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San Francisco Gets a Facelift and 2+2 = Trump is Hitler || EP 1112

Today's Show Notes

Chinese Communist Dictator Xi Jinping is coming to California and Gavin Newsom gave the poo-covered streets of San Francisco a facelift before his arrival. This begs the question: why must Californians rely on the arrival of an authoritarian human rights abuser to visit the city to see their tax dollars at work?

San Francisco cleans up city's homelessness ahead of Xi Jinping visit

Also on today's show: Is Trump stealing Hitler's talking points? The short answer is no, but the long and complicated answer is also, no. Trump fans should feel enthused that the media is scared enough of Trump that they are once again resorting to the Hitler analogies. Since when is calling Marxists "Vermin" stealing from Hitler?

From WaPo:

“The idea that the German government was being haplessly overtaken by Marxists and those who must be rooted out — as Trump has suggested is happening in the United States — also coursed through Hitler’s commentary.”

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Nate Thurston: I wanted to talk about this thing going on in California and, uh, it's, it wasn't originally something I really cared to talk about because I don't care about California.

I've, I've, I've all but written it off and actually I've written it off. I don't really care. They cured homelessness. They cured homelessness. And that's what we were going to talk about. It's a, it's a tricky conversation to have because what do you do with. People who don't have a home to go to and a safe place to shoot up heroin, you know And so typically they just hang out on the street, you know Just kind of lay lay over there on this cardboard and poop over there On this tent and, uh, that's, that's just kind of their thing, but they've got, uh, they've got Xi Jinping coming in as well as like 20, 000 business leaders from around the world coming in for this conference that they're having.

And California decided that they needed to clean their room. All right. Now it looks

Charlie Thompson: like they're setting [00:01:00] up for the F1 formula race.

Nate Thurston: It kind of does look like that. Yeah. Vegas. I assume it's just for the cars to travel safely through the, uh, through the streets for when the homeless population inevitably comes back with their signs.

That they're all sharing. You know, they're always sharing signs. Once I found that out. I stopped giving people money. I'm like, it's like, at that point it became their fault that they were homeless before I would give them money. And then I re I saw people sharing the same sign on the street, street corner by my house.

And it was like, you know, I got three kids. They use the same sign with like, I'm a vet with three kids and blah, blah, blah. But

Charlie Thompson: they're doing shift

Nate Thurston: work. This sign belongs to that street corner and whichever street corner person working that day holds that sign about their sob story. In my neighborhood anyway, so the sign stays there.

That's belongs to the property of that corner that they stay on and whoever So these are your neighbors? Whoever won the homeless fight that morning for the who's gonna stand there is the one that gets the hold that [00:02:00] exact same sign And once I realized that the story was BS and that this was some kind of game they were running

Charlie Thompson: It's probably a large corporation that owns the sign that rents the sign out. This is from Big

Nate Thurston: Sign. Yeah. Yeah, that's what this is. I got you. It's a, it's a profit game. Okay. It is.

Charlie Thompson: All right. You haven't heard of the sign renting business?

Nate Thurston: No, I haven't. But we need to start one. For sure. I can come up with way better signs.

Charlie Thompson: Okay. And just take a percentage of the profits. That's the rent

Nate Thurston: we're doing great with filler today, by the way, here, I was worried about how much time we were going to take talking about this stuff. And it's seven minutes and we haven't even started talking about it yet. That's pretty good. What else is

Charlie Thompson: San Francisco known for name,

Nate Thurston: uh, homeless people and pooping on the street.

That's what it is. The Los Angeles times, uh, quote here, they're clearing out the homeless people, San Francisco gets ready for the arrival of world. [00:03:00] Leaders, of course, Gavin Newsom,

Charlie Thompson: leaders, they mean authoritarian communist

Nate Thurston: people who, and I did see this interesting meme, you know, the, there's this, we, your mug Muslim population that's, uh, being very much mistreated over there in China, like a whole bunch of them in like prison camps and stuff.

And you don't really see all the free Palestine people out there. Protesting about this all the time. What you really see is a lot of people talking about Palestine. It is an interesting contradiction there, or at least a little bit of hypocrisy where you pick one thing that you're going to care about.

And another thing that you're not going to care about based on the ideology of the people that are perpetrating whatever the human rights violations are. Anyway, San Francisco has cleaned up its homelessness in preparation for a visit from Chinese president Xi Jinping. Scheduled for this week. The cleanup of the city comes after Gavin Newsom visited [00:04:00] China last month.

They showed him the same fake streets. And so he was like, I need to clean up my fake streets. The cleanup included a power washing and scrubbing of the city streets and the removal of most of the city's homeless camps. According to KTVU, we're going to play an interesting clip here. But Gavin Newsom had some, Newsom had some funny things to say.

APEC refers to the Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation Summit, which, which will host an expected 20, 000 CEOs and heads of state in the city this week. San Francisco Mayor London Breed has argued that the conference will bring In almost 53 million, which could revitalize the city's economy. Quote, tourism is our business here in San Francisco.

And we need to focus on making sure that the tourist dollars still come back. I don't, I don't know who does tourism in San Francisco. I get it. There's a bridge. It's kind of cool to look at sometimes, but is it worth the murder? [00:05:00] That's what I want to know. I've been in San Francisco a couple times and first time I was there I got robbed in the first 45 minutes.

I got robbed. We were there on tour

Charlie Thompson: and Here's the thing though, robberies do surround you. That's

Nate Thurston: true. I brought it all my, it's probably what I was wearing. Seem to

Charlie Thompson: be Yeah. In the vicinity of a lot of robberies. That's true.

Nate Thurston: Yeah. Are you alleging that I committed

Charlie Thompson: the robbery that had No, because on camera it wasn't you.

It was somebody else. It's saying someone else.

Nate Thurston: Did you see if I knew the person? Here's the thing, the insurance fraud scheme,

Charlie Thompson: let's just say anecdotally, the times that I've been stolen from that, I've had things broken into or taken off of my property. Nate was around for like all

Nate Thurston: of them.

Charlie Thompson: So do you invite these people?

You're not doing it cause I didn't catch you. But are you inviting these people?

Nate Thurston: I'm not sure. Now I

Charlie Thompson: didn't. Do you give off that aura of like, you can steal from me and I won't do anything about it? People

Nate Thurston: see me and they're like, look at that guy. He must [00:06:00] have some nice things. I'm going to rob that guy.

No, um, I didn't get robbed that last time. But look

Charlie Thompson: at that guy. He's not going to

Nate Thurston: hurt anybody. I have been robbed six times in the past of, and I'm not just talking about someone just grabbed my wallet or whatever. I'm talking about thousands of dollars worth of stuff. I've been robbed six times, which is why you're homeless now.

Yeah, that's why I don't have anything because I'm a victim Okay G's visit to california comes amid rumblings that newsom could launch a last minute entry into the 2024 presidential race Who would have guessed that this is from the Washington examiner. So a little bit more rightly as some Democrats have expressed concern, the president Joe Biden could not live all the way until reelection.

Recent polls have shown former president Donald Trump beating Biden in a hypothetical rematch. Though some have speculated Newsom is running a shadow campaign for 2024 to California governor has denied that his eyes are on the white house prize next year. Stating that it's time to move on from the speculation of someone [00:07:00] besides Biden being the Democratic nominee.

Now let's watch a couple videos. Let me tell you why I ended up finding this interesting. Um, you got the quotes from, from Gavin Newsom. They asked him, like, are you just doing this? Like, it seems like you're doing this because the, uh, dictator of China. Is coming over here and because all these people are coming because before People were pooing on the streets and robbing people and shooting up heroin and you didn't seem to care all that much about it And now, all of a sudden, the city is nice and clean.

It seems like maybe that's why you're doing it. And of course, what did he have to say? I know folks say, oh, they're just cleaning up this place because all those fancy leaders are coming into town. That's true, because it's true. But it's... Yes, actually, that is why we're cleaning up the city because all these fancy leaders are coming into town.

Yeah. Okay. Um, some

Charlie Thompson: people didn't take kind of like how in North Korea, you know, they [00:08:00] put the fat kids.

Nate Thurston: It reminded me of that movie, the interview where they take him through the little fake town square and you got the grocery store with the fat kids standing outside waving at him. Like it's that kind of thing.

What's that called? A Potemkin village, I think is a, I might've screwed up that word, but that word is sticking out. Now people were upset about that quote from Newsome. I don't know why he was. It's telling the truth, I guess. And so he fact checked, true, doubled down on why it was important for them to clean it up.

Anytime you put on an event by definition, you

Charlie Thompson: know, you have people over your house. You're going to clean up the house. You have 21

Nate Thurston: world leaders. You've got tens of thousands of people coming from all

Charlie Thompson: around the globe. What an opportunity to

Nate Thurston: showcase the world's most extraordinary place.

Charlie Thompson: Okay. Just without the dirty.

Nate Thurston: Yes, that is what we're doing. So if you live in San Francisco, maybe that [00:09:00] kind of upset you a little bit, or if you live in California, maybe that kind of upset you just a little bit. I saw this news clip going around a couple minutes from Fox. What do they do with them, by the way? That's what I'm wondering.

I'm not sure. Put them on trains to a nicer place, I'm sure. I think they just push them out of the areas where... Like, they've mapped out where people are going to be going for this conference, and they've... Put those fences up and all that stuff and basically they looked at the map or where people are gonna be driving and going and They just kind of push people out from there, you know, like Palestinians like they just kind of pushed him away Yeah from the area.

So let's watch this news clip and we'll talk about why I found this to be something worth talking about today. Yes, that's right. The summit is expected to bring in 53 million, filling hotel rooms, bringing big business. And the city did tidy up for Dreamforce, but this cleanup is much more extensive.

While San Francisco is in the spotlight for the Asia Pacific Economic Conference, [00:10:00] city leaders are making sure the city shines. Tourism is our business here in San Francisco, and we need to focus on making sure that the tourist dollars still come back. Caltrans repaving major roadways like the Harrison Street off ramp from the I 80.

BART doubling down by deep cleaning their stations overnight more often. The city had gotten a little bit dingy over time. Scrubbing and power washing is happening all over the city. Yeah, the bottom of my shoes look clean. It's noticeable how clear the streets look and how few homeless encampments there are on major thoroughfares.

Having been a long time resident in the Bay Area, you just naturally start to wonder of like... Houseless folks being displaced. Public Works is installing decorative crosswalks in North Beach and Chinatown, and the Webster Street pedestrian bridge in Japantown was recently repainted. The Yoruba Buena Gardens at the Moscone Center are decked out with new colorful landscaping and murals paid for by the Clean California grant just in time for the 20,000 high [00:11:00] profile CEOs and heads of state coming into town next week.

Some people say this should be how it's always done. What about the people who are here? Year round, you know, and like local, hardworking working class, bay Area folks. Others welcome the cleanup. Anything that brings in, uh, a positive look on the city of San Francisco's great. We will continue to do everything we can to maintain cleanliness in our streets and city officials.

Okay. The most important thing I saw in there, other than the feather in that guy's cap. Mm-Hmm , the little pink feather sticking out from the dude that was, uh, that was happy about it. Was the guy that said, what about the people who live here all the time? You know, there are people who live here. They pay taxes here.

They pay taxes to California, San Francisco, working class people going to work all the time. And apparently it, that would never mattered enough for them to go about this massive cleanup thing. Like this is [00:12:00] just them cleaning up so they look good when a bunch of world leaders come in the town. But what about all the taxpayers that are there?

They had no, the problem is, they don't have any incentive to do it. Why would you do that? They're kind of stuck there, you know? Tough to, tough to move. Maybe they already got a place or whatever. I mean, you can, I'm sure you can move and sell a place for a bunch of money or whatever, but. You know, you're just going to keep paying in to the taxes, keeping the status quo, probably always going to be Democrats and stuff like that.

Like, why would you, why would you do anything? You don't need to, you know, exactly. And so that, that brought to light to me the incentives of the government. They have. This is what it took. What it took was a communist dictatorship sending their leader, uh, to your city for you to decide to clean it up and make it look good, you know?

That's, that was the incentive process and it's Oh, a little bit ironic that it did take a commie coming to town for them to [00:13:00] decide to use the people's money to clean up the town that's not lost on

Charlie Thompson: me. Well, and it's the 53 million they expect. You, and you, I mean, the guy, one guy brought up a good point, which is like, they want to keep the tourist dollars coming back.

Mm hmm. So you want to make a good impression on people that are maybe coming from overseas that when they come again, that they'll, or they come to the United States again, they'll want to come to, San Francisco again.

Nate Thurston: Yeah. One of the main things you want to do there though is make it a safe City, you know, and this whole thing of them not prosecuting people who are stealing, you know, who take property theft under whatever it is a thousand dollars or whatever the number is to me that has a lot bigger Weight on why people wouldn't want to go to San Francisco because like what I can I can what stop coughing, please Okay, no more coughing.

I'm trying my best. Thank you. Thank you. I appreciate that but it's See, now you're coughing made me lose my train of thought. [00:14:00] I think it's the crime that really keeps people away from, like, that's what I think about. I can handle a little bit of poo on the streets, okay? And I'm not gonna just accidentally shoot up heroin or anything.

And, and that's fine, but it's thinking that you're just gonna get robbed and assaulted, maybe, while you're walking down the street. That's a big thing, and that's a problem that they're not actually fixing. And if they want to actually fix their tourism problem, I think, yes, it's a mixture of poo and of, uh, actually arresting and prosecuting people who steal property from other people.

So, I don't know. What, why is that me right now? Oh man, I'm ready for, I'm, I'm ready for the boys to start back, by the way. Anyone watch that, uh, spinoff that they did? With, uh, Younger, Jin, whatever. I can't remember what it was called. Hey, did you see that one? Nope. Okay. Anyway, got like another group. They're trying to spin it off to, to the Gen Z kids.

And, uh, I didn't watch it.

Charlie Thompson: You know, another thing [00:15:00] that we covered

Nate Thurston: Gen

Charlie Thompson: V, there you go. Another thing we covered not that long ago was Was them giving, what was it, about 100, 000 per tent? I don't know what the number is. That they were going to improve

Nate Thurston: tent city? Like, let's just say 50, 000 to 100, 000.

Somewhere between that number. Per tent. That it is.

Charlie Thompson: It's just, yeah, it's just interesting. And then here's the other thing is Gavin Newsom is able to stand in front of a microphone and be so brazen in your face and be like, it's true because it is true. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. We don't care about you until now.

And it's fine. Cause you're still going to elect me. I was the guy who was caught not wearing a mask at a dinner party. Even though I told all of you, even though I told basically for them to arrest you, if you didn't have your mask on. So I can be a, like, I can be a hypocrite and guess what? I won the last election still.[00:16:00]

So what are you going to do about it? I'm, I'm untouchable. Do you think that's the way

Nate Thurston: these people think? Do you think that people actually fall for it? They're not wrong. No, they're not. He knows he can say that. It doesn't matter. It doesn't matter.

Charlie Thompson: He's gonna get voted again. I don't know if he can. Maybe two

Nate Thurston: terms.

Oh, I don't know how long. Uh, I don't know how long he's been in there. This guy will probably be president. So, I think he has a, I think he'll definitely run for president in the future. He's got the looks. He's got the fake speaking style down. He's got the charisma. Some people just eat this right up.

Like, I've even talked to people who are more conservatives. They're like, oh, you know, Gavin Newsom, he's kind of a likable guy. I'm like, yeah, if you, if you like the Antichrist, sure. He's a

Charlie Thompson: likeable

Nate Thurston: guy. No, no, I don't find them likeable at all. See right through that mess. He's so fake. He's gotta be a cyborg of some kind.

Okay, let's move on to the following conversation. Speaking of the presidential election, [00:17:00] I gotta tell you, the Democrats are clearly, clearly getting very worried about Donald Trump being the nominee. And they are getting very worried about him potentially beating Joe Biden. I think some people are worried about him beating Joe Biden.

I don't think everyone is. Uh, but I think some, some people I think would actually like for Trump to win again, because the left just got crazy AF after Trump's first term. And I think a lot of people inside the Democratic Party are like, you know, actually this could be pretty good for us. It's going to rile up the base and get them out there voting again.

It's going to help us. So now he's Hitler again? He's Hitler once again. Yeah. He's officially Hitler. We played the clip. On Dumb Leap of the, of the week, which actually people will hear later on, on tonight's, uh, segments, of course. I mean, we're going to play the clip of Hillary Clinton comparing him to Hitler and talking about how Hitler was duly elected.

And I noticed kind of the same thing come out from several news [00:18:00] publications today. Like this one from the Washington Post that says, I'm starting to think Donald Trump is sounding like Hitler on purpose. And then I saw another one from Ceylon. That said, Trump threatens to handle the vermin, MAGA has got a hold of the Nazi playbook, And then I got another one here from MSNBC, there were quite a few today all talking about How Trump was just doubling down on Hitler, on being Hitler.

And, uh, this one from MSNBC is, uh, entitled, Trump's Vermin Talk Creates a Test for the GOP, which it is failing. Uh, it was early last month when Donald Trump used anti immigrant rhetoric he hadn't used before, telling a conservative outlet that undocumented immigration is, quote, poisoning the blood of our country.

A New York Times, now I need to look up that quote and see because they also said that he said that immigrants were murderers and rapists [00:19:00] and He was talking about Just people from Mexico like there's a lot of other immigrants He was talking about cartel people, you know, no, I was just he was being xenophobic and so I don't I don't know the direct quote or what the context was.

I'm not putting it past him or anything, but, uh, allegedly he said poisoning the blood of our country. A New York times report noted,

Charlie Thompson: it kind of sounds like something Biden said though, poisoning the fruit of the trees of the liberty of that's

Nate Thurston: water of,


Charlie Thompson: know, the thing of that's watered by the patriots of blood,

Nate Thurston: the blood of, you know, the thing, isn't that what Biden said?

Exactly like that. The exact words, right? You probably said it better than he did. I bet. That's why I don't recognize the quote directly. A New York Times report noted soon after that the language echoed quote white supremacy and the racial hatreds of Adolf Hitler. Now if he did literally just come out and say that immigration is poisoning the blood of our country, okay, I disagree with that.[00:20:00]

I happen to think immigrants are just fine and dandy, thank you. I got no, I got no problems with immigrants. If they don't exactly love the constitution or whatever, that's fine. We should have a system set up, an incentive system set up, where you gotta work hard to get ahead in life. And our government's set up to where it can't get too tyrannical.

And so we don't have to start worrying out, worrying about specific people. Coming from different countries ruining our country because we should be set up as a nation that can withstand that kind of thing and be set up as a nation that if you're not someone who's gonna work hard and earn your living and If you're not someone who's gonna want a constitutional government or a limited government that you don't want to come to America You just go somewhere else And so that's actually jobs that people in the government need to be fixing or that voters need to be fixing like holding their Congress people accountable when they do stupid stuff and you can actually fix the incentive system [00:21:00] in the country without having to worry about these immigrants.

Come across the border doing bad things.

Charlie Thompson: Cause then it would be a meritocracy. Yes,

Nate Thurston: exactly. But that's, uh, that's not exactly what we have. Still kind of, you know. More recently, Trump has vowed to root out Marxists and

Charlie Thompson: Communists. Was this in his, uh, the American Academy speech? No. He's talking about getting rid of woke and

Nate Thurston: now this was in his new book mind Trump a Washington Post analysis noted the idea that the Germans the idea that the German government was being haplessly overtaken by Marxist and those who must be rooted out as Trump has suggested is happening in the United States also course through Hitler's commentary Hitler talked a lot more, like a lot about Jews, I know they did talk about Marxists as well, but I do want to come out and say, I don't think that talking bad about Marxists...

Just immediately deserves a [00:22:00] comparison to Hitler. Yeah. I think there's a lot of people that don't like Marxists. Okay. And Hitler was a Marxist. First off, he was just a, uh, racist Marxist. He

Charlie Thompson: didn't like Stalins,

Nate Thurston: Stalinists. No, no, he liked him in the beginning

Charlie Thompson: because they kind of worked together a little bit, but then, you know, Germany ended up attacking Russia.


Nate Thurston: okay. But it was the Republicans veterans day message in which he condemned some Americans as quote vermin with within the confines of our country. That was the least subtle of all Ruth. Ben got yet. Yeah, sure. A NYU historian told the Post that, quote, Calling people vermin was used effectively by Hitler and Mussolini to dehumanize people and encourage their followers to engage in violence.

And so... If you call people vermin, uh, then that's, what is it that Hillary Clinton called Republicans? Someone in the chat can tell us pretty quickly. [00:23:00] Deplorables. Yeah. That's not as bad of a word as vermin. No. You know? Uh, but. Vermin's

Charlie Thompson: like a rat, you know? Like. But

Nate Thurston: listen. It all depends on how you're going to do it, like you could root out Marxism by setting up the incentive structure in the country that leads to that true meritocracy, you know, and eventually try to fight against that ideology and get rid of all the government schooling, or at least open up everyone to homeschooling and charter schools and all that kind of stuff, uh, private schooling.

And eventually root out that ideology by having the better ideology went out, or you can like root them out and round them all up and fire them from their jobs and put them on trains and send them to California and all that kind of stuff. Fire

Charlie Thompson: them from a squad.

Nate Thurston: Yeah, you can,

Charlie Thompson: with a squad. Also, also I mean, well like you mentioned deplorable, but also I mean.

What do you think it does when you call [00:24:00] people, you know, right wing extremists, domestic terrorists? You know like white supremacist. What do you do with it? You don't expect people to get on the defensive

Nate Thurston: is terrorist a bad word to call someone Yeah, kind of a bad word to call someone so like when you refer I guess

Charlie Thompson: it doesn't dehumanize them because you know terrorists are humans I guess

Nate Thurston: and and vermin as you said are like Rats.

Rats! Smell it! I don't know. Marxist? Vermin? I kind of agree with the comparison. Pressed for a response, the former president's political operation came up with a doozy. The New York Times reported on Team Trump's discomfort with those noting the Nazi parallels. Here's a quote from Team Trump. Those who try to make that ridiculous assertion are clearly snowflakes grasping for anything because they are suffering from Trump derangement syndrome.

A campaign spokesman said, and their sad, miserable existence will be [00:25:00] crushed when President Trump returns to the White House, crushed beneath his boot. I'm sure that's not how they meant it. His German boot. Really at all. Yeah. It's all in my trunk, man. You gotta, you just gotta read it sometime.

Charlie Thompson: And at a time when these same people are supporting Hamas.

They're calling Trump Hitler.

Nate Thurston: This is weird. It is really weird.

Charlie Thompson: But, you have to give it to them. They're good. They're good. Their gaslighting and projection that comes out in the form of media is really good for their base. People eat this. Eat this up. Thank you. Thank

Nate Thurston: you for not giving me something to remember the fine later

Charlie Thompson: on.

I appreciate it. People eat this up,

Nate Thurston: man. Democratic representative Doggett or Doge of Texas noted, quote, even worse than [00:26:00] Trump stealing. Sounds like a MAGA guy. Even worse than Trump stealing talking point from history's worst tyrants is the crushing GOP silence. So the GOP is not coming out and silence is violence, man.

Now silence is violence. Sometimes talking is violence. Other times not talking is violence. It depends on the situation. It's an important point, as Rachel explained on last night's show, I don't know who Rachel, oh Maddow probably, this is an MSNBC article. There's no bar association that can pull Trump's law license or media outlet that can cancel his program, but there is an institution that can intervene as Trump embraces the rhetoric of authoritarians and notorious fascists.

Like Hitler, but

Charlie Thompson: they can dom the hammer and sickle flag. Yeah, that's another thing and praise Marx So wild to me.

Nate Thurston: There is no reason that it should be easier to put a ham. No, you can put whatever I think that you should be free to put a swastika in your profile name [00:27:00] Just like people should be free to put a hammer and sickle on their profile.

That way we morally disagree with both. It's easier to put them on a list that way. Okay. And so I think people should be free to do that, but people can just put a hammer and sickle on their profile and no one looks at them as a murder or anything.

Charlie Thompson: They don't lose their job. No, no, they probably get promoted,

Nate Thurston: but can you imagine like you've put in a swastika and you're pro you ever see someone with a swastika on their profile name on Twitter, like you see the hammer and sickles.

No, I've never seen one before. No. I'm sure it exists, but I've never seen it. So that, that's a weird thing to me. To be clear, that's not because we like Nazis. That's because Marxism and Stalinism and all that was worse still. Doesn't mean Hitler wasn't bad. Let's say at

Charlie Thompson: least equally as bad. Yes,

Nate Thurston: equally as bad.

Probably worse. And if you're going by death toll, just by sheer numbers of dead innocent people, Marxism's way, [00:28:00] way worse. Communism's way worse. Okay. So I guess it was the most efficient if your goal was killing people, but at least it was for a good cause. Mm hmm Oh second to last paragraph to be fair a handful of party voices like Liz Cheney and RNC chair Mike Michael Steele for example showed no qualms about condemning Trump's elimination this rhetoric But the public saw no similar pushback from the party's presidential candidates or Republican lawmakers the less the party defends American principles the more complicit Republicans become, as Trump tries to replace those principles with something dangerous.

Dangerous Trump.

Charlie Thompson: Look, as a guy who never voted for Trump, and probably won't... Yeah,

Nate Thurston: unless he's in prison like you set one rule. Yeah, if he's in prison, you're just

Charlie Thompson: gonna prison. Yeah, I'll probably vote for him You know because then it's on principle. You gotta stand up for somebody who's being politically in prison.

Can we talk

Nate Thurston: about

Charlie Thompson: I'm sorry You're just I'm just gonna say as someone [00:29:00] who's probably would never vote for the guy never did vote for the guy. It's just This type of stuff, it's so infuriating. It's like Trump, I feel like could be easily beaten on like the merits of policy and him not being a real Republican, like

Nate Thurston: they could just be making arguments against his

Charlie Thompson: policies against the fact that he's not actually a conservative.

You could probably speak to the conservatives or at least the people in the middle who lean conservative and be like look But instead what you see to me this type of stuff because I feel like a lot of people can read through it Especially people in the middle. They're like they're like Trump Hitler

Nate Thurston: I hope I hope a lot of people are like that

Charlie Thompson: like that doesn't

Nate Thurston: make any sense Can we talk about the weird nature of?

They're calling him Hitler, and you just said that you'd vote for him if he's in prison, leading to the fact that he's the one who's getting prosecuted right now by the current government and might end up being in prison come [00:30:00] election time. And he's Hitler. Just so you know. Oh, man. Okay. So I went.

Charlie Thompson: Everything the left fears they're doing the, uh, well, they fear that's an air quotes. You can't hear the radio, but called

Nate Thurston: projection. It's projection. Um, uh, I, we let off with this saying that looks to me like the Democrats are actually getting worried. That Trump could in fact be the nominee because I'm really starting to see the Trump as Hitler speak coming back.

I didn't see that for a little while and now I'm starting to see the Trump as Hitler and it's also great cover for them Because now you got these whole these pro Hamas people out there that are more left wing You know the people who like want the Jews to be exterminated Basically, and so now you're ratcheting up the Trump as Hitler Rhetoric to make sure that everyone remembers that the right wing, the Republican party are the Hitlers, not the ones who want to kill Jews.

Just [00:31:00] keep that in mind. Okay? I know it can be confusing, but we got a chart for you to look at sometime. All right. The

Charlie Thompson: other thing, you can't make this kind of stuff up, man. I start, it's not funny, but I start laughing because what else can you do? It's like, you look at this and you're like, imagine you come, you like, you start talking to somebody who knows nothing, you know, like this is just a, it's a brand new baby who grew up on an Island sheltered, never watched the news, has no idea.

And you're explaining these two presidential candidates. Are you, I'm sorry, you're these groups of people, okay. You're just trying to explain the situation and you're, so you tell them about the Holocaust, you know, and Hitler stuff. And then you tell them about Hamas. And all that, and then you say that the people who support Hamas and Palestine killing Jews, Yeah, but the people that say that this other [00:32:00] guy and this other group are more like Hitler than they

Nate Thurston: are.

Well, if you want to fight Hitler, then you're on the side of people who want to kill Jews. It's that simple. It's that simple, folks. Okay, it's not hard at all. God. Speaking of Uh, by the way, side note, I was talking to Lacey last night. Who's that? My, my wife. Oh. Esposa. Okay. Yeah, Mia Esposa. Um, I was talking to her and she was like, she was like, so what's going on with this?

Uh, what's going on with this Israel and Palestine thing? And I was like, well, what do you mean? Well, she's like. Well, who's who's winning? I was like, well, probably technically probably Israel like militarily, you know, I don't know define winning Yeah, and so I said that she's like, well, okay, who's in the wrong?

Like who should I be mad at here? And I was like, well, it's complicated It's complicated. She's like, [00:33:00] well, who's a Whose land is it that people are upset about? And I was like, well, how far back do you want to go? You know, it depends on what year you want to start it. And we talked for like half an hour about this, and we never got through the explaining of like whose fault this is because.

It's a very complicated situation, you know, that's what we've been saying since this whole thing broke out like and

Charlie Thompson: she's mad at you

Nate Thurston: She's like you always say it's too complicated. I was like it is I can't just tell you who's at fault Who should we be

Charlie Thompson: mad at? Well, honey, it's me What's funny

Nate Thurston: is that's what she was asking And so she was really asking like who should I be mad at in this thing you and it ended up just being me Yeah.

Yeah. All the guys out there know what I'm talking about. Yeah. What a classic. Okay. Uh, speaking of... Classic story. If you call people vermin... Classic personal story. Oh, I love

Charlie Thompson: personal stories. Which is what people tune into

Nate Thurston: this show for. That's why I'm here, is to hear your personal stories. [00:34:00] Uh, if you call people, like, things like vermin, then that...

That is just like what Hitler did, uh, with, with the Jews, uh, not if you call them deplorables, that's okay. Uh, not if you care them, uh, call them a MAGA extremist, domestic terrorist, not if you put like parents who are going to school board meetings cause they're mad about their kids seeing porn or something, you know, like you could put, you can call them terrorists if you're, if you're in the government and that's fine.

Although, what do we do to the terrorists? Like our government, notoriously, what do we do to the terrorists? We create more of them. But, uh, no, sorry, we kill them. Then we create more, later on. And so that's all fine, but if you call people Marxists a name, then that means that you're just like Hitler. I wanted to bring up the fact that there are other people who have called other people names throughout history.

And it wasn't just Hitler. Like, Hitler wasn't the only person to ever call people names. Other groups of people. And so I wonder why they wouldn't go to someone like, uh, comparing Trump to [00:35:00] Vladimir Lenin, instead, because he's also had choice words for groups of people, namely the, uh, the Kulaks. Like, uh, the uprising of the five Kulak districts should be mercilessly suppressed.

Hang, with, hang without fail so the people see no fewer than 100 Kulaks. Rich men, bloodsuckers, do it in such a way that for hundreds of verse, kilometers, around, the people will see, I don't know if from hundreds of kilometers you can see, People hanging but I guess you spread them out. How many people hanging per kilometer would you need for people to be able to see that?

I don't know. It's a thing. The people will see tremble no shout They are strangling the will and will strangle to death the bloodsucker Kulaks. Okay, so there's you call in a group of people, you know capitalists People who farmers, farmers, people who grow food and have a cow, you know, blood suckers. [00:36:00]

Charlie Thompson: I got an idea.

I got an idea. Why don't we just hang all the chefs and farmers in the

Nate Thurston: village? You know, that whole saying, you don't hang the hand that feeds. Well, that came around after this whole thing happened. Exactly. You know, uh, I was reading this thing where they were actually comparing things that Hitler said.

About groups of people and things that Lenin said so they were talking about passages from the writings of Hitler and Lenin appear To the right conveying, so they're over to the right on the screen, conveying the metaphors of a parasite or a bloodsucker attacking and threatening to consume and destroy the body politic.

Hitler identifies Jews as the parasite in the body of peoples, stating that Jews are a people under whose parasitism the whole of honest humanity is suffering, while Lenin called the bureaucracy a parasite on the body of society and the state. A parasitic organism, of course it needed to be a Marxist state for the, for the people.

Not just like an elected government, or not even [00:37:00] just the government they have right then. Hitler calls the Jew a true bloodsucker that attaches itself to the body of the unhappy people. While Lenin claims that the kulaks are leeches who have sucked the blood of the working people. Hitler uses the image of a spider sucking the blood out of peoples.

Whereas Lenin says that the spiders have quote grown fat at the expensive, at the expense of peasants. It says expensive, but that's not proper. And so one, you have a Marxist saying these things about capitalists and, uh, and other people, like people who have a cow. And then you have one saying it about a, about a group of people, the Jews.

And of course, in today's day and age. Making a reference to like an evil Marxist person that doesn't work as well. Plus, when you're talking to a bunch of Marxists, you know, he didn't want to do that. And plus he's talking about getting rid of Marxists. And so therefore, we went down the [00:38:00] line right there.

That ends up with him being Hitler. I did the math on that one. Mm-Hmm. . And that's what it comes out to be. Yep. Two plus two equals Hitler. Mm-Hmm. . Yeah. We're back to that. That's where we were in 2016 and in 2020. But exactly that. We have arrived at the time of two plus two equals Hitler. Congrats. That's all you need to know.

We made it. 2024 is gonna be a really fun year. That's gonna be great. Are you ready to go? Yeah. I'm, I'm ready to go. Hey, there's a new website by the way. Oh. Launching. It's launched. It's launched. It's available. The homepage is probably going to be different eventually and I got to change the news page too.

But, um, the, uh, cause I'm working on some of the mobile stuff, but GoodMorningLiberty. us. Now has things on it. And if you wanted to see things that had to do with this podcast, like where you can get merch, you can go to God hates feds. com still. That's fine. But it points you to good morning, liberty. us slash merch, something like that.

If you want to sign up for [00:39:00] the fed haters club, you can still go to join gmail. com. But that points you to good morning, liberty. us slash fed haters club. And then you can sign up for a little six bucks a month and we're putting, can you

Charlie Thompson: still go to Bernie lies. com? Cause I still lies

Nate Thurston: that, uh, that actually good point.

That one might be pointing to a, to a link that no longer exists. So I need to check on that. Good, uh, good idea there. And by the time you listen to this, by the time you hear this, I will do it while I'm uploading

Charlie Thompson: this podcast, it's going to look at the pointers. And it's a very good pointer looker.

Nate Thurston: If you're a young aspiring writer out there, who's.

Who doesn't suck, then send me your things and we will do you the service of publishing, publishing your articles on our site for people to read. Okay, and we're going to post them out to our social media channels and people will read your words and you will take part in saving the world like we do.

Every [00:40:00] single day of the week or,

Charlie Thompson: or don't do any of that. Yeah,

Nate Thurston: you could not do it too. That's way easier.

Charlie Thompson: Don't go visit the new website. Don't get any merch. Don't join the fed haters club. Don't send any articles. Don't share the show. Doesn't matter. It doesn't matter to us because we're, I don't care if there's zero people or a million people following this show.

Nate and I are going to get up every single day of the week when we want to in Fight for Liberty.

Nate Thurston: By the way, on the merch store, if you use the promo code newsite25, which looks like newsite, New site, 25 on an order, 50 or more, you get 25 percent off the order and free shipping. Okay. There's free shipping on everything on there.

We're basically giving this stuff away for profit or don't, or don't do that. Whichever

Charlie Thompson: one. That's what I, yeah. Cause we're all about freedom and liberty here. So I don't want to force anybody to do [00:41:00] anything, you know? Um, and if you don't sign up, then you obviously you don't care about liberty. If you don't buy a t shirt, you obviously.

Don't care about liberty, which is fine. You

Nate Thurston: don't have to, you're free to make that decision.

Charlie Thompson: You can put a swastika in your handle if you want to, or you could go buy a t shirt, you

Nate Thurston: know? Okay. We did it. We made it to 46 minutes. Let's go. All right.

Charlie Thompson: If you do or don't do those things, we'll be back again tomorrow.

Regardless of whatever it is that you do, because we're not in control of you. But Nate, Nate will be here every single day of the week because that's how much he actually cares. It's about real liberty and uh, he's the only liberty fighter I know of keeps me going on the dark days. Yeah,

Nate Thurston: I have to. That's my liberty.

My liberty is that I do it because I

Charlie Thompson: have to. Days I feel like giving up where there is no tree of tyrants from which the liberty blood can cut like a [00:42:00] double edged sword. Yeah. Through the

Nate Thurston: roots. If it's a tyrant tree I think we should just... Just cut its roots.

Charlie Thompson: That's why we have the double edged sword.


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