie Thompson: No argument. Can't say anything else the, no

Nate Thurston: full stop.

Charlie Thompson: Men are women stop. Like they're sitting out a, yeah, we're not doing Morse code here. Did he just say men or women? Full speed. There's a full stop. Full stop. I can't reply. My God. There's no debate on this topic.

Nate Thurston: Okay, moving right along because we got to go.

Charlie Thompson: I didn't think we had Morse code for [00:24:00] trans women. I just... That hadn't made it into the Morse code yet. Jezebel! Trans women are women. Stop.

Nate Thurston: Jezebel, the sharp edged feminist website is shutting down after 16 years. There's a good thing right there. Jezebel's like a left wing feminist, uh, just hellhole of a website.

It honestly sucks it even looking like a sharp edged feminist website. I went on there and look at their... Headlines and it was kind of boring honestly just your normal run of the mill crazy ladies saying things It's

Charlie Thompson: quite funny that it's named Jezebel by the way. I mean yeah creative. Yeah sure well for those that are Christians They understand that Jezebel is the demonic feminine spirit.

Which is

Nate Thurston: exactly what they're going for. Which is exactly Yeah, turns out it didn't work out all that well for them Yeah, Jezebel the sharp edge from this website founded at the height of the blogosphere era [00:25:00] Is shutting down after 16 years, it's parent company announced Thursday. Geo Media said 23 staffers would be laid off, including Jezebel's team, as part of a restructuring to cope with economic headwinds in a difficult digital advertising environment.

Which is where they can't get people to advertise on their shitty websites.

In a memo to the company, Geo Media CEO, they got a male CEO? Well, that's what happened. That's exactly what happened. That's the problem here. CEO Jim Spanfeller said he made the very, very difficult decision to suspend the publication of Jezebel after an unsuccessful search for a buyer for the website.

Nobody wanted to buy it? Nobody wanted to buy it and he can't get it to make any money. Oh, you would think after paying all those women so much less than you'd be paying men that you would be able to sell the same ads, uh, to people and make extra money on the website, you [00:26:00] know, but I guess that's not what he was probably making 800 times the average woman at that, uh, company.

So, uh, just about anyway, it's a feminist website. Uh, and no one reads it. They did, I think they did pretty well during the Me Too movement era, you know, all that feminism stuff. They've taken part in ruining women, uh, for years to come. And it turns out no one is reading their crap anymore and no one wants to buy the website.

That's too bad. That is, that is just too bad. I hate it when that happens. The writers, by the way, blamed the CEO. The man didn't know what to do. He just didn't know how to... He was trying to mansplain the situation to everyone and it just didn't work. Yeah. So, one more thing and we gotta go. This is cool for, uh, this

Charlie Thompson: came from the group.

I had so much stuff to say about that, but... Oh, go ahead, go ahead. No, it's fine. No, go ahead. No, let's go. No, go ahead. I was just gonna make jokes. Oh, I'm [00:27:00] sorry. No, it's fine. It's ruined now.

Nate Thurston: It's fine, though. This one came from the, uh,

Charlie Thompson: Probably because you're a male podcast host. Just running through the show.

Nate Thurston: Yeah, I'm just pushing through. Yeah. Without even asking. No time for diversity. If you care about

Charlie Thompson: this. Uh uh. Denver's! Also, I'm glad that I think I've reached a place where I'm just no longer apologizing or empathetic at all towards women's own destruction. We're celebrating it right now. And there are good women out there.

There are really good women out there and great women all over the place. On both sides. They're fine. I'm both great women that listened to this show. And there are great women who understand that, uh, there's a place for men in society too. And so, but all the ones who, who don't. I'm no longer apologizing to those I'm done.


Nate Thurston: shouldn't take the [00:28:00] moral high ground. You're the one that's

Charlie Thompson: right I know absolutely and I will if it keeps going I'm gonna keep advocating for men to just quit All the stuff they do. Yeah, cuz we don't need toilets to pee or poo in So stop working on the sewer system. Yeah. Why do we need it? I would prefer it.

Nate Thurston: Yeah, well yeah. Prefer a toilet. It's nicer. Over not a toilet. It's nicer. I can pee in a bottle or whatever if I need to. That's fine. It's pretty easy. I've done it a bunch of

Charlie Thompson: times. It's just like, it's, to me it's like the whole business concept, you know? Like, it's like you have all these people, or you have these people who built this huge business.

Right? And then people want to come in and be like, well we, we don't need you anymore. Or whatever. I feel like. A lot of staunch feminists feel the same way. It's like, if you look at history now, women contributed to obviously, but men did a lot of the hard work over the years to build society to what it is now to provide the safety and comfort and ease.

And now [00:29:00] that we're here and now that we've made it, now that capitalism has. Expanded to this point. It's like, well, we don't need you anymore. We can, we can be independent. It's like, okay, go, go do it. Do it. Do it. That's fine. I happen to think men and women need each other. Women provide things that men don't and men provide things that women don't.

If we work together, we're better off, honestly. And that was the take on the Barbie movie. If you, but

Nate Thurston: I don't also, I saw Ben Shapiro's review and he said it was terrible.

Charlie Thompson: It actually was, I mean, there were terrible parts, but yeah, the overall movie, the message was. A world ran by all women or all men is bad, and we need each other.

And I think that's true. Nice. And I'm, I'm, I'm sick of pandering to, well, the feminist movement. And there's bad men too. Like I'm, I'm not just harping on bad ladies. Okay. There's bad men too. And [00:30:00] men need to grow up and do their part as well. I think we need to come together. I think Jordan Peterson's right.

When he's been fighting this culture war between men and women that we need to view it as us cooperating and not as some patriarchy or matriarchy, it's this whole like in class or in gender warfare, whatever it's been happening, it's not good. It's not good for society at all.

Nate Thurston: A problem is that we've accepted that disproportionate.

Disproportionate outcomes, uh, means that there was some type of, uh, malevolence or something unfair that happened. Like if there's, uh, more men doing something that make more money or whatever, or, you know, the, the differences, uh, that, that means it's something bad. We look at that in economic suit. I'll just look at disproportionate outcomes and say, well, that's racism.

And you look at it in the workplace or whatever else, and they'll say, well, that has to be systemic. That's sexism. And so we have to change that. And instead, when you're talking about working together, you also have to accept that things are going to be a [00:31:00] meritocracy and sometimes men are better at things.

Sometimes women are better at things, you know, and you have to kind of accept that. And that's the way that we could actually work together without putting all these rules and regulations in place where you mandate that we have

Charlie Thompson: women. I think you have to look, I think you have to change your attitude as well.

Yeah. Like. It's proven that people who are grateful, who have an attitude of gratitude, are more successful than those who are opposite of that. And what I think what happens in our culture, instead of looking for people to blame and victimize yourself, like, be grateful for the things that you do have, and the reasons why you have them, and then you can move forward.

Like, I'm grateful for all the wonderful women in my life who have done unbelievable things. You know, rather than blaming women for where I'm at in life, because I, there's a lot of blame to go around too, man, if I wanted to sit in my blame chair, I could. Nate knows the stories, [00:32:00] but no, I choose to be grateful for what good women have done in my life and realize that we are better together.

And then you can move forward.

Nate Thurston: You can say this as a straight white male. You have the privilege of thinking this way. Okay. Last thing from the live group in the Fed Haters Club. Join gmail. com. Denver's effort to rename parks with potentially problematic names. So the parks already have potentially problematic names, uh, has been put on hold.

So some of the problematic names, by the way. So the city's effort to rename parks that have possibly Problematic names has been halted. Uh, Heidi Rodriguez, a spokesperson with the Denver agency for human rights and community partnerships said the renaming Denver parks project. I'll be something to spend hundreds of thousands of dollars on just paying people, sit around and talking about DEI has been paused as the city reevaluates the process led by the HRCP.

The project sought to identify city owned properties [00:33:00] or monuments with names that had complex histories. Related to any racial groups or ideologies the idea for the project came about after the 2020 murder of George Floyd by law enforcement and the social unrest and demand for justice So the, uh, BLM protests,

Charlie Thompson: HRCB.

And they had to do something, by the way. They had to. So somebody, somebody came in with an idea. It was like, we should rename

Nate Thurston: the parks. And so what they actually did was they created a committee to rename the parks. To pander. To pander to the people. To get their buildings not burnt down. They're like, no, we are creating a committee to rename the parks.

And here we are. We're doing something. 2023. And, uh, it's put on hold right now. Uh, so in total, 20 parks were initially identified through required additional research and vetting. Six parks were ultimately chosen Jefferson Park. That is potentially problematic. That is possibly [00:34:00] that is as possibly problematic as a possible problematic park name goes right there.

Charlie Thompson: Cause that means Thomas Jefferson, who's a

Nate Thurston: slave owner. That's bad. Yeah, a lot. Alma Lincoln. Park,

Charlie Thompson: I don't know. Lincoln Park, spelled different.

Nate Thurston: That's a problem, possible. Um, Jefferson Square Park in the Southmore Park Neighborhood. S. R. DeBauer Park, I don't know who that is. In the University Neighborhood.

Pasquenelle's Landing. In the Overland neighborhood, and Grant, like Ulysses S. Grant, like the guy who was fighting for the, for the North during the Civil War?

Charlie Thompson: Probably had slaves too though.

Nate Thurston: And Grant, Frontier Park, in the, oh, Frontier Park, so that's where they're going out there pushing Native Americans off their land, okay.

Uh, in the College View, South Platte. [00:35:00] Neighborhood the they plan to host several community meetings for each bar. So that community members could weigh in on discussion that democracy. Mm hmm Let's see Rodriguez previously previously said that depending on how community members felt the parks may not be renamed.

They could be reframed Let's talk. Let's call this Jefferson Park, but from a different point of view different Jefferson Yeah, or left entirely alone But one of the goals of the project was to educate residents so far one meeting was held for SR Debauer Park Rodriguez said initial feedback from the community indicated a desire to retain the current name.

Therefore, no additional steps will be pursued regarding this park's name at this time Meetings for jefferson park and la alma lincoln park were next on the list, but those have been canceled Rodrigo said the agency depends to re evaluate resources that would allow for a fair and equitable community engagement process.

How much money did they

Charlie Thompson: spend? I don't know. To have one meeting? And they're like, oh yeah. Three years worth

Nate Thurston: of research. Oh yeah, no one cares. Basically, is what they [00:36:00] decided. They have one meeting, no one cared. And they canceled the project. Oh God. No, it says they're going to re evaluate resources that would allow for a fair and equitable community engagement process, which means they're going to try and find more minority neighborhoods and try to get them out to the community meetings.

That's what they mean by saying that. Because only from what I can tell only the white settlers showed up

Charlie Thompson: and said that they they're fine with it. Yeah,

Nate Thurston: okay One more cool thing right quick technology. I love me some technology Spotify is going this one won't happen for us for quite a long time I'm sure but Spotify is going to clone podcasters voices and translate them to other languages So you, let me just show you this clip of Lex Freedman.

This is cool because you know, it can be tough to listen to a translated version of a podcast. That's not the original person [00:37:00] talking. Sometime you want to hear my lisp or whatever, you know, you want to hear that kind of thing, the personality of the show. Yeah. You just got a guy. Uh, yelling and whatever your native language is.

And so it can be really good for podcasters and really good for people to hear things that they're not having access to, you know, so that's pretty cool. And, uh, let's, I wanted to show you this. This clip of Lex Freedman. This is the cloned AI version of the Lex Freedman podcast. This is Yuval Noah Harari.

13, 800, 000, 000 years ago is the origin of our universe. 3, 800, 000, 000 years ago is the origin of life here. They don't survive for long. So do you think there is a tension between happiness and intelligence?


Charlie Thompson: obviously the lips don't match [00:38:00] the no

Nate Thurston: words like an overdub. Yeah thing, but like you're watching

Charlie Thompson: the Asian movies

Nate Thurston: get over that I was telling Lacey the other day I used to why I used to be obsessed with Godzilla when I was little and I used to have the old like Black and white like Japanese explains a lot using

Charlie Thompson: movies That explains a lot.

Does it it does? I don't know if it explains anything explain so much. Yeah Wow

Nate Thurston: That was me liking Godzilla when I was little, explain things. Explains a

Charlie Thompson: lot. Okay, let's go, let's get out of here. Well, keep going on Godzilla. No, I'm done. For the people, so they understand more of who you are. I don't, it

Nate Thurston: doesn't actually explain

Charlie Thompson: anything.

This goes back to your Asian roots, man. Well, yeah.

Nate Thurston: I felt it naturally when I was younger, I just didn't know why.

Charlie Thompson: All right, y'all, if you enjoyed today's episode, then share the show with a friend or don't. If you hated it, share it with a friend or don't. You're free to choose. Free to choose. That's a good place to check out information, by [00:39:00] the way, the free to choose network. Got some good friends over there. Yeah. Oh crap.

I forgot the rest on the road. Yeah. Calling Nate out on the podcast. Rob, I hope you're listening to this. Nate forgot to respond to you, and he's going to do that as soon as we get done today. He invited

Nate Thurston: me to New York this week. I told him I'd get back to him.

Charlie Thompson: Yeah, I don't think you're going. It is Wednesday right now.

See Rob, you should have invited me. I probably would have gone.

Nate Thurston: He asked if either one of us wanted to go.

Charlie Thompson: He didn't text me though. I got left off the list. Anyway! Go check out their work, because it's really good stuff. Yeah. Free to choose network. org, right?

Nate Thurston: Nah, I think it's like dot net or something.

Maybe we shouldn't give the website wrongly. Anyway. Right now.

Charlie Thompson: Just search free to choose. Yeah. It's Milton Friedman's work.

Nate Thurston: Also go to goodmorningliberty. us. Or don't. And uh, go to joingml. com. Or not. And you can go to [00:40:00] godhatesfeds. com. Or don't. And you can go to bernielies. com. Go to that one. Yeah, you should go to that one.

Okay, I

Charlie Thompson: gotta go. Just go to that one. And if you do all those things, or not, either way, we'll be back again tomorrow. Hope you have a, a good day. Today's White Pill Wednesday. A blessed

Nate Thurston: day. God, I just hope it's wonderful. That was a lot of white pills. We freaking crushed those pills and snorted them

Charlie Thompson: today.

I hope you listen to this episode. And you just feel, you just feel and are filled with the goodness. Kamala? Is it you? With the goodness of what we just got. What we feel. Of what we feel. Because tomorrow's day. Is different than today's day of yesterday's year, as we look forward to 2024's rendition of 2023 remade tomorrow.[00:41:00]

Nate Thurston: Yes, exactly. Bye

Charlie Thompson: bye now.


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